For weeks me and my wife have been witnessing to a women and her 4 kids, and we noticed the youngest child, a boy had some very strange behavior. One day when they were over to the house the young boy (age 2) was playing with our 3 year old girl, we took our eyes off them for one moment and the little boy was choking our girl. Of course we put a stop to it. We notice another time the boy was trying to stab his brothers and sisters with a ink pen. We purpose to watch the boy more when they are over and while we were ministering to the family, the boy began to drag our little girl across the floor by her hair. We notice that whenever we would walk toward the boy, he would always look afraid of us, and based on the violent ways of the 2 year old boy we determined that he has a demon. No one at their local church recognized it in the boy. We talk to the mother about him and she said that he is always wild and very uncontrollable and violent. She says that she spanks him and it doesn’t do any good and makes him more angry, and that she doesn‘t know what to do with him. One day the oldest son of the women asked if I could baptize them, and latter his mother asked if we could baptize the whole family except the 2 year old boy and we agreed to. The woman told us that they have been asking their local pastor to baptize them for months, and he keeps telling them that they are on his list. Well upon hearing this we quickly scheduled for me to baptize them at another local church.

The day finally came that we were to baptize all of them except the 2 year old boy. While I was baptizing the family in the name of Jesus, my wife notice the boy went crazy in the church, climbing on the pews with screaming and acting very fearful. The demon in the boy was driving the boy mad. My wife kindly walked over to the boy and picked him up and whispered in his ear, “In the name of Jesus, come out of him,” and then she set him down on the pew, and the demon came out of him and he sat there calmly looking forward. We did not tell the mother what happened.

A few days latter the mother called us up on the phone and said, “Sister Banks, what did you do to my son? He’s been acting so good for the past few days, he hasn’t been attacking his other brothers and sisters at all. He has been sitting around acting so calm.”

God is amazing! He gives us power to tread on serpents, to cast out demons and devils. We only need to tell them to go and they will go in the name of Jesus. There is power in the name of Jesus.
Greater is he that is in you than he that is in the world. Amen? Does anyone have any similar experiences? Please share

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Oh my goodness!
The power of God, the power of speaking the powerful name of Jesus in the ears of that child - it just made that rebellious demon flee.

Thank you for sharing this.
Thank you for sharing this awesome testimony.


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