Should a pastor that spends most of his time preaching and teaching get paid for what God has him to do? I know what the scriptures says about this, but would you pastor for free?

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Mr Blackburn writes:#1 "As for your answer not bad reading, I don't believe Jesus done away with the commandments. With what you say to me and I only speak for myself - You write g-d which could mean anything."
AND #2:"You don't need to talk in circles just so people may think your higher than they are. Have a great day week".
#1~~ If the man refered to as J-sus or Yeshua said Do Not do away with the Torah the TaNaKh the Hebrew side of your Xian bibles,... then he was telling you not to do away with one Tittle or line or anything of it..or at least that was his directed response in this referenced discourse. YET the Religion based and misconstructed from Rome,... did just such a thing in their Anti-semitic ways~~which would refute his own words penned in Matthew 5:v17-ff if we are to believe this is correct If not then Somebody with real historical understanding please re-write it correctly and with that the Goy can run with it instead of the church running them away from the Word of G-d..imho

So the simple answer is this::::

This is the Highest of the King of Kings of Kings: Shema Yisrael~~~ Deuteronomy/Deverim 6:v4-9

Everything else Pales in comparison
#2~~I do not talk in circles intentionally, it is a lack of understanding in Hebrew terms that your Rabbi' J-sus would have used.
Least we forget he was a Hebrew Rabbi with the working knowledge of the day and the understanding of the day. Therefore, only to the unlearned it seems the wayof foolishness.

The Torah is foolishness to those who are perishing...[the Cross was not taught by Yeshua as a point of perishing or not having a place in the world to come to his gentile audience~~ Rome took care of that little insert swapping out that more Jewish remark -the word Torah'...for the cross~Oppps]
Do not think I' have come to Destroy the Torah but that I' have come to (fulfill) means=Walk it out see first-John 2:v6 in your christian version

it is a matter of research and much contending with HaShem as to correctedness and balance which was my prayer decades ago.. Balance in My life, is my belief that Wisdom does not come over night, it comes with much travail over the word of G-d in order to find the true emet. In that way we the people can begin to find true Emunah...without being fleeced.

The choice is clear Discover your Roots whether they be Yeminite or Ethiopian or Sephardi or whatever tribe you are from and then Go and study your rich heritage.The choice is yours alone...I just tweak and seed along the it was done for me~it is Hashem who will finish you.
Thank you for this information. I understand more than I let on. I do thank you for your insite on your part. Once again thank you. God Bless you & Yours
Mr. Blackburn writes:"I understand more than I let on..."
and when we have the Masters heart as One then there is no common language 'we are on the same plate" that is well with us then
This Link is from the OU Radio I have found a winner here on this Tithing subject and more for the asking that is easy to listen and full of info not only from an orthodox position but the topics on this archieved brodcast include Tithing and where it is relevent~~ That is important~~ What it is for~~
that is important,...and much more in a few minutes that will help.

Also the Shofar is discused for a moment and this will only take a click' HERE and a few minutes of our valuable students time... May haShem be pleased~~shalom
If that is where god has called me I would be cause like it says in Philippians 4:19 But my God will supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.
Seems you know what the scripture say's about this, please is not right to ask anyone avoid deceiving words, follow the scripture as is the word of our Father which is in heaven, and not the words of Man.
God bless you as you do his words Amen.
Wow! You know I believe I would. I happen to really love what I do. Yes, I guess I would.

This is a very heated question for discussion. Actually, it is about three questions in one. Should a pastor that spends most of his/her time preaching and teaching get paid. (In these days and time we need to clarify (most) because most could entail the pastor having a second career. In this case, I would say that the pastor should get a love offering and not set a price on the gift that God has given to him/her. A love offering would depend upon the size of the congregation and whether or not they can pay the bills and pay the Pastor). Okay, for those that flat out say Yes, Pastor's should get paid, I'm fine with that, except I do feel that some preachers have lost sight of the divinity of being called to preach and use it as a business venture. Would I pastor for free. I suppose I would however, I would have to continue working on my current job as a Teacher. Ruby A. Turner, East Point, Georgia
God bless you Ruby A. Turner, God will unfold his holy hands upon your life,family and ministry. You are working inline with the words of God. God bless you

Onyebuchi Eboh

Thank you so very much Onyebuchi Eboh for sending a blessing my way. It is my only hope that the ministry that God has given me will help someone else and that my living is not in vain. To you I say, the same many blessings and success in the ministry that God has given you. Our pay is indeed in heaven and will ultimately come as we continue to do his will. Ruby A. Turner
Mr. Thomas writes:"In My Fathers House there are many Manison"
Do you know what that phrase means to a Aramaic Hebrew Sage? perhaps not it is a llitle deep You can find it in the teachings of TANYA ~ ~ it is not a reference to a mansion like you think of a mansion...Since it seems we do not like to be corrected or instructed I will try to dumb it down... It is referencing the dimensions within the Multi-verse [that is the reference] Trust me I spent the better part of twenty years seeking the truth to that statement" what did that mean..Actually I wrote about it with limited understanding in the book the "Cork in the Bottle" ~(Free E-Book on our page for anyone interested in the story of an innercity -minister sold out for G-d)
I am sure it will help someone..
And why did it concern me...because when G-d took me up to meet Him in 1989 those are the words HaShem spoke "Son I am building your house, brick by brick, by your faithfullness and obedience"~

If you heard that loud and clear It would change your walk It was also a long journey being purged of that which was Not of Him.

I had to learn Emunah meaning ~Faith and Faithfulness' to the ONE and not any is a choice not that we really have free will but that we have a choice to seek that which was lost or we follow something less than His will which would be intimacy with Him and to be a conduit of blessings from one to another..
I also had to understand that my Neshama ( soul) is pure it is from the source of all purity HaShem creator of the heavens of heavens Christianity on the other hand teaches for the most part original sin...which the Jewish Sages have NEVER taught so it was Not what your Rabbi / messiah taught.

If I cannot get to your heart of love and have you start to re-read your bible wth clarity, I ask How can Adonai?

It is no longer a time for foolishness,... It is however time to get back to Biblical Basics and the Mature Nasi's [ Teachers ] of the Torah truth showing the Way. it is time to expose the court Jesters for what they are charlitins and puppets for the religious elite lying to the sheeple for personal gain....not much difference between that and a government that Lies to its people and promotes war instead of the promised peace now is there a lie is a lie. Rome l was less than truthful it seems.


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