Should a pastor that spends most of his time preaching and teaching get paid for what God has him to do? I know what the scriptures says about this, but would you pastor for free?

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Pastor you better straight tell it. Im gone send you an offering (LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!) But I think the biggest problem is something I stated a while ago which is this, PREACHING & PASTORING are two totally different things.

You could never pay me for PREACHING its not going to happen simply because I preach because it is my calling thats the phone call I chose to answer. However PASTORING is my JOB. People fail to realize that the church still runs after Sunday morning and Weds. night. In many cases the Pastor is the administrator, the CFO, he/she does the weekly programs he keeps the church going when the members go home. Church foke are sum of the biggsest HYPORCRITES. They cant make thier minds up.

If the Pastor doesnt take a salary and works another Job they say he is not committed to the ministry
If the Pastor takes a salary its all about the MONEY
If the Pastor shops a thirft stores and wears 2nd hand clothes he is not representing his people right
If the Pastor wears tailor made suits he is spending the churches money on clothes

If the Pastor drives a hoopty he mis represents the church
If the Pastor drives aJag,Caddy, or Benz hes a pimp.
Ife the Pastor has no children and neer been married he is not setting a good example
if the Pastor has been marrid more than once he cant handle his/her home.

Come off itmake up your mind the Pastor does not PREACH for monet however we do PASTR for money because it is our JOB.

Bihop Kemp
My Brother we are soooo on the same wavelength!!!! Great response!

excellence reply. thanks.
The ? is why are you a Pastor for money or calling.
The money is not the reason, the money is part of the job's rewards and provision.
My reply is below, please understand that I love your zeal. I will pray for you.
like denomonations, the question seems to bring out a lot of passion in people and will not be resolved. Live as you believe God has directed you. If you call effectively lead people out of your pocket, do so and let that be that. However, if you were hired, that implies payment. We are all called, but if you have an unGodly reason for taking the job, then it is not now nor will it ever be about the money. As one of you said, this is your livlyhood. If that is the case, then give the preacher what you have promised. I would not be able to sustain myself without the payment, but that is me. This question was raised to generate discussion, and like the denomination question, there are many points of view all with supporting scripture. Live with your choices and God will judge.
Yes because it is a Call of God and God will pay him.
Now if he teaches by the Spirit and changes people life in a positif manner he can be blessed in all kind by the community.
the bad thing is many Ps thing it is a give and take a sort of Faith trading.
"Search First of all the kindom of God, and the rest shall be given to you...."
I don't think preaching or teaching the Gospel of God to unbelivers is a favour, but not doing it is a failure of a call for duty.

May God bless you for this topic in Jesus name
You misquoted the scripture and your thinking, while it is your opinion, is not tested. The disciple were told to go and preach and if not recieved well--note it says if no one gave you a place to stay or fed you--leave the town and shake the dirt from your garment. Check the comments of Bishop Kemp, he seems to understand that Pastoring is a job and like everyone else you are paid to do a job. simple, give honor when honor is due, and pay the Pastor.
Praise the Lord,

Let me say that it is my earnest opinion that this topic has to be answered in a sense of BALANCE. Pastoring is an assignment from God, not JUST (notice I said JUST, which indicates that whats about to come next IS included) a JOB... It is only wise to say that if the church is a small church, a newly established church, a financially struggling church, then its not shepherd-like to take from the sheep what little they have to survive. But, if the church is not financially struggling, not a newly established church, then there is absolutely nothing wrong with giving the Pastor a monetary blessings for his/her services and work to/for the local Church. It shows love IN ACTION, support of his/her needs and encouragement to the Pastor as well. The Word of God does speak IN support of the Pastor receiving an offering from the Saints, and it also speaks of the preacher that is greedy for filthy lucre and money-hungry trying to drain the people. That's why I say it has to be a balance. We have to remember that as Pastors what comes first and most important is NOT our personal bank account(s), our pocket change, our suits, our own house(s), car(s), etc... what comes first and important is the strength, stability, prosperity of the Church and the strength, stability and prosperity of the people. Eveerything else HE said , He would supply whether it be through people or what not... God WILL make a way once His kingdom is sought out...
Supt. you are correct. I want to add this though. It does not matter the size of the church it is thier responisibility to take care of the leader. I teach churches all of the time if your Pastor is struggeling the church is going to struggle. A Pastor cannot effectively Pastor when he/she has to worry about how thier lights are going to stay on, or how they are goin to feed the family. Again Paul teaches us in 1st Corinthians 9 that we that sacrifce for the alter live by the offerings of the alter. he does not say it is dependant on how large or small the church is.

If the people of God are being blessed each week by the minstry of the Pastor they will give. its that simple. I have pastored five churches and of the five I am the founder of 2 and one of the churches I pastored only had about 20 members when I got there. However those 20 members made sure that I left each week with $500 and that my Insurance was paid and my rent was paid and my car note was paid.The funny thing abut tis I wnet there under the notion of just going to do my assingment which was grow the church get them out of debt and payoff the building was not expecting all of that however David makes it ver clear I was young and now Im Old and Ive never seen the rightouess forsaken. The pastors mind set has to that of one who is committed ot being faithful to God because I am a witness if your faithful to God he will be faithful to you.

and if we ever get out of the mind set that the Preacher aint suppose to have nothing and knocking those who do I believe more of our churches would be blessed. God neer intended for a ministry to exsist for years and only have 20 members most churches who are are not blesed is because they are stingy. again no PREACHER in my book preaches for money but again like Supt said yes Pastoring is an assingment but it is also a JOB.

Bishop Kemp
well said. We need to stop comparing ourselves to any other church. Do what is right for your people and the Pastor should not be the worse example in the church. Being responsible for your teaching and understanding of the Word. Counseling, and bedside visits, organization and delegation, all of which a Pastor does, is a job. A job is a responsibility given a person for the express purpose of enriching or bettering that cause, or situation. Homemaking is a job. Your child's picking up their room and doing their homework is their job. We need to stop being so negative about our job. If we call it purpose it is the same thing. Christ came with a purpose to complete or we could say, He came with a job to do. Amen


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