Should a pastor that spends most of his time preaching and teaching get paid for what God has him to do? I know what the scriptures says about this, but would you pastor for free?

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John welcome to the war, the war for our freedom...98 million working class citizens in AmeriKa are being virtually raped everyday of their soverign rights In front of there eyes and they will not turn off the Tell-a-lie and get real...The welfare people who are not indigent need to stop enabling the gov and become a part of the solution instead of part of the problem Opppppps~~~

This (if we get it at all) will be the last time I perceive that the vote may help..remove all the Lifetimers/ incumbants who have sucked the wells of AmeriKa dry..
If not that then as Alex Jones and others spout..the solution to 1984 commienazimarxism agendas is religion,... we the people need to take our country back to the Basic vision and statements of the founding fathers.

I have a is "We the people"~ use this upcoming tax season to free ourselves by getting behind R.Paul and tearing the teeth out of this fake lion of totalaterianism that is prevailing...

Ah lay Nu means It is our duty"... It is our duty to expose darkness is it not?.. The people have the power When they can become ONE VOICE"

if not, I forsee Russia and China may fix our booties..not like it could't happen we are bankrupt and the writing is on the wall to hard to miss....they see past the propaganda..and they do not watch our social "Programming".
I'm all on it and have been for years. I will email you so we can exchange each others personal emails to talk about and share and exchange info. Most sheeple have no idea of what our living is about and it's not the physical but the spiritual. These groups of Satan's Army are real:
Federal Reserve; The Bohemian Grove, Bildenbergs, NATO, UN, Skull and Bones, Masons, World Bank and it's other banks (headed by the Rothchilds as the Rockerfellers are their puppets or General in the Rothchilds group. There are more groups to this army but you get my drift.

The thing is the US knows that most people will do nothing because we are "apathy bred" to do nothing even when slapped in the face sort to speak.
Yes, if it be God;s call,Pastorship should , not be or should ever have been about Money. God will take of you,GOD Will.
Correct my Brother ,if it's your only source of income then yes. I was going under the assumption that one had another source of income
yes for FREE
and teach the people how to care
and TRUST the Lord
Everything needs to have the Balance of HaShem..
Why try to reinvent the wheel, Pastor Lee? Take this subject as a legitimate Bible Study and see that all of those very things are discussed within the Bible, both O.T. and N.T. The tithe is for:

-the poor
-the Ministers as their primary source of income
-the furthering of the Ministry

All are divided evenly already within the scriptures. we tend to say we don't have enough because we are busy wasting funds on things like a bigger Church building, or a conference. Technically speaking, when a congregation us getting bigger, its time to launch some of the Ministers out to set up another congregation else where, not make a multi-million dollar facility. With all that we waste, we are worrying about greedy Pastors? Not to downplay the greed of some false Ministers, but truth be told, foolish spending is a bigger and more common threat that greedy Pastors.
DITTO,Me too .....................................................................
I have been co-pastoring a year right now and have seen the hand of God bless me time and time again. We are a new ministry and have decided at this time not to even take anything for our services because we know that it's God who blesses and opens the doors. I believe that as a pastor, you should think about the ministry that you are leading. If they are able to bless you financially then they should; however it will become a burden to do so, then you must find a day job until God opens the doors financially to take you off your job. Full-time ministry is wither you are sitting 8hrs in the your church office or 4 or 5 hours on a secular job. Paul worked every where he went because he wanted to pull his own weight without obligating other people to take care of him. I believe that sometimes we want a church to take care of us so that we can feel important or needed. Some pastors wants a "T.D. Jakes" salary have but haven't paid the price! I have gone out of the country and will be leaving again but it's because God is providing for me because we decided not to take salary from our ministry. Do we trust God to supply our needs or the financial report that the trustees gives us every Sunday after services? Freely you have received, freely give! If a pastor takes or refuses a job because of what the church can offer them financially, then the questions is wither they have been called by God or are they just a hireling.
Todah Raba~~~this is a good point..Do you trust???
Karvelis writes "we know that it's G-d who blesses and opens the doors." ... And Why does the Ruach HaKodosh guide you through those doors? Because of STUDY to "shew thyself approved [my best KJV interpolation]...What type of approval...Emunah is the word Yeshua would have used ..It means Faith and Faithfulness....It is when you come to the realization it is not by your might [ fancy biblical manipulation].... but by the sustaining love of HaShem. with the Torah' living and breathing within the earthen vessel [Shual/Paul alluded to this as a treasure in earthern vessels]~~it is the very essence of all instructions to all mankind first to the Jew and then only to the obediant, converted from all their pagan ways Gentile deciple... The Life of a Tzaddick is one/Echad with HaShem...
Your excellencies,...I will allude to this as an example;
I remember the Day a Bath Kol came forth from the Master.."Son you have recognized that I am' your source for all things".. how long did it take me Oh about forty years or so..LOL.. Really it is a Heart issue..not much of that taught today Intimacy is the key Turn the the hearts of Men toward G-d was my mandate some eighteen years ago...
As I stated in another thread..I have never stood in the position of leader and fleeced the flock for self..Why?
Because I would not prostitue my Master for trival stuff. Raising the Dead brings forth great humility. The Value of Ha'Shem operating in and through you to this sick and dying humanity is more than gratitude. It is the finest of the finest gift to mankind to be ONE with the Master. It is simply pure love which there is no second choice.

Unless as Karvelis suggests They are just Hirelings..and not the real deal.

FYI~Bath Kol= Heavenly Voice;
Doretta writes: "J-sus was a servant leader..he didnt burden anyone who followed him."
Well first and foremost the life of a hasid is to give reverence to His Master teacher/NASI only second to the Torah and above all HaShem. SO in modern terms, it is simple edification they/the Rabbi or Tzaddik has studied to be worthy and most likely debated the finer points of the Instructions [Law] with eloquence...theirby having aquired Chabad OR wisdom knowledge and understanding to the utmost degree allowed....In Hebrew the word "chabad" is a Hebrew acronym for Chochma (Wisdom), Bina (Understanding), and Daas (Knowledge) No two year bible school will do this for you it is a lifetime journey into the received become a tzaddik of higher learning in the Academy...and then go out and do Tikkun Olam.go out ' and repair the world or at least your little part...hope that helps...Shalom aleichem

I believe a book most worthy to be read of the lifestyle of a first century Rabbi would be AKIBA -Scholar-Martyr-BY:Louis-Finkelstein]


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