Several centuries ago, a radical Roman Catholic monk was sick and tired of what he was seeing in the church and decided to post his 95 protests or complaints on the door of a local church in Wittenberg Germany. You know what? I feel what this monk by the name of Martin Luther did. I too am sick and tired of what I'm seeing taking place in a lot of our local African-American churches. Before I continue with my protest, let me say that I believe many local churches in general, whether black, white, Hispanic, etc,. are in a serious state of confusion. But this post focuses on the "Black" local church because that is my experience. Like Luther, I propose to present my own list of protests or complaints and I consider this forum my "Castle" church door. Before I launch into the list of my protests, it is only fair to say that not everything in the black church (from here on out referred to as the "BC") is bad. In fact there are several things that I love about the BC: First, I love the Praise. There is nothing like urban gospel music, sung by an anointed choir. There is nothing more thrilling than sitting in an auditorium filled with on fire people singing and shouting to the Glory of God. Second, I love the preaching style. Now mind you I'm not always crazy about the content, but nobody can light and excite a room like an on fire black preacher. Third, I love some of the programs. I really appreciate the benevolent efforts that the BC tries to address. I believe it was James who said, "show me your faith without works, and I will show you my faith by my works". Amen!! Fourth, I love "black" pride.  I've never felt ashamed to be a black man when gathered with urban saints (yall who are black know what I mean). These are just a few of my favorite things about the UC. Now let's get to the heart of the matter. Listen my friends, If the Black church is to survive and thrive until Jesus comes, the following protests must be addressed and tackled.  I have like 18 protests which I will post each day as the Lord gives me strength. Your feedback is appreciated.

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If the Black Church is to experience reform, I mean "REAL" reform, that results in Sinners being regenerated, Saints renewed and Society reformed, it MUST engage the following reformation strategies (i.e., protests):


Reformation strategy (protest) #1

The BC must deal with it's leadership crisis (out of all the protests that I'll mention, this is the chief one. In other words all the other protests stem from this one). Far too many of our so called leaders are unqualified for the job. The Bible makes it clear that the leadership of any local church must not be dictators, adulterous, sexually immoral, abusers of substances or people, liars, thieves, covetous, new converts, immature, hypocritical, blasphemers, conceited, and greedy narcissists. Unfortunately too many of our leaders ARE these things.  Instead the Bible teaches (e.g., 1 Tim 3 and Titus) that Local Church leaders are to be men with the RIGHT APPETITES, THE RIGHT ATTRIBUTES and THE RIGHT ABILITIES. These kind of leaders are desperately needed, immediately.  The way the local black church deals with the "leadership crisis" is by: (1). congregations refusing to support slipshod, ungodly, unbiblical pastors.  People vote with your feet and leave. (2).  Congregations lovingly holding their leaders accountable to the Word of God and thus their biblical responsibility.  Ephesians 4:11-12 is no joke, "And He gave some as apostles, and some as prophets, and some as evangelists, and some as pastors and teachers, for the equipping of the saints for the work of service, to the building up of the body of Christ.." Stop allowing your pastors to be divided between what's good and what's best.  God has called Pastoral leaders to Equip the local body of Christ.  It is NOT the seminary's Job to train men for ministry, it it the local Church's.  Let us cry out for our pastors to return to their God given calling.  (3).  Congregations NOT committees must refuse to allow unqualified men to take hold of our pulpits.  Just because a guy has good looks, can whoop and has a Divinity degree does not mean he is qualified or "called" to pastoral ministry.  Let's get back to the Biblical standards of leadership. The "leadership crisis" that exists in the local Black church is real.  We must never forget, as go our leaders, so go our churches.

 David one of our greatest examples of being called of God annointed king of the Jews. a man after God's own heart but look at his mistakes we do need to give room for error but i do think that it is the pastors duty to address the church with the truth ask for forgiveness and move  on in the direction of God. When you make mistakes it does not disqualify you in God's eyes but it show how much more we really need God. Some, people in the church seem to think that when they are on the mountain top nothing can befall them but my bible tells me that when the son's of God presented themselves Satan also presented Himself. We are most vulnerable when we are our strongest because we think I can not possibly fall in the presence and being surrounded by His glory . Many a great leaders have fallen because of this very reason.

