Should a pastor that spends most of his time preaching and teaching get paid for what God has him to do? I know what the scriptures says about this, but would you pastor for free?

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"...Finally, to remain on topic, I am completely in favor of compensation for anyone who preaches the Gospel. I am opposed to those who make merchandise of, or try to get rich by, the Word of God. I, personally would preach for free, but am grateful for what God blesses me with, in terms of compensation. "

You said that a while ago about preaching for free - it was nice then and even more nice now.
Thank you, Sister! God Bless You!
Now i can agree to preaching for free; however compensation, where in the bible that a preacher was giving compensation for preacher ....give supporting chapters on that if you can't give supporting chapter on that then please don't reply with your opinion...with supporting chapters only.
Beth Sue, you must not have studied this subject within the Word of GOD. Such is spoken about in Luke 16, for JESUS was right when HE said that the children of this world are more wiser when it comes to money than the children of light.

Deuteronomy 18:1-8
Ezekiel 44:27-30
Matthew 10:9-10
1st Corinthians 9
2nd Corinthians chapters 8 & 9
1st Timothy 5:17-18

These are just a few places where it speaks of compensation and taking care of the Minister.
A little known group called the Jew's have for about 3300 years or so taught Torah..Well before most of us have been around.

People want to learn the Real Yeshua or perhaps want to come out of the roman/messianic/christian theology altogether~ most of which breaks down as embellished or Misconstructed from the possible original teachings of Mar Yeshua Ben Yoseph and come up to the realized eschatology of Torah truth as it is taught by those who know how to teach it.

Nothing changes in Yisrael so why would anybody want less.
I suggest everybody go and Daven a bit, or an hour or two, look at these sites [and more.] Then go study with the real Sages..............................
YHVH is the same yesterday today and forever and a day...Shalom

I suggest these free sites-no hassle- no fuss -no begging for alms- Just teaching as it always has been.:
Also the Orthodox union college States the tithe is set at 3% + and it is given to those in need in the community Not to an Institution...Most offerings in Hasidic~Judaism the religion of Yeshua ~ is for Refuah Shlema ...( Look that up)

well now are you judging, hummm however thats ok, now what that got to do with preachers getting paid lol wow yahooo
now what that go to what preachers getting paid lol
the chapter you put down says nothing of kind
what wrong with getting a job like everybody else wow people are on their to hell on a skateboard.
It just so happens that Pastoring IS a full time work. This is not voluntary work at all. It is an office, and an official mandate. You as the Minister are an official Governmental employ.

What wrong with what CHRIST said about the job HE gave us (Matthew 10:9-10)?
Beth Sue writes:"what wrong with getting a job like everybody else wow people are on their to hell on a skateboard."
Or create an income source.. Like set up a few thrift stores to support jobs,..and have the tool for a major outreach behind...That is how I did it...I followed the Master and did as the voice told me... I then built five thrift stores in two states over seven years to support my lifestyle of giving and support my lifestyle without prostituting G-d..One was 32,000 square feet with 15,000 items of clothing hanging and more than 20,000 items on the shelves at any time...and a full tilt Pre-Staged emergency clothing outreach..When we closed that one the outreach continued..over 250,000 pounds of clothing were given away...all the Toys collected went to the children's hospital..The women who received them Cried,.. She had just left the chaplet at the Hospital.and her Prayer was for toys for the children.
We unannounced brought a truck was all haShem.

My out of pocket losses at closing well over a Quarter of a million..But it was all for Hashem.

But then Reverence to the One G-d of Avraham Yitzhak and Yaakov is an absolute to walk in the authority to heal the sick and feed the hungry...I am a firm believer of leading by rolling up your sleeves..all else is paganism and fleecing the flock in my opinion.
Go through these answers and if you can find more than 10% showing any real Maturity let me know...There may still be hope
We need to see mature men of YHVH leading this proud people up higher.
Three years on this site, and I am still looking for that man who can help me ignite this work of Truth from Adonai.

Ma'am when all people have is what the respective demonation instructs them instead of all that there is like in the Hasidic and Rabbinic Jewish adhere will always have this mess.
Remember there is over twenty three thousand versions of J-sus denominations on the Planet...and 600 of them are in AmeriKa all saying they have the right J-sus.???

My Jewish/ Chasidic /Rabbinic intimate relationship with ABBA has only eight sects all teaching the same thing on the same page generation after generation for some 3300 Years.

Trust me Jews do know their Scrolls very well..and the real Torah scrolls are all hand printed, never change not one dot or tittle"..they are handled with Reverence...some of them are over $50,000.00 like the ones seen at the kotel ( The Wall) at Yom Kippur or other festive days.

See it is a LIFESTYLE obligation for the bride to follow the Torah/Ketubah or Wedding contract ( hope that helps ) given at Has Sinai where 600,000 souls received the Torah.

It is all about the Marriage Sadly too many men without proper Maturity have lead so many astray ...Why because it is another religion of power and control.

Simply Rome once ruled with a Sword and since has ruled with Religion...that with some Historical research into the Archives of Rome and fathers of the creed would tell you much is an embellished story threaded over 12-1700 years, Plenty of time to change the real Walk of Yeshua to the Hellenist -proto Gnostic version sold in the church today..

When the children of Colour start to realize that before they embraced the White mans religion they were in their old country the Hebrews...Yemenite/ Ethiopian Jews who Obeyed Torah,..the Seven festivals unto the L-rd...understood The six orders,... Studied the Gemara and the Mishnah which comprise the Talmud.

It is time to come out of her" and get back to basics.
Sadly no one is able to lead the people out of her"...and no one is serious about we instead get Harlotry from the Pulpits.

Enjoy your Shabbat...


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