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Salvation is it eternal regardless of the circumstances or not come on lets get everyone’s opinion

But what is your take on what would have happened if the prodigal son or anyone who had received salvation backslides by rejecting the Father, His Son, the Holy Ghost and totally turned away from the faith and DIED without having repented or had the opportunity to return to the fold. Would that person be heading for hell or heaven? This is a conversation that came up with a couple of my work colleague when we were in an after discussion on Luke 15:11-32 so I would be interested in having a discussion and receiving everyone's point of view.

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Ezekiel 18

You have to look at all the parables in the 15 chapter, simple because they are all teaching and addressing the Pharisees concerning the searching shepherd, the searching woman, and the seeking father.Christ in the previous chapter had indicated that he would welcome the outcasts-the poor, the crippled, the blind, and the lame (Luke 14:21). The self-righteous Pharisees quickly took note of those whom Jesus received and welcomed; they observed the kinds of people with whom He enjoyed fellowship and ate meals. You see the outcasts of society would never have been welcomed by the Pharisees, nor would the Pharisees have considered extending them hospitality at their tables. Such people fell into the classification that the Pharisees called collectors and sinners (15:1)  All three parables are an extended teaching for Jesus uses the near demonstrative pronoun "tauten" which is in the singular accusative case, and each parable is connected by the disjunctive particle "or" verse 8, then "de" a conjunctive particle marks the addition and continuation to what has preceded. Now, you may say so what, big deal, well Jesus was telling the Pharisees about their rejection of God's provisions for sinners. Christ's actions, toward sinners went entirely contrary to the Pharisaic concept of God and gave them a basis on which to reject Christ's claim to be God. The discrepancy between Christ's actions and the Pharisees' concept of God raised the question of what God's attitude was toward sinners. This question was so vital that Christ went into great detail to provide the answer. While the reply contained three parables, it was collectively a single parable. He personalized the parable by saying, {Suppose one of you has a hundred sheep and loses one of them" (Luke 15:4). Christ's opening statement caused His listeners to evaluate their own responses to such a situation. When the searcher in the parable had found the lost sheep, he showed his compassion for the sheep by putting it on his shoulder and carrying it home.Then he summoned his friends and neighbors to share in his joy. The restoration of what was of value to him brought such joy to him that he called others to share in his rejoicing. Christ thus taught that when one is lost, God the Father searches persistently and diligently for that lost one and finds sufficient joy in the restoration of that lost one to summon others to share His joy. This is the same in the parable of the woman and the lost coin, but the parable about the prodigal son, while the emphasis is normally placed on the son, the parable will be misunderstood unless the emphasis is placed on the father, who is mentioned twelve times in the story. Christ was continuing to reveal the attitude of God toward sinners. God's attitude is not reflected by the prodigal son, but rather by the searching father. This parable is not about one losing their salvation, but it is about the Pharisees rejection of God's provisions. Thus the parable teaches that God loves sinners, that God searches for sinners, that God restores sinners, and that God confers the privileges and blessings of son-ship on those who return to Him. On the other hand, these three parables, adequately refuted the error of the Pharisees who insisted God hates sinners and rejoices in their death (which was a Pharisee's outlook). On the other hand, these parables reveal God's love for sinners and the blessings that God confers on those who return to Him. The attitude of the Pharisees is portrayed in that of the older brother, that's why Jesus continues the parable, read it completely through carefully. 

Shalom to all concerning Salvation;

You know, it's in me to be upset when a Gentile is trying to explain the Scriptures concerning the Principles of the MOST HIGH, providing that he is Spiritually open to hear.

First, the MOST HIGH does not love sinners, period!  Did HE had respect or pay attention to Abel and his offering and not to Cain?  Also, did the MOST HIGH hated Esau and loved Jacob?  And who did the MOST HIGH pronounced the death sentence upon because of their sin or defiance, Ezek. 28:18?

What soul knows that their name is in the Book of Life [SALVATION]?  Don't be high-minded on this, especially those that are in the so-called Sunday churches, or those that are involved in a religion or cult.

I have a web-site ... ... and a book "The World Without End" that will yield the Spiritual understanding about this Salvation.  Even though the World will try to keep this information at low key, is shall be know to a few.

Shalom, Prince Yosef II

I know that some of us were born again, but are any of us saved...Yet? Hmmm...
Reply by Pastor Melvin King

"I know that some of us were born again, but are any of us saved...Yet? Hmmm..."


That really is big question and while we are alive it needs to be figured out and then make sure those we influence understand it fully, because we are as leaders responsible to God for all those we influence. What I see is that our salvation is to represent the truth and the love and will of God to all those we influence.

I believe that there is a saved (born again) as in saved from the influences of the world and saved from the world completely when we make it in.

If that were true then Jesus would not have been tempted all the time that He was in ministry. I had to think on this a while and what seems to be true is that the closer one is to God the more one is tempted, because the enemy really knows what is at stake if we really get it together.


The falling away and the great tribulation are signs that the enemy tempted many and many accepted the temptations, which are all because of influences usually inside the church. It is why we all need to be on guard with everything we hear or see or even read and seek the Holy Spirit for the truth behind what is being said and not just the words being spoken or written as there are many familiar spirits.


I am reminded of the prophet that was given specific orders from God to do things and then do not go back the same way he came. On the road he met a man professed to being a prophet also and said he was to take him to his house. The prophet followed the man and God's reaction was to take the life of the prophet and not the man that deceived the prophet. The closer we are to God the more that is expected of us, not less.


