God is saying to the Body of Christ that it is time to deal with those secret issues/cares/concerns that no one knows about.  The time is coming to be TRUE to and with GOD.  So often times, folk come to church Sunday after Sunday hurt broken and disgusted.  They have deep rooted things that torment them from within.  They come in with hope and anticipation of someone tapping into that thing that is holding them bound and captive, that they can become free.

They bring to church their abuse, molestation, lust, secret perversions, anxiety, stress, addiction(sex, alcohol, drugs), pride, fornication, adultry, finiancial distress, children going astray, drugs on the street, unsaved loved ones, homosexuality/gays/lesbians(yet in hiding) - real everyday life stuff and yet leave out anyone ever addressing any of those things. 

Satan is always ready to give and to provide a way of escape(what he has to offer leads to death and destruction); however, the time is NOW for GOD's Ambassadors to rise up and to minister as God has charged us to do(this leads to life and restoration). People need help that can only come from God, souls need to brought to Christ in order to be saved and the unadultrated Gospel of Jesus Christ needs to be preached!  Those dealing with demonic oppression is waiting for the time when someone will cast the spirits that battle within them out, so that they can lead a normal healthy and happy life.

Sugar coated messages, only telling people what they want to hear will NO LONGER work.  ONLY the TRUTH will prevail, sustain and change the situations that the saints of God find themselves facing.  We need to use the authority, power and dominion that God gave to us to bring glory and honor to our risen Saviour. 


Do anyone really care?

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