Should a pastor that spends most of his time preaching and teaching get paid for what God has him to do? I know what the scriptures says about this, but would you pastor for free?

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Bravo,...this midrash is back on course...

Renee Dais writes: " If the pastor is wealthy and does not need money to provide for himself & his family, then maybe he can afford to volunteer his /her services. That is very good..thankyou...Renee
,...The basic tenants of Judaism is volunteer work ~TZADAKAH second to TESHUVAH~it is all about doing Tov/good deed from one to another' and repentence one to another
So I suggest what do the rabbis do today if any different from the Times of Yeshua...? Really not much...The Torah is shared free for the most part,because it is the lifestyle of a Jew.
The Yeshivas like any Academy of higher learning are 'worthy of their hire...and lets see if you are a Rabbi of merit you most likely obtain your income in the community doing the Bris ceremonies or in the Kosher field EG the slaughter of animals...making a new home Kosher etc..these are the standards of income forever...well until you have a new theology spring forth with personal kingdom building that I see no reverence to HaShem.

The Torah is the foundation of all existence,... To deny the value is virtually intolerable..It is the essence of all life the Ruach of YHVH is most precious...and that my friend is freely received freely given that is an Absolute..However in the days of Noach it was not so.

Therefore I have an opinion...unsympathetic to denominational/Institutional structures for one clear reason When they incorporate they give up their sovereign rule...and are now at the mercies of government when A-Hitler controlled the churches....oppps.

G-d spoke to Love Him with all your heart,... It is a positive Mitzvot from the ten commandments for the Jews and it is the first in the Seven noahide laws to the Gentiles as Yeshua taught to the Goyim [historically known]

So nothing new is under the sun...everything we need is here,... we just need to see it and when we do the division will be healed and Shalom one to another...

But the people wanted a king we all follow the Patricians orders and the globally acceptable answer(s)~ {someone might look up "Agenda21" _UN ruling}

To the moderator,..Love the thread..hopefully we will find common ground as haShem intended.

I suggest the Book "Akiba" Scholar ,saint ,martyr'~[On my book list blog]
~ filled with historical documentation and rulings from the time of yeshua the time of R.Hillel and The Temple rulers the house of Shammai( all historically correct) and the rulings regarding the Temple Tithe, what happened after the Bet HaMikdash was destroyed.
And the END of the Tithe ( hope somebody gets that ruling) for the lineage for Aharon or the their case.
The Tithe was re-instituted NOT by the Jews but By a ruling from Rome-( SRY do not have at hand ) you might research that it was abandoned and brought back again for the support of Romes priests..That is not what the Jews/Hebrew people taught now or then..I hope that helps.

Sry must run and get ready for Shabbat may. Hashem bless all who come unto him..May the Shekinah of YHVH permeate your very being..Shalom Shalom...
So well spoken. It sounds so good coming from the other side of the altar. Bless you sister.
Mr Martineau writes:"It sounds so good coming from the other side of the altar"
Other side?? considering we are all one humanity why would we have ruling Elite" to lead us when the Master told us over and over again to only follow His awesome Torah/Instructions for the Bride Y'Israel. Do we not have enough of that socializing crud coming down from the Commienazi governments?
Therefore I contend the fullness of the G-d breathed word Torah is to be studied UNTIL it becomes one with you!...a short gathering putting the kids into there place singing a few songs hearing the updates the offering message and a misconstructed few verses 'preached is not "Go and Study to show thyself approved unto Elohim"~ now is it?
That's like comparing apples to oranges. The President is about the world and a minister/pastor should be about the Lord. It's not the pastor/minister that does anything but the Spirit inside them and all the glory/praise goes to God not the pastor/minister. Just my 2Cents.
John, are you a pastor or have you ever served as a spiritual shepherd? Apples to oranges! It is not God Almighty who keeps me up on the phone at 2:08 am with crying and sorrow over a rebellious teen child that cannot be found (deciding not to come home) or a husband that will not pay the bills, so the couple is now up fussing over his and her roles and rights. It is not the Holy Spirit at 7:00 am on Monday morning (which is to be my only day off for personal time) who calls for a ride to the doctors office, supermarket or to borrow $150 to keep the lights on or to pay rent--it is THE PEOPLE I CARE FOR AS SHEEP!

Come on over John to our congregations of 40, 50, 70, 125 sheep only 40% working people--in the urban communities “the hood” where the so called "underdogs" come when they cant get help from the big mega and baptist churches in our area, and then you call what the young lady said "Apples and oranges" No brother, it is everyday life as a pastor in my shoes for over 15 years. We serve where no good deed goes unpunished. When you say "no I cant this time" you are not 'a man of God.'
Come on over here for a week, not even all the precious dozens we pastor believe you should get a love offering one a year. O yes, that is life for us. One thing the president has is enough to go on a all expense paid vacation with his family. We are here caring for God’s people in the “places some will not come for one night to preach” giving our own money, from our household budget, to the local church and work of the lord, and the sheep, so seasonal vacations are not often on the horizon. Lets not even talk about our marriages and children. If it was not for our understanding families, we could not do this job.

I thank God for a free-hearted wife–Holy Woman of God that says I will do my own hair this week, so we can help Sister Sue pay her rent...” from money SHE (my wife–not the church) earned from HER job. Why, because we care for God’s people and live this thing, asking for nothing in return, but the peoples obedience to God’s Word.


It takes the HOLY SPIRIT and LOVE to get out of my bed at 2 and 3 am to minister to them, bring peace out of confusion and pray peace into that mothers heart and home, so she can rest. All in love and faithfulness to the call. So yes, there are great similarities Spoken & Motion Ministries. It is very true as with any TRUE LEADER! You eat, sleep & breath God, His people and ministry in general. Yes, you even dream of how to do more for Christ, His Church and His People. All for one goal--EVERLASTING PEACE WITH GOD!

