Can you tell me is there a such thing has been rocked in the Anointing

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Rocking the anointing??? You know I'm getting so fed up with all this "anointing" talk while the enemy of our Lord is continuing to slaughter our children in the middle of our "anointed" street right in front of the edifice called the "church" building. Lets face it, we just wanna be high. Since most of us used to be addicted to weed, alcohol, cocaine,etc, now were high on His anointing. We love to stay in a state of Pentecost, without ever venturing with our "anointed" selves to "Go Ye Therefore.........." and to seek and to save that which is lost, just to have the appearance of the anointing. What are we anointed to do? What is the anointing's purpose? Is it just to look anointed with an anointed grimace to look Holy instead of being Holy? Our communities are being ravaged and are in a state of destruction with many casualties by just glancing at the 6 pm news to see the result of the manifestation of what happens when God's commandments, laws and precepts are not being followed, with our anointed selves. We ought to be ashamed of ourselves as a collective, me included. What is so special about us that we expect God to anoint us? Even to the point of "rocking" the anointing. We ain't rocking no anointing, we just rocking to the oldies. We have been turned over to our reprobate minds in thinking that God is with us when we are against Him in being doers of His Word. We have a community at war with itself. We have an out of control teen birth rate that is equivalent to any third world country. We have 80% of babies being born to single mothers. We have a prison population that houses 90% of African American men who are fatherless. We have such high aids and HIV positive rates among black women who suffer needlessly and are dying of more diseases than our white counterparts. We have black men who are fast becoming depraved and involving themselves in risky sexual practices while we are on the downlow as we seek merely our collective self-gratification. Black women are now emphatically proclaiming to be the "Mother and the Father" of the children. We are being led astray and sifted like wheat, while we dance in the "anointing" and now "rock the anointing" while most of us are being led to the slaughter.

If we are so "anointed" then I would suggest we take our anointed asses to the street and to proclaim without fear and much boldness to once again be the light and salt that we have been ordained to do, to reconcile the lost back to the Holy Father no matter the cost, and then and only then can we truly say that we are indeed....ANOINTED! Anything else is..........VANITY!

Peace out

In His Grip



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