HIV infection for women is at an all time high though many women don't have high risk lifestyles,
their male partners might. And many women are embrarrassed or afraid to ask their partners about
having safe sex , so their risk of contracting the HIV virus is even higher
1 women are twice as likely as men to become infected with HIV from vaginal sex
2 most HIV positive women are infected through high risk heterosexual sex
3 women account for roughly one quarter of all new HIV/AIDS diagnoses in 2006

1 get tested /know your status
2 learn more about living with HIV/AIDS
3 PRACTICE SAFE SEX to help prevent the transmission of the HIV virus and other sexually transmitted diseases
4 CONSULT your doctor or clinic to find out the best ways to protect yourself and partner's health
Ava's Nest
There will be more information coming soon on HIV/AIDS on Ava's Nest

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