So in the natural–so in the spirit. Even God in flesh (Jesus) used natural analogous.

All said in love that you may consider all your brother and sister.

Peace Be,

Please pardon all typos and misspelling. I am a very BUSY PASTOR. I have to go now and clean the local church, pay a few bills, then copy the monthly ministry calendars, and then to get a few children (not mine) out of school, then take them home (9 miles out of my way) then to the fabric store to continue in my own business ventures to support my family, then to pick-up folk for bible study this evening, then to the church to teach the bible class, then drop them off at home, then try to eat something, a then kiss and hug my family before starting on my evening tailoring work. THIS IS A SLOW DAY!
I still say it's comparing apples to oranges. The President's job is nothing compared to that of one that is doing God's work. God's work saves lives and the President's job doesnt' save lives because he isn't about God's work. I stand by my statement of the man of God being a better position than the President of the US! You are doing what should be done by a man of God. And I dare to differ with you my Brother because it is God that has you up caring about people because God is love and that is what you are showing to those individuals. It is God/Jesus/Holy Spirit in you that makes you do what you do. If you think it is you then you are missing the boat my Brother in Christ because as Jesus said it's not Him that does anything but Him that sent Him and inside Him. He is the same Him that is in us all who chose to have Him inside. Don't take the pats on the back as though it is just you. If He wasn't inside you then you wouldn't be doing what you do. God bless.
Thanks for the Update"...... hower what you describe is the role model for everyone alive that states they are a Son or daughter or Child of the One Unfathomable G-d of all creation...and why?? because the Masters DNA is within us as servants. Is that not so...It just needs to be uncovered with truth and allowed to run free breaking bread from house to house in fellowship in the community and remembering to set the Holy day apart..(that is Shabbo's or Shabbat for those who may be confused with that concept)

Ezekiel and others wrote of it Ezekiel 36:v9 ff
See the "Cork in the bottle"for a free teaching on this

I also remember working in the Innercity quagmire with pain at my doorstep 24/7 six kids and and adopted on along with the 334 kids in my Outside the four walls of christiandom buss outreach Six days a pay nor did i expect one it ws G-d who called and no one else...the need was the call as my dear friend Bill Wilson (Brooklyn metro ministries) would say
John writes:"It's not the pastor/minister that does anything but the Spirit inside them and all the glory/praise goes to God not the pastor/minister. Just my 2Cents.
WoW John how did I miss this one LOL.....Hee Hee................made me smile/~~~~~shalom "Y"
Should the President of The United States run the country for free?

A better question is when will we take our country back from the commienazi Marxist agenda...Not what the founding fathers desired is breaking forth..stealing your very lives and using the socialized church to calm the sheep just like it was used in Nazi-Germany.
All is calm all is calm...

Now Mr "O" want to take more "Precautions" yet I have the full scoop of how that man got on the plane and just what was a set-up. To take more sovereignty.
People your Kenyan leader is taking you for a ride..He invested his Nobel money in the Vaccine industry Invested 1.8 Billion in illegal( in this country) ADJUVANTs that would have been placed in your Vaccine propaganda..The Bilderberg group the CFR boys and the WHO only want to cull the sheep..that is the agenda..truly he was well paid to sell you for a bowl of Nobel-prize money
Leave my Boo alone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Boo this
BOMBSHELL: Evidence Clearly Indicates Staged Attack on Detroit Flight
8 Children Murdered At Gunpoint

President makes Top 10 list of corrupt politicians Videos here

Let alone Mr"O" and friends spend 450 million a day to kill murder and main For a pipeline>>>and the sheeple think that is good...NO! It is a time to beat our swords into plowshares and heal the world..... OR PaPa is going to whoop A** on all of us.
Ho-hum. Business as usual. And nothing is going to change as long as
the American public is trusting the FBI, CIA, DHS, and other corrupt
state bureaucracies to protect them.

Let us remember that in mid-December, the outlaws in the US House of
Reps voted a 60-day extension of three provisions of the anti-Bill of
Rights "Patriot" Act.

An new act of terrorism on a flight coming into the U.S. should seal the
deal when it comes up for a vote soon.

What timing.

Bombshell Eyewitness Revelations: Confirmed FBI Cover-Up Of Flight 253

Detroit attorney Kurt Haskell dropped bombshell revelations concerning
his eyewitness experience of the Flight 253 attack and how the FBI
detained a second man after dogs detected a bomb in his luggage.

The FBI has not only ignored Haskell'’s story, but they have launched a
cover-up by refusing to even acknowledge the existence of another man
who filmed the entire flight, including the aborted attack, as well as
the well-dressed man who aided the bomber to board the plane even though
he had no passport and was on a terror watch list.

In addition to a detailed retelling of the story he gave the corporate
media, Mr. Haskell addressed the unprofessional and lackadaisical
behavior of the FBI and airport security after the plane landed. He
characterized their behavior as a “complete embarrassment. They actually
put us in more jeopardy than we were already in.”
They don't hear you! Most of us got into the flesh on this election because of all the turmoil we've gone through in this nation as a nation and as a people. There was nothing spiritual about this or any election we've ever had. I know that "O" is mentored by none other than Kissinger and others of the Illuminati as most Presidents. No President has absolute authority in this country. They are part of Satan's Army (I call them that) to usher in the AntiChrist and One World Order. I didn't call it but I know what my God said in His Word and I believe him before I believe man any day of the week.


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