Should a pastor that spends most of his time preaching and teaching get paid for what God has him to do? I know what the scriptures says about this, but would you pastor for free?

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no men of god should be paid god take good care of his people in a way they is unexpectly and im sure he will be bless if he learn to hold on to gods way and not salary from the people of the church
Yes, Every Church should paid their pastors. However that are some churches that are not able to do so. Therefore the pastor should see his call to come from God. When we work faithfully and the people can't help because the church is not in the position to do so, then the pastor should depend on God who called him.

Scriptures provide that the pastors and ministers of the church should not be a burden to the church. Where I come from in Africa many churches are not able to pay their pastors. The pastor in turns support the vision of the church.

Paul himself was a tent maker to support his ministry however he encourage the church to take an offering for his support. I encourage pastors and members to be innovative in raising their own support for their livelihood and not stress the church with the issue of pay.

I also want to encourage church elders who will read this post no matter how some the church is the church MUST provide a stipend for the pastor to enable him do the work of the ministry. Even if that stipend will only be able to pay for his gas in the month or pay is cell phone bill that will be a good start.

1. They worker is worthy of his wages.
2. Those who preach the gospel must be support by those they teach or preach to every week.
A preacher or pastor should freely preach the Word! He is not to be brought under the power of money! I assure you many preachers will have to answer to God. The holy Ghost and being in the will of God should be their main purpose. I am totally against salary preachers! Because if you have someone that pays you to preach your under their POWER. WHETHER THEY KNOW IT OR NOT. A preacher cannot have total liberty to preach what God gives them. God is faithful to His Word and will provide ALL his necessary NEEDS. Tithing is biblical. God Will take care of His People!
where and what bible do you get your info from ,not from anything that has anything to due with GOD.
I am in total agreement with you my brother tell the truth....Greed is taking over the men of God they have made God church a place of employment and souls are not being saved ...they have become to worship money and fame.
show supporting chapters on pastors being paid, because i disagree; also show where Jesus was paid when he walk on the earth preaching and careful lean not to your own understanding or the the doctrine of men by taking the word of God twisting it around.
Now that is true words of wisdom. Not everyone is called to Pastor. A pastor must be a Leader and everyone's not ment to lead. But on the other hand I don't believe we should forget about our Ministers, Elder's, Evangelist's or Prophets/Prophetess either. They also help carry the ministry to. I have 3 Minister's besides my Co-Pastor and they free me up to do other things such as Counsel, Prison Ministry and they also allows me to be more active in my community.
Y'all just dont' get it! I think this blog really has run it's course and there are those that believe one should be paid because it's a job and there are those that don't believe in that. Neither side is going to change their minds so why don't we move on to something else. God bless.
Sorry, but its not that simple, Evangelist.....
it could be simple if you use supporting chapters.
SOL (Smiling out loud)


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