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The bible teaches us that there are many teachers but few fathers. We are instructing and teaching the saints best practices for a successful christian life; however, often, we fail to implement what we are teaching others into our lives.

In terms of giving and paying tithes, if we are teaching the saints the importance of the tithe, Should A Pastor Tithe? If so, to whom? If not your spiritual-father or mother of the gospel (i.e., Apostle, Bishop, Pastor, Overseerer etc.) than to who? And if to no one, Are You Covered?

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Tithing were for the Levite Priests. There are no Levite Priests, therefore it is no need to tithe.
Amen, Amen, Amen.
We all know the siuation about the tithe,so let's do whats right,teach the truth and ask for an offering for those in the church who are truly in need of help,IN GOD"S NAME,stop treating people as debit cards.1Cor9;13-DO YE NOT KNOW THAT THEY WHICH MINISTER ABOUT HOLY THINGS LIVE OF THE THINGS OF THE TEMPLE? AND THEY WHICH WAIT AT THE ALTAR ARE PARTAKERS WITH THE ALTAR? And you will be covered by GOD,if HE sees a true heart,man can't cover you,only our FATHER,the bible says you can't put a man over GOD;GAL;3;25-BUT AFTER THAT FAITH IS COME,WE ARE NO LONGER,UNDER A SCHOOLMASTER;
I think the answers so far are: No.

If one is going to teach tithing, then one must teach all ten of the primary tithing ordinances and their associated Temple requirements.

We are not allowed to rewrite God's word to suit our personal doctrines, desires, or needs. Among every church that I know of where tithing is preached, I do not know of a single church that practices biblical tithing! For example, the received tithe must be a food product in nature (NOT money - that is handled separately from the tithe). The tithe is to be collected at specified times of the year. It is to be distributed equally among EVERYONE who ministers in the Temple (church?), from pastor/overseer to grounds keeper to Sunday School teachers, and everyone in between. Then, there is the tithe portion that is to be set aside and given to the widow, the orphan, the poor, and the stranger (non-church member) among you. Then, everyone in the service of Temple who receives a portion of tithe, they must tithe in turn to the current Hight Priest. We don't have a earthly Hight Priest to give our food to.

The whole concept of "money tithing" seems to have originated first with the Roman Catholic Church in the middle ages when they embarked on a church building spree and needed to buy building materials and gather support of the many priests required to administer the building and religious services. In America it started around the mid 1800's when churches were no longer support by tax dollars!

All of that said -

If one desires to support the church and its ministries by giving ten percent (or more) of whatever income they receive (from whatever source), there is nothing wrong with that! The act is commendable! But, to teach tithing as an Old Testament law (an ordinance nailed to the cross) that is still binding on New Testament believers, or as a requirement before anyone is allowed to minister their calling within the assembly, is to do violence to the word of God and do disservice to the Holy Spirit.

That was the "long answer"
The short answer is still, No.
Spoken with the spirit of truth!


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