Dear Brother John, thanks for taking the time to reply, appreciate it.  John, unfortunately, some mistakes are so damaging that the only choice is the remove the offender. Not that don't forgive the offender (This is our duty) but the offender may not be able to resume his/her original responsibilities.  A pastor who has made the mistake of having an affair, although we should forgive him, is no longer is qualified to serve as a pastoral leader.  The reality is, mistakes have consequences, some more severe than others.  Who can forget the "mistake" that Uzzah made regarding the ARK (2 Sam 6:1-10). This "mistake" disqualified Uzzah from Life. No, not every "mistake" will disqualify you from ministry, but there are those that will.

Rev. Todd

Thank you and I do enjoy good conversation

If the Black Church is to experience reform, I mean "REAL" reform, that results in Sinners being regenerated, Saints renewed and Society reformed, it MUST engage the following reformation strategies (i.e., protests):


Reformation strategy (protest) #2


 The BC must reaffirm gender based roles in church leadership. YES, I realize that our black sisters have been the backbone and in many cases are still the backbone of the local BC (Thank you!!) but this does not give you ladies the right to disobey Scripture and usurp a role that God has not, I repeat, "has not" given to you. Urban Women, listen up! The pastoral leadership of the local church is for Godly men, I repeat, "Godly men", who meet the Biblical criteria (cf 1 Tim 3 and Titus 1). Ladies, for the sake of God's church you must step away from pastoral leadership, respectfully, you don't belong there. I love my sisters in Christ, You have a HUGE ministry, it's just not being the Senior Pastor or Elder.

     Shame on you men who promote and nurture female pastors/elders in your congregations, this is NOT the Scriptural paradigm. God calls Godly women to be, "keepers of the Home....NOT keepers of the flock. We must guard ourselves against expedience. Let us reap the rewards of obedience, even if obedience is not that convenient.


If the Black Church is to experience reform, I mean "REAL" reform, that results in Sinners being regenerated, Saints renewed and Society (i.e., The community) reformed, it MUST engage the following reformation strategies (i.e., protests):


Reformation strategy (protest) #3

The BC must rediscover and regain the practice of loving church discipline. God has called his people to be "holy" as He is holy. Loving church discipline is a key to promoting healthy, Godly living in the body (Matt 18). Alot (not all) of the nonsense going on in our churches would be thwarted if church leadership had the guts to hold people biblically accountable.  And we must understand that accountability is a two way street. Not only are God's leaders to hold the people they serve to biblical standards, but God's people are to hold God's leaders accountable to biblical standards as well.  Imagine if the church took "Church Discipline" seriously, what message would be sent to the community at large? "WOW!!! this group of people takes sin seriously".  "I just can't go up in there any old way, and expect to hide in my sin".

Rev. Todd

i believe it would restore the order that was there at the begin of the church that when Ananias and Sapphira lied to the Holy Ghost they fell Dead. it really makes you wonder how things would be if we were to experience these things in today's church.

Bro. John I agree.

Rev McCauley I would love to view your list. When do you plan to present it?

Pastor, I'm presenting it slowly over the next several weeks, I'm currently on protest #4, stay tuned....

Rev. Todd

If the Black Church is to experience reform, I mean "REAL" reform, that results in Sinners being regenerated, Saints renewed and Society reformed, it MUST engage the following reformation strategies (i.e., protests):


Reformation strategy (protest) #4


The BC must reaffirm the sanctity of Holy Matrimony. In other words we need to protect marriage. God can be no clearer in Scripture, He HATES DIVORCE (Mal 2:16).  I'm amazed at the number of leading black churches that are coming "OUT" in favor of "same-sex" marriage. These pastoral leaders are convincing their congregations that the SSM issue is a CIVIL RIGHTS issue, WRONG!!!  You've heard this before, but it bear repeating, "God made marriage for Adam and Eve, NOT Adam and Steve.  Marriage is one of those issues worth fighting over because to the victor goes the spoils.  Listen my brothers and sisters, if marriage goes under so goes the family, so goes the community, so goes the country, You know, I expect attacks from the outside, BUT when the attacks come from within we're in trouble. The first step in reaffirming the sanctity of marriage is by those of us who are married staying married. Yeah I know it's tough sometimes, but HIS Grace is sufficient.  Remember, God HATES Divorce.

Rev. Todd

I understand the post so far but some of the issues you post are not just a black church issues but a church and national issue such as SSM 

With that, I believe the cry of the church is to be semper reformanda. Where are the doctrinal statements. Lets talk about WOF theology and other false doctrines that plague our churches! 


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