We are however given the tools to withstand the influences which comes in large part from Jesus walking with us and the Holy Spirit guiding us, but we have to be bright enough to make sure we ask Jesus to walk with us and the Holy Spirit to guide us even if it is multiple times each day for what to do in all things or what to say or what to write. We will be judged for every idle word and as I see it, the only way not to sin is to always be in God's presence, which can be done through Jesus.


We all should be seeking God for what to say or write, because to influence people and take them in the wrong direction as a leader is something we all should abstain from. Our lives depend on it. We may not think so, but we are like that prophet where we all need to be seeking God not just individually but as the body of Christ as a whole as to how to deal with all things and forget about our personal beliefs.


Our beliefs are a killer and we all have the option to seek God for the truth or hang on to our beliefs which are all caused by influences. We listen to those influences because it is easier than seeking God for the truth, but the bigger truth is if we are going on our own personal beliefs including what we think salvation is, we influence others to do the same things as we are all living examples of the good and the bad.

I agree that one's life should line-up with what they have professed, meaning they responded to the Spirit's calling tugging at their heart. Thus, a change of heart, mind, motive, intention has taken place God's Spirit has done a work of redemption a new birth has taken place, yes this is a must as Paul speaks of life in the spirit and being heirs of the faith and consistency of a true Christians walk which is not after the flesh (Old nature), but hes says Romans 8:9, "You, however, are not in the flesh but in the Spirit, if in fact the Spirit of God dwells in you, if anyone who does not have the Spirit of Christ does not belong to him (ESV).  


If my salvation is predicated on what I do, then Christ would have died in vain. See you may not be doing obvious sins, but you miss the make sometimes and what is meant by that is we sin in word, deed, and thought. Jesus said to the Pharisees that outwardly the looked clean and white, but on the inside they were like rotten graves. Paul comes along and says that if you broken one part of the law you were guilty of breaking all the law, question, when is a law breaker a law breaker at the smallest infraction or the biggest? how's your attitude today toward your fellow man or woman, better yet toward your enemy? There are lots of things we do that are not checked off as sins, and scripture tells us to take introspection of our heart motives and attitudes, so were are you today? Don,t just walk around being obnoxious and pious and quote scripture  to people while your being nasty you are turning them off from Christ and the writer of Hebrews speaks to this saying you bring Christ to an open shame.

It is not by works of righteousness which we have done. But according to His mercy he saved us, through the washing of regeneration and renewing of the Holy Ghost.

While there is nothing that we have done, or even can do to merit salvation, there is much we can do to forfeit it. Let us not forget that God said nothing unclean shall enter into His kingdom. No idolaters, no adulterers, fornicators, murderers, liars, whoremongers, effeminate, or the like shall enter in. The only people that shall enter into His kingdom will be the overcomers. He said, "to him that overcomes will be given a crown of life". Now if there wasn't anything to come over He wouldn't speak of overcoming. In this life you've got to come over some things.Everybody wants to jump on the O.C. band wagon. They all want to be overcomers but don't want to come over nothing. Your soul's salvation must be WORKED OUT with fear and trembling. Because your soul is your only possession, you should take it's future very seriously. Your soul is all you've got, and it's worth more than the whole world. A man profits nothing by gaining the world if he loses his soul. Why would you trade so much for the flighty experience that we call life. But the life that we seek is of a different sort, and if we despise now a life, holy and undefiled, when we have not now received it, how then do we expect it to receive us on the last day? For if we are ashamed of our LORD before men now, He will be ashamed of us before His Father and the Holy angels in heaven. No. Sir Anthony, your salvation is not predicated on what you do. But salvation can be neglected. Should I accept what Christ has done, receive salvation, then turn and shake my fist at God? God forbid. I should fearfully strive to live according to His word daily. But because I am weak in my flesh, I will fall. But I must pray to my righteous mediator and High priest, and Jesus Christ the righteous is just and will weigh my fault righteously. And if my heart is right, he will forgive me of my sin and cleanse me from all unrighteousness. A righteous man may fall seven times, but he gets up again. Sadly some people won't get up. They wallow until they die. Neglecting the altar, the way of escape, even salvation, they die in an unforgiven sin. When you sum it all up, It's not the sins which we commit that sends us to hell. It is the UNFORGIVEN sin that sends us to hell. If my heart is penitent and pure towards God, and I ABIDE in Him and in His Words, I have no worries regarding my salvation.

 I am afraid while we all tend to go back and forth on what we think is salvation and who is saved and who is not saved, it seems to me to be a matter of arrogance?

To me at least, it is God who ordains and saves who He does. No one is good enough. No one is smart enough and no one does enough.


I am reminded that it says "all ye are like sheep and have gone astray." This is not for the unbeliever, but the believer. I feel at least, this all should be approached with a lot more humility than it is. In that humility is love. 


I am not picking on anyone in particular. We all should be approaching this subject with a lot more humility. God has a sense of humor and I seem to be a reflection of that sense of humor, but God has another side which is far more serious than most people even try to grasp. Like, "who are we to be telling anyone anything?"


Although Jesus is my brother of whom I call out to often and honestly He has always treated me with love and respect, I know that I do not have the ability to walk in His footsteps. I am totally amazed at what He went through and we talk about it like "its no big deal." Can we even fathom what He went through? If we cannot fathom that, then how can we even fathom who is saved and why? 

Shalom family,  Salvation; who was IT given to in the first place, and to whom was it giving because of their fall?  And why was, and still is, Salvation being misunderstood?

The answer that is before you concerning Salvation, many probably won't like what is written in the Scriptures about IT.

But to make a long story short, my web-site and my book have some important information concerning Salvation. 


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