Should a pastor that spends most of his time preaching and teaching get paid for what God has him to do? I know what the scriptures says about this, but would you pastor for free?

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Mr Israel writes:"Where do you think that I am in error, so I can show you the scriptures that support my beliefs?"
Personally I have no interest in your or anybodies beliefs..If I can not find a text Historically to make something work..I leave it with the Mire of the Sow...much of the NT fits that later discription or is seriously misconstructed from it's original intent...So Like I said to any and if you have a need to talk it out.
You want to post that someone is wrong, but not show them where they are in error? Sounds to me like someone can't prove their God, and the Bible says make full proof of thine ministry. Let me ask you this, and I won't hold my breath for a reply, but do you believe that we are to keep the commandments of YHWH?
Mr. Israel I never said you were wrong just a little tweaking and you will be alright Oh and correctly it is YHVH you might check out the Aleph ~bet ~Gimmel ~Dalet ~Hey ~'Vav' ~Zayin~ Chet ~...etc
However, you are truly amusing: More-so young man you are so far off topic ...So; When or until you Raise the dead to life by the intimate relations with the master flowing in and through you. Let me know...that alone proves my Elohim Oh and I did not use the JC incantation to do it as I recollect it was done by the breath of G-d through me.
I wrote about it in a published book.. I guess if anybody wanted to know how I really tick they would go to our page and get a free copy then they can judge from a higher perspective YES?
Go read it.. If it is Good for you..then Hey send an offering Thats what this is all about right?

Whether a teacher of Historical truth is worth his salt or not right?
My Hadassah likes to pay bills..and the workman is worthy NO?

Until then If you have no phone to call we can do this dance all day and night until you grow into the Full Stature of the man Adam Qadmon..if you like .until then ~~ lila tov
Mr Green writes:"Are you sure about that one? Better check your NT again......"
I can just see J-sus pulling out his New Testament checking with his Sopher(scribe) to see it was all correct and then began to teach,.... NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!! "Guess what famous Rabbi said these dear words "Do not think I came to do away with the Torah,.... I have come to fulfill it.....Mattisyahu 5:v17ff............what does that mean???? In Hebrew terminology/Idiom,... It means to literally walk out the living Torah until it is one with you...
The Talmidim known as John said it well if we are to believe this is his actual writings in bet yochannon 2:v6..."those who say they ~Abide" adhere to cling to Yeshua's teachings should walk as he walked...

And how did he walk his life? As a pious~~~Benevolent, Repentant, caring, Jew-boy from the notable house of Hillel...who went out to repair the world....Now it is our turn.
The problem that I see is that you don't know who the God of Israel is. Skip the names, we worship the Father, by the Son. The Son is the Elohim of the Old testament. You probably believe that we dealt with the Father or what you all like to call YHWH, or Yah, but the Elohim who dealt with man was Jesus, Yeshua, YHWH, Yahshuah, Yah, Jah, Jehovah, God Almighty, Prince of Peace, Counselor. I know Elohim is 2, but did not the book say Lo, I come in the volume of the book, it is written of me. Did it not say the Word was with God, and the Word was God. Who do you think caused the names to be hid Brother?

Isaiah 45:6-8 That they may know from the rising of the sun, and from the west, that there is none beside me. I am the LORD, and there is none else. I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the LORD do all these things.

Like I tell everybody, so they don't get puffed up. Keep the commandments, focus on the commandments, and teach men to do so, ye do well. There is where we all can come together as one, but if not, then sin lieth at the door.
Mr. Israel writes:"Isaiah 45:6-8 That they may know from the rising of the sun, and from the west, that there is none beside me. I am the LORD, and there is none else. I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the LORD do all these things.
This is YAH speaking not J-sus or any other configuration of the name of that notable sage. Now did anybody notice the Celestrial Ha'satan in there NO ?...Thats right it is all G-d, no devil..G-d is the All and ALL.
Like Job stated well whether I go down to Sheol or I ascend into the Heavens you are there.

Galations for you NT folks states a simlar truth in chapter Five v17ff

Evil ...wicked... mean and nasty humanity and no devil listed ,...Why? because before it was misconstructed it was all about the Yetzer harah the evil inclination - untamed.
You really did not read the entire book Did you?????

Let me ask How many times a year do you read the Bible?? how many hours a day in study with the real deal?

If it is less than a dozen plus hours a day, if the love of G-d does not permeate your very being then do not bother to respond with the details... you are not a Tzaddick nor a Sage of note.
You really did not read the entire book Did you????? Yes. I go to the Law, and to the Testimony, Line upon line Precept upon Precept. Here a little and there a little.

