Salvation is it eternal regardless of the circumstances or not come on lets get everyone’s opinion

But what is your take on what would have happened if the prodigal son or anyone who had received salvation backslides by rejecting the Father, His Son, the Holy Ghost and totally turned away from the faith and DIED without having repented or had the opportunity to return to the fold. Would that person be heading for hell or heaven? This is a conversation that came up with a couple of my work colleague when we were in an after discussion on Luke 15:11-32 so I would be interested in having a discussion and receiving everyone's point of view.

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The Preacher Teacher 13 hours ago

"Dr. Carrol, It's not that deep at all."

"As a matter of face I'm going to refrain from commenting on your discourse because there is no fruit coming out of this dialogue which by the way was started almost two years ago."


Well teacher preacher as a matter of fact you have commented on my discourse judging by your life in what you think is right or wrong. You have no idea what I have experienced and the things I write about I give testimony to. What anyone of us writes or speaks is recorded by God. For you to make a comment like that is a total lack of respect and what you do not see is that if you have a lack of respect for me, then you also have a lack of respect for God, because I did not come here with my own agenda.


You have no idea what I have experienced and witnessed, whether I have stood before God Himself, where He put His robe on me and His ring. You have no idea if I have been to heaven and even have met Jesus several times. The fact is you do not know. I didn't say any of that to say I am a something, because I am not, like Paul I am a chief of sinners, but saved by Grace that was paid for with a very high price. Like my brother Paul, we both crucified Jesus. It was Jesus that came to both of us and spoke a clear audible voice outside of us directly. A voice that makes one want to drop to their knees, but that is not what He made us do. He made us stand upright before Him. Even though both Paul and I did those things we were forgiven. We both carry His ministry and not our own.


If an apology is due, it is not due to me, but to the one who sent me.


How is it that you have not understood that the grace and mercy you give others, is exactly the amount of grace and mercy that you have received.


Honestly the respect you show for others is exactly the respect you show for God. In fact you love God as much as you love your enemies.


It is good that you love the word, but the word is not the Bible, the Word is Christ and there are two parts to Christ. First there is the head which is Jesus and secondly there is the body of Christ, which is supposed to be us. No where is scripture does it state that the Bible is the word of God. What is stated in the Bible is that Jesus was and always has been the Word. When we do not acknowledge that Jesus is the Word, then we border on disrespect.


As far as the degrees that I have earned, they mean nothing. It was God that placed me where I am. He is the authority not a degree. I actually declare that I am nothing.


Here you go...Set up a new thread so that we can have a good discord.

Its a welcome news, about the latest decision.. Do not give precious thing to the pig, she will trample over it, and turn around to attack you. This principle has guided me a lot. 

By the way, I have not heard of your exact view regarding the discussion on ' 1 Peter 3:19-20?

I enjoyed your line of presentation and argument. Thanks.

Check the discussion on 1 Peter 3:19-20. Thanks, for your contribution and for choosing to discontinue with useless argument.
The Bible says that sin writes a divorce decree between us and  God. And when we openly sin the words say that you are as guilty as the people that nailed the Potter to the cross. People of God we have to stop using grace an an excuse not to show any self control responsibility and character.This once saved always saved is way to keep people in the pulpit and in the pews comfortable but the devil is liar. We have to come up to the word and not comprimise our standard. James says he that is able to keep thee from falling...
Greeting my beloved brother in the name of JESUS CHRIST my Lord and Savior, I do greet you with a Holy kiss praying for you always in the Holy Spirit. If we have to ask that question, then we better check ourselves to see do we really believe the report that God has left us of His Only Begotten Son. Hell is not the final resting place, but THE LAKE OF FIRE is where those that didn't believe that Jesus died on the cross and was buried and on THAT THIRD DAY GOT UP!!! Hallelujah!!! for us with ALL POWER, so that we wouldnt' be lost eternally; Praise His Holy name. The question we should be discussing is are we born again!!! Except a man/woman be born again they will not enter the kingdom of God. Once we are born again then our life style will change. 1st John 3 said let no man DECEIVE  YOU, he/she that does rightous is rightous, and he/she that does evil is of THEIR FATHER the devil, for he sinned from the beginning. That way we will know them, the tree will bear a fruit, the question is what fruit are they bearing. check the tree. God Bless!!!
Brother you are absolutely right. He said any tree that doesnt bare fruit he will remove.
So is once saved always saved according to the Gospel

