I want to start a conversation about hatred of other races in the body of Christ...are we one or is there two churches in the earth? is there a black church and a white church or is the word of God true in that there's just "ONE" body and therefore one church?

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I would that we would just do what the word says...love one another...the simple answer is love!
Personally, I recognize only two nationalities: The Kingdom Of GOD, and the Kingdom of darkness and Satan. Interestingly enough, both have a vast variation of people, tribes, and tongues, all with different looks.
A child of god shouldnt hate other races.....but there are differences between churches mainly because of cultural differences.

I personally am comfortable saying I could never be comfortable worshiping in a white church. It does not make me a racist, it just shows that culturally I am not enough like a European to be able to happily worship in their type of church. Im pretty sure a European or black american would feel the same about my church or a korean one.
I bet I bet - if the spirit of God is at THAT white church - Zozo - you wouldnt care a lick. Not one lick.
Because if you have the same spirit of Christ that would be in both you and the white saints - you will be in complete fellowship.
But of course there is comfort in any of our cultures brings us joy.
Perhaps you are right newview...I am just speaking from personal experience. There will always be a greater feeling of comfort worshiping in something you are use to with people who share the same culture as you(and in most cases look like you)
1) are you comfortable with the Spirit of GOD? If so, then cultural differences in worship wouldn't hinder you. What if GOD called you to worship and join a Church predominantly filled with Europeans?

2) Technically speaking, because of your cultural experiences with Europeans, you wouldn't have much to do with them at all!
1) That sounds good on paper Mr.Green, but still it is just the way I feel. I do not think god would call me to a place where I wouldnt be able to worship comfortably.

2) I dont think I understand.
you may have a little troiuble when you get to heaven because it will be new to you and therefore by your words uncomfortable...prayerfully you'll allow the Spirit to change you mind about this...we are one body with many members. Ask the Spirit to help you understand the concept of the body and then go from there. A sister in Christ
Hopefully this problem is rectified in death...If not then hopefully heaven has an Abyssinia section :)
scary, truely scary.
As is life Mrs.Morehead :)
1) The Bible also sounds good on paper. The truth of both is that if neither are applied, thats as far as either will go: sounding good only on paper. Your feelings have little to nothing to do with the move and the call of GOD.

2) It was you that used to speak in a not-so-favorable manner about Europeans due to "cultural experiences"


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