Should a pastor that spends most of his time preaching and teaching get paid for what God has him to do? I know what the scriptures says about this, but would you pastor for free?

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My personal belief is that he shouldn't Pastor for free because outside of preaching and teaching he has a job to RIDE around to visit the sick and shut in. He has a job to do your funeral or wedding, and to be a counselor to your needs. Thats a job in itself.

My experience is that funeral directors and wedding planners give preachers honoraria to pay them for delivering eulogies and officiating wedding ceremonies. Should these duties really be calculated into whatever salary the congregation gives the pastor?

No Joseph. That is a free-will blessing to say thank you. But the Officiator ought not be "charging". Ministry is NOT a business. It is NOT a career.


This is one of the main problems in the Body now. Ministers are "super stars" expecting to be paid "super star" salary.

Yes. I believe that the people should be a blessing to a leader, but it should be by free will.

If you are a pastor who charges (receives salary), then you got your reward for the work done in this earth. There is no need for God to bestow anything when you enter intothe Kingdom. Certainly I believe that leaders are worthy (if they have God and the people at heart) of being blessed and appreciated, but one ought not charge for the GOSPEL in may form.

(Paul worked so as to NOT be a burden to the people)

If we follow the example of the early Apostles who began the ONE TRUEchurch we would have our answer. But of course that was before the church became corrupted by money hungry wolves. True saints take care of a shepherd who labors in the word of TRUTH! If they have an attitude that they dont wanna be paid i am more inclinded to support that man only if he is preaching the truth without compromise. Any pastor SEEKING money for his preaching is a wolf.

I agree. I agree that the laborer is worthy of his hire. I also agree that a preacher should not preach for money. I am a pastor at a local church where I live. I do not preach for money, nor am I on salary. I am happy knowing that souls are being blessed, and are finding the knowledge of God. What I do, I do for love. But if a church is economically wealthy, and is so inclined to pay their pastor, I see no sin here. Often enough, it is not the pastor who require payment from the people, but rather it is the people who insist upon paying. Some churches use money to bait and hook the pastor of their choosing. If they are paying x-amount of dollars, they feel they have the right to place certain demands upon their "leader?" to secure the individual that they want. Many people fear that if they do not pay the man, they can not control him. Ramon is right. There are wolves out there. But all are not preachers. Some of the wolves are the people calling the preachers; weak preachers like lambs to the slaughter. The pastor should be a man that seeks not for money, but seek to do the will of God and to finish His work. This should be his meat. The people in turn should not use money to lure preachers. If they should lure a preacher with their big salary offers, they will not have a pastor who have their best interest at heart. He's only their because of the money. Not because he love them, not because he love ministry, not even because he love God, but because he love the money. The church is over-wrought with lovers of the paper-god called money. It is written, "Money answers all things". Having learned this, men have come to rely on money more than they do on God. On the dollar bill there is an inscription written, "In God we trust." My question is, Which one, the paper one that we see, or the Invisible God of creation that we don't see? We say that we love Him more than the money. But will you, O' musician play without charge? Will you O' preacher, preach without price? God knoweth! Preachers, when was the last time any of you preached, expecting nothing but a move of God? No money, no prestige, no praise, no show, no recognition, only a real yoke breaking, soul-saving move of the Holy Ghost. I am so ashamed. I was approached by a deacon of a prominent church in our town. He offered me the position as pastor in their church. He told me how much they would pay me and said, "If we're going to pay you this much money, we want to know that you are fully commited to cooperate with us on every hand. The money sounded good, I was getting paid nothing at the church where I was, but I was in love with it. But the money this church offered seemed like just what I needed. I could quit my job and do ministry full-time. I can now sit down and finish writing my books. I can further my education, etc. But he said, you'll be our preacher and you'll be contracted to us. You won't preach anywhere else. I went and preached for them twice. I was about to say goodbye to the church where I had been pastoring for years. I told the propositioning deacon, I will commit to your service, but I must preach wherever else I am needed, especially Galilee (the church that I loved). He rejected me on the spot, even when people of his congregation called my house and said, they need my ministry. I was disappointed at the time, and for this I was ashamed. But now I can truly say that I am so glad, he rejected me. For my joy is full in the service of the Lord and I am free from the manacles of mammon. My soul Loves Jesus, Bless His Name.

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