I come before you all to tell a story of a Bishop, Leader, Man of God, I’m a young (24y) single woman came on the scene not having much experience with being in church. Ready for a change, seeking to change my life, desiring to have Christ in my life. I was introduced to this COGIC church in B’ham, AL. At first everyone was so sweet and friendly. I found myself reaching a level in Christ I was proud of, learning the word, being filled with the Holy Spirit. The world couldn’t get me back. Everything in my life was coming together. It wasn’t long I started working for this Bishop, building a close Christian relationship with him and the first lady, respecting him & her like my father and mother. He treated me like a daughter took me in his home, really made me felt love. Well, I soon found out he preyed on me. He begins sharing how the first lady was not pleasing him (very intimate details) and he was soo lonely. He would state that God don’t intend for him to be lonely like this, suddenly he would start weeping….So I thought! He made sure I was well taken care of, I thought it was because the great job I was doing with his business. He then started sharing with me about things other members shared with him in private (breach of confidentiality).He soon started telling me what a great woman I was and I would make a man very pleased, that I needed someone like him in my life. I feel in love with this man and all his promises. All he tried to accomplish he did!!! After that the closet open and OMG!! A baby boy, from another young lady in the church. He adopted the little boy to cover himself. Our affairs continue and so did he and the other young lady. Meanwhile, first lady took very ill but I thank the Lord she is stronger and doing well. Wake up call, I contacted a STD from him, and when I confronted him he made me feel like trash. Later he would call/text and apologize, wanted things to go back the way they were. That was enough for me….Since then I have moved and humbled myself before God for forgiveness. I have no desire to attend church, that was my first church experience (afraid of this happening again/lost respect for leadership in man). Did I also mention now he and his wife are getting a divorce after 40 years. He now is engage to a 30 year old.
He called me and asked me to come back to church and seat in my usual spot (front row), I refused!! Learning he stood before his church doing service to tell the church about the divorce and blamed it on his wife (saying: no sex in 12yrs.) a woman who suffered a stroke a couple of years ago. I’m told to pray and have a forgiving heart. But in the meantime the damage is done. Some people think you’re just suppose to put it in the past and move on, but it doesn’t happen like that. Your life becomes forever changed and a victim can never look at the church ever the same. Then to add insult to injury some “church folks” want to blame the victim saying they seduce the Bishop or the pastor, in my case I was seduced and preyed on by the Bishop. I’ve been praying & building a personal relationship with God; Learning to know him for myself. Now I understand a leader can’t teach what he don’t LIVE!!!We require our leaders to lead and take a stand against sin on every front, especially when the very ones that are in charge of the flock allow the devil to deceive them to violate others in such a shameful way. I know we must all give an account for what we do. Once again my situation was swept under the rug to avoid embarrassment…..To everyone who reads this continue to pray my strength in the Lord. I truly Love Jesus, I love the Joy he gives me! I’m stronger and wiser, but still afraid to seat on any front row right now. May the Lord not only help me, but help Bishop Peter Wren Sr., East Birmingham COGIC in Birmingham, Alabama.

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I am praying for you my sister!
Thanks,The Bible & Prayer has become my day and night.......
Did you go to the elders and let them know what was going on?...Something tells me they probably already knew....and didnt do a darn thing about it. God has something to say to them too.
O boy.
I pray that the Lord helps you get around some holy people.

But to be brutally honest with you - the only victim I see in this whole scenario is THE WIFE.
God bless her poor soul. This lady probably suffered a stroke because of all of the whoring she had to suffer through and people smiling in her face in the name of Jesus and patting her on her back.
I also bet she knows/knew that child was his and she had to actually take it in her home and then take in some chick that she probably also KNEW her husband would be banging.
That poor sister - may God heal her body totally and give her peace of mind.

The guy should be kicked out of the church and his body handed over to satan so that his soul may be saved eventually.

The judgment wheels of God turn very slow but they grind exceedingly fine.
And its just a matter of time before they catch up with anyone of us.

Therefore I pray for you too.
Things that has gone on in this church(COGIC-Bham) has ALWAYS been swept under the Bishop rug......I was always taught by him "You keep your mouth off your leader or you'll be cursed." I have always been too afraid to speak out. I'm tired and drained from carrying this. I only pray that God forgive me for doing it in this manner. Please pray for me!
My sister I also am a COGIC pastor, and I am proud to say that I have never misused God's calling. If you have asked God in your heart for Forfiveness. God has forgiven you . So move on with your Life. DO NOT go back to that church,ask God to direct you to another church home.All of us have erred and fallen , Yet Christ is still there, this in no ways means that God condones sin. I pray your strength in the Lord, and God will tkae care of ?. May the good lord continue to bless and keep you .In that name that is above all names Jesus the Christ.
I am COGIC borned and raised, I remmeber the pastor of my childhood a blessed man,and I have had the same pastor since I was 16 years old, now, they are both men I revere as Godly men.

I repeat what Pastor Valentine stated do not go back to THAT CHURCH, but by all means find a church that will help you heal. Get acquainted with the mothers of the church (Mother's Board) they will help you.

