Should a pastor that spends most of his time preaching and teaching get paid for what God has him to do? I know what the scriptures says about this, but would you pastor for free?

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A great answer my friend, but I just have to say these things:

1) It really won't be on their heart to do so unless they know to do so. They won't know to do so unless they are properly taught to do so. There are alot of people that honestly don't know to do alot of things until they see in the Bible to do so. If that weren't so, then apostle Paul wouldn't have taught it to the Corinthians (1st Corinthians 9). We say "GOD will provide" so much and so quickly that there are alot of people that honestly believe that they play no part in GOD providing. They automatically think "manna from Heaven" thoughts. A good example of this is when we think of unsaved loved ones, we so quickly pray "LORD save them". It was the LORD JESUS Himself that said "the harvest is plentitful, but the laborers are few; therefore, pray the LORD of the harvest send laborers into the field". HE said pray that a laborer is sent, not just "LORD save them". Now that goes right back to us the believer being active in the salvation process. Likewise, we are to be active in the giving process as well (Acts 4).

2) The term fleecing the flock is an honest and accurate term that has been wrongfully made into a term for a thief. A shepherd will fleece his flock for a number of reasons. He will do it for their health in the summer, but at the same time, he does it for his own financial needs. Their clothes are made of wool, and wool sells on the market. Their meat also and their milk goes to the shepherd. The shepherd lives off of the sheep just as much as the sheep living off the shepherd. The give take balance is essential.

I do agree with the fact that alot of people do not know thier responsibility in giving because we are laxed in teachig the principal of blessing the leader. It is a cryn shame that foke thnk God is some cosmic bell hop. Just because you are doing his will does not mean that he is going to rain down because he can. He said Give and it shall be given back to you press down shaken together in good measures shall MEN give unto yur bossom. In other words the way you treat the people of God he will cause them to give unto you. by the waythat scripture has nothing to do with tithing. something else we have been mis teaching
Yea, that has nothing to do with the tithe, thats just plain giving of anything. Its the eye for an eye concept turned from judgment to blessing.

Another scripture misused is the Malachi scripture. we often and only use it for the people, but Malachi was addressing the PRIESTS and how they handle the money with integrity! There are other scriptures we are to use for the tithe and other offerings.

They werent handling "money." They were handling food. The tithe is only about the agricultural produce of the land.
So are you saying that food did not represent their living just as their money did.
Good point David, but most wouldn't catch that. Never mind the fact that they basically had three main sources of income: Agriculture, Real Estate, and Gold & Silver
I would pastor for free if that is what God required of me. But I think that we need to seek the advise of the Holy Spirit who will lead and guide us. But if we look at the Levitical Priesthood they received becausethey had no inheritance, but I have this thought why is the congregation broke if that is the case and if they communicate to us with their spiritual things then why can't we communicate with them with our natural/carnal things? I think this questions bares a real soul searching for those that serve God in the office of a Pastor/Teacher ummm. So I would because God has blessed me abundantly above and I not on believe but I "KNOW" what kind of God I serve. There are times ofbeing abased and times of being abound.....regardless using the Word of God will bring all that God saysbut without knowing the will of God for us for a particular season would wreck havoc in our life.
I use to wonder the same thing until about 20 day into a 21 day fast of water and juice that the enemy had deceived the whole world. What was revealed is that "Now......Faith is the SUBSTANCE of the things hoped for and the evidence of things unseen. But look at how the enemy has people seeing

Money is the "Substance" of thing hoped for......., while you can't eat money you can use it to buy food, homes, clothings, etc. so money is the worlds faith. It's what we believe in more than God....if not I would work and not worry about money because it's not my Faith, but if Romans 13:8 owe no man anything save the DEBT of LOVE. Now look at the twist owe no one anything ...except love but I don't need to owe you because I'm paying you. So LOVE will make me take care of the one that feeding me Spiritually.
Is anything free?
No, not even salvation! That costs you your life, cause it cost GOD the most valuable currency available: CHRIST's BLOOD!
good point!
A pastor is in debt to Yahwah. The Lamb, Yahoshua sent out his disciple's BROKE..Sha'ul ministered to the Gentiles , using his own hands to support himself. A minister , who is set-apart , would be supplied ALL things .....Salvation is FREE. Too many "Preachers" allow the " system" to be apart of there ministry,( RENT,LIGHTS,ECT) eventually turning the Sheep into merchandise. Church, a place to perform rituals , such as collection..The scriptures described NAZREANS= Set-Apart ONE'S, which DID NOT imply a building or location.....Booker T Washington said in the late 1800's that Black men were going into the ministry so they wouldn't have to WORK.......Pay ur own rent for the building u choose,the suites u choose,the house u choose, ect ...WE were bought with a price., The Black community is in worse shape than the decades after slavery,and the preacher still wont let the people know the Name of Salvation, Yahoshua ACTS 4:12....The Levitical Priesthood was fulfilled by Yahoshua, therefore the 10% tithe and all sacrifices were abolished along with the TEMPLE in 70 a.d. by the Romans. Yahoshua is the High Priest and your body is the Temple. The moneychangers found a way to collect money too. Satan's only creation,MONEY.The Messiyah Yahoshua didn't have any, He only had FREE SALVATION, HalleluYAH.


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