Should a pastor that spends most of his time preaching and teaching get paid for what God has him to do? I know what the scriptures says about this, but would you pastor for free?

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iam bless to join your group thank you evangelist pastor susie houston
Greetings to all, and may The Blessing be upon you all.
This topic as we can see is pretty wide and varied. I am blessed just to see this topic on the table. While we argue to see if a Pastor should be paid, many pastors will go on to a 'nine to five' because of the responsibilities that face pastors everyday just like everyone else. It is obvious to me that if you choke(muzzle) the pastor you will be choked. Should a pastor have things in abundance? Should he/she have a Staff paid? Should he/she walk in the blessings afforded him/her of the gospel? Should he have less than anyone is to prove something? Can a pastor give and it be given back to him good measure pressed down shaken together shall MEN heap unto his bosom or are they immune from this? If a pastor gives abundantly he will receive abundantly? Indeed the pastor will be prospered through their giving. But on that hand so shall the rest of the congregation RIGHT! Unless we don't believe in the 100fold Jesus said that ALL who give to His names sakes and the gospel would receive. This will be stunning to some but we have heard it all our lives.
Question? who is getting all this money GOD? No. Publishers that's who, and they are living fat off the bibles WE have bought, and in there are the teachings of Jesus Paul, Peter....not the publishers teachings. If the publishers are rich pushing the Word that we have been blessed from indeed what is up with the pastor having a salary for seed? No ONE should therefore pay for a bible right? Therefore we are wrong if we think that the preaching publishers should be wealthy and pastors should not. My receiving comes from my giving, just like everyone else is supposed to do. Show one time where Jesus refused giving to Him. Every preacher here in this forum has received from SOMEONE not God Himself. God uses people to heap to your bosom. So, pastors are commanded by God not to work for a living. Israel always did poorly when the priest(minister) didn't get his portion(pay which was the tithe). When that was returned to them, then the blessings came back to the people. This is a faith based system people. When we give to the work of the gospel we should believe for our return, so that we can give more so that the ministry can do more. The blessing of prosperity is to everyone including the pastors but is only ON the believer. God says that he gives seed to sow with. Once a pastor gets seed he has to sow to increase his harvest, and should be preaching to others to do the same. When a pastor lays hands on people to receive their healing, shouldn't the pastor be healed himself? When he prays for us to overcome sinful passions and such don't we expect him to walk free from this as well? Why then do we expect him to pray to have a good job, or a raise, or promotion for us but he can't have that for himself. Peter never turned down that boat load of fish did he? The Lord did that for him because he let Jesus use the boat to teach from (Luke 5.) Once again, my living comes from my giving, and I believe big and teach others to do the same. The testimonies are astounding! So the problem here is focusing on the word PAY when we should look at it as giving, because that's what it is. As long as I PAY my tithe God is not interested in that. But when I GIVE the Tithe and praise him for the ability to do so I AM Blessed. There is no love in paying for things. We cannot PAY God anything anyway. He IS everything.

Paul and Loretta
Paul writes:"He IS everything.~
~ Now if the He is YHVH and not a idol of flesh,...venerated by Rome,... you are on to something of great value. And as you follow my many historical and cultural answers on this thread I have noted Deuteronomy many times ~~ Deverim-Deut.10:v17~~ It goes without a retort or acknowledgment Because the children for the most part have never read the entire bible cover to cover...Those who have,... Still are a miss,.. as the Version you read is not the Original TaNaKh. I suggest for the children to grow up into the full stature of the Adam kadmon the Moshiach within(Eph 4:v13ff may help someone connect the dots)

Shalom Aleichem~

This may help:
Rabbi David Aaron teaches how G-d is all around and ever-present, as well as the roots of G-d's name.
To hear more teachings like this, please visit us at: and

....Time for the ShekinahLife
That goes to show yall that the book they gave black people which is called the bible is false they wrote it and translated it themselve and now you are hearing from the mouth of a jew they don't believe in what they help translated for you to worship by lol not only that you can not bring the bible into their temple yet they help translated it for yall lol lol wow ....yall got the bible and they got your land lol....they made sure they mix it with lies to keep yall lost believe it or not...there were many who came together to translate the bible into what they wanted black slaves to worship even the wiccan/witchcraft religion that is were all yall pagan holidays come from lol...they want yall to believe in magic things that appear and disappear lol....self-hypnosis calling on demons and devils in the churchs....that why you can find more sin in the church than in the streets....christainly is all made up put together believe it or not do your reseach on the sun -God sunday is it worship day lol they had us worshipping a sun-God lol wow yall better put that one book down and start picking up many books that will tell you about that one book and who the people are in that book and how it came about ....not just with catholic or romans and paul the real anti-christ yall preach more than jesus....yall preach paul in the name of jesus lol wow paul of tarus!
Mrs Jackson writes:"That goes to show yall that the book they gave black people which is called the bible is false they wrote it and translated it themselves and now you are hearing from the mouth of a jew they don't believe in what they help translated for you to worship by
first) I Note you wrote Jew in lower case,... But your Rabbi of Choice- historically according to their story~was a JEW ~ so you might want to show some respect to His brethren.
Also the Rabbi in the Video stated the truth ~~We do niot write in your generic way of thinking . The Tetragramaton: .It is mathematical The Yud,.. The Hey,.. The Vav,.. the Hey~

