Jesus Christ’s followers did not pay tithe to Him from farm products or herds; neither did His followers pay Him ten percent of their salaries from other sources of income. "Christian tithing" is an oxymoron—it is a contradiction of words. Nay, it is more: it is, in fact, a Christian hoax! "Christian tithing" is about as Scriptural as "Christian burnt offerings," "Christian stonings," or "Christian synagogues." The leaders of Christendom have bamboozled millions (billions) of unsuspecting laity into believing that "Christian tithing" is a Scriptural command from God Himself, and can easily be found and supported in the pages of Divine Scripture. Oh really?

Of the 613 laws contained in the first five books of the Bible written by Moses, why is it that aside from the ten commandments, "tithing" is virtually the only other law that the modern Church tries to retain? They retain it in name only, however, since there is nothing similar between Moses’ law of tithing" and "Christian tithing" except the aspect of ten percent. Christian tithing is an extra-biblical concept and doctrine—aside from the ten percent it has nothing in common with the tithing law of Moses, and was never practiced by the New Testament Church.

Not only is Christian tithing taught to be needful, it is taught as if it were a divine, binding LAW. But there is no such thing as a "Christian tithing law" in the New Testament Scriptures. It is a heresy, used by the Church, independent cults, and charlatans of every description, as a club to beat and threaten parishioners into surrendering ten percent of their salaries in obedience to this phantom law. All are forewarned that failure to pay this 10% Church tax will cause them to be "cursed with a CURSE!" There is indeed "a curse," but it is not God Who pronounces it.

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The mystery of giving and receiving in the church has always been the subject of question.People can find scripture twist it and try to make you feel shame,will a man rob God i:e.The merchandising like you said in your other post,should have been linked with this because,I've found myself sending money to Feed the Children,when I'm pushed to show charitable contrubrutions.Personally,I feel all the churches should go back to the origin of it's beginning,homes.Then without doubt monies will go were it's needed,instead of pastors,staff,overhead,marketing its become an industry of shame.Tax free shelters have become the norm,say I'm church and i'm free,tax free that is.God won't be taking any one of these building with us in the last days,as a matter of fact,sitting in a meadow admiring the beauty of it all will be more transcednig for me anyway.Where theres a dime,theres a demand!


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