Ezekiel 18

You have to look at all the parables in the 15 chapter, simple because they are all teaching and addressing the Pharisees concerning the searching shepherd, the searching woman, and the seeking father.Christ in the previous chapter had indicated that he would welcome the outcasts-the poor, the crippled, the blind, and the lame (Luke 14:21). The self-righteous Pharisees quickly took note of those whom Jesus received and welcomed; they observed the kinds of people with whom He enjoyed fellowship and ate meals. You see the outcasts of society would never have been welcomed by the Pharisees, nor would the Pharisees have considered extending them hospitality at their tables. Such people fell into the classification that the Pharisees called collectors and sinners (15:1)  All three parables are an extended teaching for Jesus uses the near demonstrative pronoun "tauten" which is in the singular accusative case, and each parable is connected by the disjunctive particle "or" verse 8, then "de" a conjunctive particle marks the addition and continuation to what has preceded. Now, you may say so what, big deal, well Jesus was telling the Pharisees about their rejection of God's provisions for sinners. Christ's actions, toward sinners went entirely contrary to the Pharisaic concept of God and gave them a basis on which to reject Christ's claim to be God. The discrepancy between Christ's actions and the Pharisees' concept of God raised the question of what God's attitude was toward sinners. This question was so vital that Christ went into great detail to provide the answer. While the reply contained three parables, it was collectively a single parable. He personalized the parable by saying, {Suppose one of you has a hundred sheep and loses one of them" (Luke 15:4). Christ's opening statement caused His listeners to evaluate their own responses to such a situation. When the searcher in the parable had found the lost sheep, he showed his compassion for the sheep by putting it on his shoulder and carrying it home.Then he summoned his friends and neighbors to share in his joy. The restoration of what was of value to him brought such joy to him that he called others to share in his rejoicing. Christ thus taught that when one is lost, God the Father searches persistently and diligently for that lost one and finds sufficient joy in the restoration of that lost one to summon others to share His joy. This is the same in the parable of the woman and the lost coin, but the parable about the prodigal son, while the emphasis is normally placed on the son, the parable will be misunderstood unless the emphasis is placed on the father, who is mentioned twelve times in the story. Christ was continuing to reveal the attitude of God toward sinners. God's attitude is not reflected by the prodigal son, but rather by the searching father. This parable is not about one losing their salvation, but it is about the Pharisees rejection of God's provisions. Thus the parable teaches that God loves sinners, that God searches for sinners, that God restores sinners, and that God confers the privileges and blessings of son-ship on those who return to Him. On the other hand, these three parables, adequately refuted the error of the Pharisees who insisted God hates sinners and rejoices in their death (which was a Pharisee's outlook). On the other hand, these parables reveal God's love for sinners and the blessings that God confers on those who return to Him. The attitude of the Pharisees is portrayed in that of the older brother, that's why Jesus continues the parable, read it completely through carefully. 

Shalom to all concerning Salvation;

You know, it's in me to be upset when a Gentile is trying to explain the Scriptures concerning the Principles of the MOST HIGH, providing that he is Spiritually open to hear.

First, the MOST HIGH does not love sinners, period!  Did HE had respect or pay attention to Abel and his offering and not to Cain?  Also, did the MOST HIGH hated Esau and loved Jacob?  And who did the MOST HIGH pronounced the death sentence upon because of their sin or defiance, Ezek. 28:18?

What soul knows that their name is in the Book of Life [SALVATION]?  Don't be high-minded on this, especially those that are in the so-called Sunday churches, or those that are involved in a religion or cult.

I have a web-site ... ... and a book "The World Without End" that will yield the Spiritual understanding about this Salvation.  Even though the World will try to keep this information at low key, is shall be know to a few.

Shalom, Prince Yosef II


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