It is never a good idea to become too familiar with the pastor or his wife, they are your leaders, not that this situation was all your fault, but keep in mind, what you would not contend with in the world, do not contend with in the church.

This spirit of sexual misconduct is not prevelent just in COGIC it happens where ever the devil is allowed to operate, be prayerful, and wise.
Pastor Robinson, you stated something that must be addressed, I will get slammed for it but here it goes, women need to stop being "SILLY" silly women are referenced in the bible without reference to age, so women period, need to stop being silly. There are some old silly women in the church.

The young woman in this situation KNEW before hand that this man was married, his advances toward her under that circumstance was a red flag for her to seek another church at that time.

Hear me all the "single ladies" if his ring is already on another women's finger, it is wrong for YOU to carry on with the man, God will address YOU and only YOU about that matter. If you can't speak up for yourself in a church, how are you going to learn to speak up for yourself sitting at home?

This situation goes both ways! both need to repent
I thank you for your honesty , I could not say this for fear of being sexiest , but your point is well taken
Be encouraged daughter and let God guide you and keep your head up and pray. I am soo sorry to hear what happen and I certainly hope you are ok now
God bless you daughter!
Yes... the wife was a victim... but the only one?

@Anchored Soul

I am very sorry you had to go through that situation. I disagree with some of the others when it comes to meting out blame. We really don't know enough about the situation to proclaim the wife is the only victim. He was probably telling the truth to a certain point. It is not righteous for husbands or wives to withhold sexual intimacy from their partners to frustrate them. At the same time maybe there was another reason why she did; one that he didn't tell you about because his aim was only to replace what he wasn't getting from his wife. I think their intimacy died and he was trying to replace it by going outside of his marriage. He probably felt trapped in his marriage, in his office, and in his robes. I do feel some sympathy for him. Even though we commit sin that doesn't mean that there aren't circumstances behind it that don't deserve sympathy. You simply cannot do something wrong just because of your circumstances. And most often, trying to fix a wrong with more wrong will only lead to a situation that is even more jacked up than it was before. With that said... Of course you shouldn't go back to his church. Of course he isn't fit to lead a congregation when this is how he leads in his own home.

I think the larger issue is that he abused his power. I think, like many many pastors, he gained so much power within his church that he was easily corrupted and the lusts of his flesh helped that seed of corruption to blossom. He should be forgiven if he repents just as David sinned with Uriah's wife and repented. He took advantage of you when you had come to the church for something better. Instead, you got more of the world in cuter outfit. The unfortunate reality is that church is often a game of dress up where people pretend to be something they are not while relying on Yeshua ("Jesus") to forgive them of all their dirt even though they're not getting better. It's hard to get a handle on this problem in Christianity because its really hard to say who even has the intention to be righteous and have this better more abundant life and who is simply trying to survive beyond death and judgment. A lot of people fake whatever they have to because they are afraid of hell. They are afraid to be sent there but they aren't afraid of creating themselves in their own lives. And they'll even get defensive when you show them the link between all the evils in the world and our failure to keep the commandments. If the Bishop had done that you would not have left his church.

Whatever church you end up going back to (and I would recommend you take some time to really choose and research and study on your own - which sounds like what you're doing anyway) what I would give you in the way of advice is to find a church that is practicing what they preach and preaching all the things that you believe should be practiced. It would have been much harder to seduce you into an adulterous affair if he had been speaking against Adultery the way he should have. And you saw first hand how this could affect not only yourself, but the other woman, and his wife, and the child(ren) involved. This is what destroys our families and our society. You've seen it happen in only one case. Adultery. But of course the world isn't in a cycle of self destruction only because of adultery. This is why ALL the commandments need to be taught and followed. Yeshua kept the commandments. Paul kept the commandments. It is about time that people wake up and stop fighting against the commandments because fighting against them is only fighting on the behalf of situations JUST LIKE THIS. Don't rush to find a church. That's what people are too often programmed to do. Rush only to find YHWH. Find out what he wants for you and what he wants for the world. Lean on him as your guide. I'm sure you will never return to a church where you will put so much faith in a MAN (the pastor, bishop, moreh, whatever) that you'll let him tell you something that isn't THUS SAITH YHWH that you can find in all the pages of the bible. You can't trust men. Men seek power. Trust YHWH who uses his power only for good. Let HIM teach you. Back in ancient times only the very wealthy had a bible. It isn't that way today. Read the bible for yourself before you allow one church, denomination, or even religion to tell you what to believe, what to think, and what it all means.

There is a greater spiritual journey out there and its not found in a pew.


The only way any man or woman wrapped in flesh on this earth can gain power, is by being given power. No one can abuse us without our permission.Now of course we all have had our disappointments in individuals. A lesson that strengthens us in the knowledge that we must put All our trust in God.

I respectfully disagree with the concept that an individual suffering from a church hurt, should not seek out another church family or better yet reconcile with their church family,(In this case that would not be feasible) however, sitting and having a pouting party at home is not the answer.

How do we find YHWH? through his word, through obedience to it, through HIS commandment LOVE! you can't love at home alone.

When ones make mistakes, know that YHWH is faithful and just to forgive us all our sins, forgive yourself, get up and go praise the Lord.


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