Should a pastor that spends most of his time preaching and teaching get paid for what God has him to do? I know what the scriptures says about this, but would you pastor for free?

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"This is why I don't think any pastor who get his/her salary from church, should be rich from the church's offering when they have members 1 step from poverty. Rich? Yes, get it on your own, and prayerfully, give back to the flock. We don't know how to help others b/c we are busy looking down on people that need help, but a bad economy a crash in stock market and there goes anyone."

I so much agree with this statement. If you have your own career, investments, or whatever and you are "ballin" outta control" then God bless you but how dare you be some broke joke, open a church and live off the backs of the people who trust you.
SOME of these leaders are nothing but sheisters and pimps trickin' out God's people but they will get their just reward in due time.
Just wait until the economy changes and the money flow isn't as free as it is now.
We'll see just who doing it for the spiritual reward and who just pimpin'!!!
Wait until they start losing their houses, cars and land and listen to see how many propserity messages you hear hahahahaaaa!!!
One leader I see on The Word Network he talks about nothing BUT money- his signature line is money cometh!!!
Utterly ridiculous- no Jesus, no salvation, no deliverance, no love just money, money, money.
I watched people write this man checks for hundreds of thousands of dollars but if you have that much money to give there shouldn't be any poor among you- not one.
Nothing is wrong with prospering but are they doing it the biblical way or the secular way?
Many of these people are SELLING God like some trick on the corner and its sad.
It becomes wrong when there are poor people one block away from the church that takes in millions of dollars a year and the "pimp" is driving around in a Bentley OR they are lying on their taxes and committing tax evasion and money laundering.
Don' think we all are blind to the trickery of the church- the black church especially.
I don't think so. The Apostle Paul talks about this in 1st Corinthians 9:10
According to 1st and 2nd Corinthians 9, ministers should be compensated for their work. This is a full time work for the Kingdom, not part time. They work hard and if they do according to the LORD's command, then give honor where honor is due. No questions asked about the amount that a minister makes, cause he/she earned it according to their obedience! This aint AIG, big banks, and corporate cheats taking bailout money here. I seen them in action personally because I was in the mortgaging field. I am also now in the ministry field and I seen them cheat too. However, if a man of secular business earns his riches the honest way, people celebrate and he actually gets richer by sharing his winning methods. Same things apply to a minister of CHRIST, for we aren't borrowing ideas of wealth from the world, but the world got the concept of wealth from GOD. "ALL THINGS were created by HIM and for HIM". We're kings and priests, right? Whats a poor king? Ruler of a poor kingdom, thats what! My GOD is rich in righteousness and wisdom, but HE's owns all great substance as well. Personally, I want ALL that HE has for me aka my life more abundant!
Moreh, you're right to a certain degree. I do totally agree in going out to get the lost, yet at the same time, we each have our assignments in the field of ministry. Apollos watered, Paul planted. The Council of Apostles gave a certain command in Acts 15, but they assigned Judas and Silas, both Apostles and Prophets, to deliver the message and educate them people. Apostles, Bishops, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors, Teachers, Deacons, church Trustees....they all have an assignment in the "Lost Souls Factory", just different parts of the "factory".
Brother Moreh, the answer to your question (which relates to my amended posting below) is NEVER BEFORE!

Our culture has evolved and so has the responsibilities of 21st century clergy. We've never seen single congregations and churches with multiple congregations that are the size of small cities. God is doing a "new thing". God has released revelation knowledge of the Word to us unlike any previous generation. There is a wealth transfer being made. We are accessing financial blessings as never before.
How many people followed Jesus, the giver of revelation knowledge? The multitude!
If we truly believe that what God says through the Word "settles it", then we KNOW that the pastor is not only to be paid, but taken care of. S/He is not to work for free unless there are extenuating circumstances. Even pastors who have been convicted not to require support from the church should take a $1.00 salary for sake of biblical principle.

It is a documented fact that Bishop TD Jakes has not taken a salary from his church in many years. Instead, he lives on the monies from TDJakes Enterprises which encompass his for-profit products and speaking engagements. Pastor Donnie McClurkin does not take a salary from his church because his music ministry finances his needs. These are examples of extenuating circumstances. A start-up congregation or a revitalizing ministry may not be able to afford paying a salary. The pastor may temporarily need to be a "tentmaker" as s/he builds this congregation. However, the church should give a love offering so that they understand that caring for the minister is their responsibility. Of course, in that situation, the pastor is teaching and practicing tithing so that the church will grow into assuming their full responsibilities.

BTW, our society has progressed to where we no longer pay our responsibilities in livestock and produce. We work for monetary wages and are often salaried. We need to quit expecting ministers to live off our capricious whims. Some of the worst arguments I've witnessed in church meetings is over compensating the pastor. Ministers should not have to come "hat in hand" to receive compensation commensurate with their responsibilities.

Likewise, we should quit judging ministers for how they choose to live off the money they earn. We have a ridiculous double standard for clergy that is sad, sick, and insane. This double standard cannot be justified by Scripture whether exegeted in English, Greek, Hebrew, or Pig Latin!!! Parishioners often live sinfully above their means to image wealth they don't have. Don't hate on ministers who live within their means just because their income may be far greater than yours. I guarantee you that, in most cases, their responsibilities and sacrifices are commensurate with their blessings.

I'm not writing this for argument; therefore, I will not be engaging in debate or proof-texting. However, I truly believe that God is moving mightily -- extraordinarily -- by His Spirit in our generation. Let's make sure we're on the right side of His divine action!
We are not talking about the leaders who do as they should we are talking about these PIMPS that call themselves preachers!!!
Jacklegs is what I call them.
On television selling God like He somebody next trick.
That's a mess!!!
Dear Rev Joyce Harris

You are a blessing to the Kingdom and our Fathers Children.
Love You
I am glad you have brought this question up after some 30 yrs of preaching and 20 yrs in the Pastoral ministry 2 scriptures come to mind for the New Testament stand point Luke 10:7 & I Timothy5:18 which both sumise "The Laborer is worth of his hire." And if I may refresh our Old Testament knowledge the tribe of the Priest did not work but recieved a tenth of each tribe they were over and then each one of them gave a tenth of what they recieved to the High Priest.


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