Let me ask How many times a year do you read the Bible?? how many hours a day in study with the real deal?
I do Sabbath day lessons every Sabbath. I put together my own lessons. I do audio lessons. I wrote a book called A Mind Mission for Salvation. I do my best to keep the commandments. So, the Lord has given me the increase of Knowledge, and understanding. I understand where you are missing the boat. Like I said in the above post. The whole duty of man is to keep the commandments. If you are not bringing fruit to the Harvest by the commandments, then your fruit will fall on stony ground, and the Lord will require that blood from you. I have visited your page, and you fellowship in the Edomites doctrine, but you claim I am in Babylon.
Mr Israel writes:"The whole duty of man is to keep the commandments"
You could have well stopped there but that EGO keeps ruling..Mispocha...Not sure what Edomite dogma is Perhaps it is one of the Xian/messianic groups you refer to..I honestly don't understand these anti-Rabbinic /Neo-Karaite /Messianics! they all follow the tenants of there mother church Rome/ apostles creeds and Nicene creeds having nothing to do with the pious walk of a Jew Rabbi Yeshua clearly tells his Jewish disciples to DO AND OBSERVE WHATSOEVER those who sit in the Seat of Mosheh tell them to DO AND OBSERVE.
Yeshua made no stipulation that his disciples could ignore the Rabbonim if they failed to acknowledge Yeshua as HaMelech HaMashiach and Yeshua certainly didn't say that his own disciples should ignore the Rabbonim if they failed to acknowledge him as HaShem Himself.

Lastly I must ask what to do with this

a quote from the writings of the Early Church Fathers that CLEARLY DEMONSTRATES that as late as 210 CE there were non-Jewish Christians living in Rome who absolutely DID NOT believe that Yeshua was G-d Himself!

Further, this argument against Yeshua being the Deity was made whilst attempting to convert a pagan to Christianity!!! Additionally, the Christian apologist attempting to convert the pagan in this writing obviously saw the belief in Yeshua's deification as being as nonsensical as viewing Pharaoh as a living god!

A little historical revelation from the writings of the Early Church Fathers

In the literature of the Ante-Nicene Fathers there's a book (c. 210 CE) entitled Minucius Felix, the account of a Gentile Xian named, Octavius, who, whilst walking "along the shore (of the Tiber)," converts to Xianity a man named, Caecilius, "by very weighty arguments." Octavius has this to say to Caecilius (Chap. XXIX):

For in that you attribute to our religion the worship of a criminal and his cross, you wander far from the neighbourhood of the truth, in thinking either that a criminal deserved, or that an earthly being was able, to be believed G-d.

Miserable indeed is that man whose whole hope is dependent on mortal man, for all his help is put an end to with the extinction of the man. The Egyptians certainly choose out a man for themselves whom they may worship; him alone they propitiate; him they consult about all things; to him they slaughter victims; and he who to others is a god, to himself is certainly a man whether he will or no, for he does not deceive his own consciousness, if he deceives that of others.

Moreover, a false flattery disgracefully caresses princes and kings, not as great and chosen men, as is just, but as gods; whereas honour is more truly rendered to an illustrious man, and love is more pleasantly given to a very good man.

Thus they invoke their deity, they supplicate their images, they implore their Genius, that is, their demon; and it is safer to swear falsely by the genius of Jupiter than by that of a king.

Crosses, moreover, we neither worship nor wish for. You, indeed, who consecrate gods of wood, adore wooden crosses perhaps as parts of your gods. For your very standards, as well as your banners; and flags of your camp, what else are they but crosses glided and adorned?

Your victorious trophies not only imitate the appearance of a simple cross, but also that of a man affixed to it. We assuredly see the sign of a cross, naturally, in the ship when it is carried along with swelling sails, when it glides forward with expanded oars; and when the military yoke is lifted up, it is the sign of a cross; and when a man adores G-d with a pure mind, with handsoutstretched. Thus the sign of the cross either is sustained by a natural reason, or your own religion is formed with respect to it.
End quote.

At any rate, I no longer care about Xianity or Messianism or the sects and cults they've spawned! Questing after the historical Yeshua is a complete waste of time and energy. Henceforth, I will be devoting my full attention to Judaism..after all it was what J-sus taught to his Talmidim was it not?

As for me, I am genuine Sephardi who feels there may be a hidden Tzaddick among the gentiles who may hear the call 'out of her"
Otherwise this whole quagmire is a blatant waste of time

As before Mr. Israel it was a pleasure~ LilaTov and Todah raba for your time
There is no ego. I don't do the Hebrew because it is Edomite Hebrew. No Jewish anything. Do you know who the Edomites are?
show me where God commanded the CHURCHES to tithe?
He didn't but you'll get verses from people twisting the message that He did.
exactly...and the worse part is these preachers don't tell them that the churches were not commanded to tithe...


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