Should a pastor that spends most of his time preaching and teaching get paid for what God has him to do? I know what the scriptures says about this, but would you pastor for free?

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amen sis, right on point

I read a lot of the very long dicsussions backwards .... dont have to go any further with this one (smile)
My Dad did it for 15 years by choice. The man or woman of God should be free to minister the gospel and have their time available for issues and events that come up daily. The church is responsible for taking care of them. But if the Pastor makes that choice then that is commendable. I would do it also if I was in a financial situation like my Dad was.
Amen, Prophetess
shall not be paid
On what grounds?
If we dont' try the spirit talking to us then we don't know if it's God's either. Just because one says God said or God spoke to me, doesn't make it so.
I hear ya brother we must get our identity from God alone ...

every laborer is worthy of his hire, and the ox that treads out the corn (word) should not be muzzled. Yet there are those leaders who have not watched over but abused the flock of God (and many wont even pretend its Gods flock they say "my sheep" not mindful that all souls belong to God)... to the shepards who beat and misuse the people of God, woes are waiting for them is what God said to me long ago... Ezekiel 34 is their portion. We'd do well to pray for them and bless them the way God said bless your enemies, for they embody the enemy of our souls.... wolves they might be, yet we are called to pray. Over the years this has reduced me to tears ... because people (sometimes blindly) follow them and not God. Meantime, saints and believers hungry for God, go experience God in our prayer closets, in secret, and be sure He will reward openly ... with benefits, blessing, favor, increase, anointing, wisdom and all spiritual riches of His glory that comes from a real walk with Him. PLUS, walking with the Lord this way (and not carnally i.e. in jealousy, strife etc) we will RECOGNIZE the HIRELING when he opens his mouth and we can be assured he does NOT speak for God. So many dont know the true and living God because hirelings have spoken for Him. The truth will make us free (if we let it)

peace & blessings
Both yall have really spoken da absolute truth. I think the one of the biggest problems with churches today is that they know more about the by-laws and Constitution and what thier denomenation says and thier members cannot even qute the 23rd Psalms.

It's time to stop putting Pastors/Preachers on pedestals and then finding ways to knock them down. If he gets paid he gets paid if he dosent he dosent As long as God is giving that leader a fresh word to feed ya nasty soul thats all that matters. If hedrives a Jag, its a problem because now he is pimpin the church, and if he is on da bus its a problem because he cant get to me if I need him. GET IT TOGETHER. 1st Tim 5:17-18 makes it very clear of the obligations of blessing them that labour in the vineyard. But da problem is Foke take da word and try to make it complicated if we get back to the basics we wouldnt have conversations like this goin on & on & on while we talkin about trivial stuff someone soul is still lost.

Bishop Kemp
Its a shame that for 53 pages, the argument of "should I personally be responsible for blessing my Pastor?" has been an argument!
you aint neva lied precha
SInce Im baptist and we VOTE. I so move that this discusson be now closed and placed in the archves for records so if it needs to be revisited it can. can I get a 2nd! LOL
I'm Apostolic. We don't vote, WE DECREE! LOL


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