I have a heart of ministry and evangelism I ask my youth pastor if we can evangelize to troubled youth in our area, they said we can't cause there are thugs and gang bangers in our area. They gave me the mind set that they are afraid to, but God is leading me to evangelize to troubled youth. How can I change the mind of my church Youth Department?

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i am doing and same thing
What these two are telling you is only half right. Yes you must go, but to "just go" without the support needed is suicidal. The point of ministry is to be "sent forth" not just to launch out into the deep alone. What needs to be done is to get into much prayer about the specific mission you have, the timing to go (just because you see the need now, doesn't mean its time to move now), and the proper support sent from GOD.

I fully understand what type of people you are going towards. I am a former gang member:

-6 1/2 years of gang-banging
-former member of the C.R.I.P.
-after 3 1/2 years, attained second-n-command of the set

Had I not left the gang, I would have been the top dog by the time I got out of prison. Just to "go" is not prudent at all, because desire alone does not do it, neither does "the anointing". You need a plan and proper direction from GOD. Moving outside of that, and you're ministry (and maybe your life) is over.
Great advice! PLEASE TAKE HEED Min. Coleman.

In His Grace,
Chaplain Harris


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