Salvation is it eternal regardless of the circumstances or not come on lets get everyone’s opinion

But what is your take on what would have happened if the prodigal son or anyone who had received salvation backslides by rejecting the Father, His Son, the Holy Ghost and totally turned away from the faith and DIED without having repented or had the opportunity to return to the fold. Would that person be heading for hell or heaven? This is a conversation that came up with a couple of my work colleague when we were in an after discussion on Luke 15:11-32 so I would be interested in having a discussion and receiving everyone's point of view.

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People can know our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and escape the world's filth. But if they get involved in this filth again and give in to it, they are worse off than they were before. 21 It would have been better for them never to have known the way of life that God approves of than to know it and turn their backs on the holy life God told them to live. 22 These proverbs have come true for them: “A dog goes back to its vomit,” and “A sow that has been washed goes back to roll around in the mud.”
2 Peter 2:20-22 (GW)

Beloved, this scripture is better read from at least verse 1-22. It is what it is. We cannot know the ways of God and then turn our backs for who knows if they will have time to repent. The prodigal son was blessed in that he "came to himself." Some do not and will spend eternity separated from the Father. Salvation is not rescinded, but where one will spend eternity can change in the twinkling of an eye. 1Cor 15:51-58 - We are to be steadfast and unmovable that our labor be not in vain. Anita T.
What is heaven and hell?
this is a very touchy subject it is according to your teaching jesus taught that a demon leaves a man and find seven more demons and the end is worse than the begining the bible says love is the greatest everything else will fade but love god is love we must hold on to sound doctrine and teaching paul prophesied many will depart from the faith fast and pray obey the word of god
God wishes that all would be saved. The word tells us that if we confess with our mouth that Jesus is Christ and believe in our hearts that he is the son of God we are saved. The word also tells us that God is married to the backslider. The bible tells us that He is love and that even when we might turn from him we are still in his fold. But there is a scripture that also lets us know that if we don't turn from sin and do not acknowledge him, he will turn us over to a reprebated mind and leave us for the enemy to consume.
Hi everyone, I haven't seen this question in years, I thought the issue was settled.

Wow!!! So many answers and beliefs undoubtly by various denominations and belief systems.  The final authority is always the word of God....  The scriptures candidly points out that we are saved until REDEMPTION (Jesus' returns)...  It also points out that the only sure way to lose salvation is to blasphene against the Holy Spirit.  To backslide does not mean to turn away means to make a mistakes or temporarialy revert to old habits, not to renounce the Christ in your life.  My understanding of the given Word to me is that if we sin, it hinders our rewards and blessings.   Blasphemy is a complete turn against God and jumping on the enemies (The Devil) side...then there is no salvation.  If the lost of Salvation was totally dependent on repenting, then we ALL would go to hell...seeing that we sin in the knowledge and non-knowledge of knowing that we have done so. I thank God for Eternal Life.  God Bless You All

Something we all must consider about the prodigal son parable is the son is never anythign less than a son, even in his "back-slidden" condition. The whole point of this story is that the father never stopped loving him, never disowned him and expected his return. This is why he was waiting on him, when he returned. Salvation in not about perfection, it is about a relationship. Specifically, a relationship with our Father, God.  This parable is simply a representation of God and His grace available to his children, the people of God. The questions we must ask ourselves to truly ponder this idea is very simple.


Was the son destined to "back slide"?


Did he ever cease to be his father's son?


Why was the father expecting his return?


Who made the son a son, his father or himself?


(* "back-slide"= is not anywhere in the Bible, but is simply a common contemporary term utilized by many, but means different things in different circles. When I say it, I am spreaking of someone who has commited themselves to a habitual pattern of sin leading themselves down an destructive downward spiral of unneeded pain and suffering, reaping the many seeds they have sown. )


Ladies and Gentlemen, these are the questions we must ask of ourselves, considering the Bible as a whole, not just simply our pre-understandings. Our pre-understandings are flawed and biased, influenced by our denominations and traditions. Put those aside and really seek to see what Jesus is saying in this passage. Some have responded to this forum without ever freshly consulted the text itself without considering the aforementioned. Regardless of your personal convictions, the only thing that remains concrete are two things.


Where do you stand with God?


If you died today, where would you go?


Your answer is the only answer that matters, others must answer for themselves. Don't let issues that only a Sovereign God answer cause division among the Body of Christ. We must stand unified, because a day is coming where Satan shall rise against us all. We must stand as one. Blessing to you all and go with God on this one. 


Thank you Angela for posting a topic of much needed discussion. Thank you to everyone for their input, because all views must be made known to all. This gives us a clear picture of where we are as the Body of Christ. Blessings to all !!!



You will agree Apostasy is in the Bible, the definition for APOSTASY and BACKSLIDDEN is the same. 'The away from God'.  'Turning to sin'. 

 Great Point!

I can see the validity in that parrallel, but can all people who use the word agree upon that. Unfortunately when words like these are coined in contemporary Christian "slang" ( for lack of a better word), people of different circles, backgrounds and traditions define these words differently. "Back-slidden" is one of those words, liken unto leadership titles and the issues revolving around gender neutrality. The definition you mentioned is correct, but vague, yeilding it to many interpretations. Now since you are the originator of this dicussion, I can now see your premise is based solely upon apostacy. You are right. Apostacy is in the Bible, but one must ask these things and answer them with fact, not just your own preunderstanding. I do think you are getting down to some great preaching material.


Is Jesus dealing directly with Apostacy in the parable of the prodigal son? is this why he told that parable?


What was the purpose of the parable? What was Jesus' intent?


Paul deals directly with apostacy.


What did his teachings reveal in regards to it's ramifications on salvation and eternal security?


My aforementioned thought is still the essential thought one must consider before even going into this study. Let me know what somebody comes up with. I am open to hear your thoughts.


Thank you for your clarification Angela, it is easy to see now where your heart is on the matter. God bless you Woman of GOD.  Great discussion idea!!!



Pastor Ray there are many lessons to be learnt from the prodigal son in terms of God and His relationship to us and our walk and our relationship to him. Because I do not get your point you are making.  However unless your answer has something to do with the subject matter in this discussion which is concentrating on one specific point of this story and that is turning away from God and dying without returning please you can feel free to refraim from answering.  Instead you can always start another discussion elsewhere to find out how many different lessons can be learnt from the story of the prodigal son. However if you think there is only one be prepared to be enlightened

"back-slide"= is not anywhere in the Bible, but is simply a common contemporary term utilized by many, but means different things in different circles.


The adjective "backsliding" does appear in the King James bible repeatedly. It was used in portions of Jeremiah's and Hosea's prophecies as a translation of the Hebrew סָרַר (sarar). Hosea's usage in particular may have informed the KJV translators' choice of words:

For Israel slideth back as a backsliding heifer: now the LORD will feed them as a lamb in a large place. (Hsa 4:16)


It is usually explained that an agrarian society was familiar with how cattle, in defiance of being led up an incline sometimes lock their legs refusing to go forward, and thereby begin to slide backwards. When the KJV translators saw  how the prophet was comparing Israel to a heifer, "back-sliding" came to their minds as an excellent equivalent in English for what the prophet was describing in Hebrew.


Modern translators insist the more accurate translation of sarar is "stubborn." But we are already invested in the religious jargon that has arisen from the KJV terminology. To backslide (the verb we derive from the adjective "backsliding") is generally understood as returning to a worldly or carnal lifestyle after once having been a practicing believer.


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