The question is,

who will go?

Will you  go or come if you had to pay your own way?

Pay for Your own place to stay?

Feed yourself form day to day ?

Will you still go?

If all you got is a free will offering , will you still say send  me Lord ? will you still say I'll go?

how many minister are willing to go and feed a part of the body that is in  need of  a spiritual revival, that hungry and thirsty for the anointing of God ?

they can't buy you a plain ticket , But they can get your hotel room- will you still come?

Question?  what would Jesus do?

what's keeping you from coming?

What's' keeping you from going?

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Yes of course i wil go.bcoz that where i find joy.

I say not only with my mouth ,here I am LORD send/use me. I declare it in action and count it a privledge to be chosen to go.

I'm excited about JESUS!!!!    


more than conquering in HIS name


Evangelist Holloman, Interesting and timely discussion

I have done the above for so many years, it has become a part of us. I sincerely feel that some of the well known persons in ministry should not be charging ( or they won't show up without money in hand before they get there) such exorbitant fees to come and do what God has called them to do, which is to work in the vineyard. Of course many will say, that this is their livelihood , no comment on that. But what about persons in small ministries that need assistance and give a "clarion call," and no one answers.  Granted their are some well know persons in mega ministries that will assist, and we give Glory to God for them. IN CLOSING, I WILL GO AND WILL CONTINUE TO GO.

Prophetess, V. Lindsey



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