Second,... You must not own an original Hebrew Bible... It is called a TaNaKh and it is a lot older than yours by about seventeen hundred years or so...or at least the Oral traditions are of that vintage...and if memory serves ,... the Babylonian King did study the Hebrew Scrolls for Nehemiah to go and restore the walls of Jlem
Sadly I have to report -Historically you are wrong, the Hebrew people nor the Sophers [Scribes]..had anything to do with your present book".
But then, the Goyim world has that right. Personally I do not ...however, I might note that even your Rabbi of choice Yeshua,- [it is better to mock than -Obey your Rabbi ...right] Yeshua, stated to follow the advice of the Sages of Israel~~But blindness is Bliss it seems~~~ If it is Jewish or Judaic or OT then cast it away is the standard Baptist teaching right?
Of course all of the Torah walk that Yeshua taught you that he said he walked out Matt: 5:v17ff~ and that Yochannon said that,... "IF you say you walk as your rabbi of choice Yeshua walked,... Then.....( First John 2:v6),

Oh, But Rome taught Anti-Judaic theology and Plato so don't worry folks everything is alright... The-Virgin Birth is refuted by the Rome historians as a fable advanced by a doctrine that the gods (Hellenism) could impregnate woman~~

Bowing down to the as you describe it so eloquently("White mans religion) Obummer say's he is a Muslim so you need not fret yall.

Perhaps some books of wisdom may Help I suggest starting in the Beginning once again to connect that which you might have missed Let me know if i can help~ should really study out the Lie of Rome Let me help...I too got caught up in the foolishness It has nothing to do with the Man J-sus / Yeshua...

It has everything to do with a lifetime walk with the Cool of the day~ Shalom ...

It has all been re-placed by the Man JC,..the JEW who taught in the Temple...according to your book,..If he did any such thing.

Even the Historian Josephus does not agree with the Venerated version of Rome yall follow ( I hope I got the Yall right)

/wow I can wait hardly for the rapture weeeeeeeee

Lastly, there was only one historian of Jewish understanding during the original 1609-11 KJV development and selection process...If I am correct,... and I am sure Mrs Jackson has thoroughly investigated all historical documents be able to make such blatant proclamations as she does~~Sadly the man Died only a few months into the selection of (at the time) scholars who would try to construct a Gentile version that everyone could understand and be controlled by....

Rome once controlled with the sword and now with their Religion Enjoy being a Daughter of the Whore of Babylon::::
Amen, Pastor Paul. This is a Kingdom revelation to those who will receive it!
Pastor Derrick,
Hey my brother!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
God is truly on the thrown of your heart!

Walking in The Fullness of The Blessing!!

No.. For Christ said "freely give" as we have received freely...If a gift is given - that's fine...but money required - No...I find this troubling in the Church community.
well said I agree..." If the church cannot afford to pay him a smnall salary or non at all it should not hinder his service to God." If only preachers/ministers/teachers of the word would exemplify this exact quote! Thank God for you sharing this!
get paid or not get paid; too easy, if you want stuff get a job. the bible is clear clergy be content with whatever you get give to those in need. congregants give to those who help you and to those in need. Salaried clergy be content, non salaried clergy be content, all men and women give to those in need. too easy
Video on finding God? we don't find God he's not lost, he found us...and this was before we were created..
2 Thessalonians 2:4 who opposes and exalts himself above every so-called god or object of worship, so that he takes his seat in the temple of God, displaying himself as being God.
this one God of creation is spoken by JEHOVAH himself..

Zechariah 12:10
"And I will pour out on the house of David and the inhabitants of Jerusalem a spirit of grace and supplication. They will look on me, the one they have pierced, and they will mourn for him as one mourns for an only child, and grieve bitterly for him as one grieves for a firstborn son.

John 19:34
Instead, one of the soldiers pierced Jesus' side with a spear, bringing a sudden flow of blood and water.

now show me where else YHVH was pierced other of Jesus?


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