Should small struggling or new Churches pay there Musicians when the Pastor can not be paid ?

We discussed this last year. Lets discuss this  as it relates  to small or new Churches that cant pay the Pastor to Pastor the Church but pay Musicians to play. or pay Musicians more than the Pastor.. We are not talking about established Churches that have monies to pay Musicians and there Pastors  a good salary.What is your thoughts?

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This is a good question. THIS IS MY OPINION. that is very awesome if a small or new church is able to give a Love offering to the pastor each month....The Pastor should always come first....the bible does indicate that we should give something to our leaders.....

But as for Gifts that people possess. those Musicians , singers..etc..etc... these gifts are for the edifying of the church...they should not be looking to for money everytime they play., or sing...MY opinion they shouldn't be looking at all........ I attend a small congreation church and yes I play the organ, and drums..I play to uplift the name of Jesus.. Not only that my daughter is playing the organ now.. she is not looking to get paid to play for the Lord!!! come on now... it all about where your heart is.....

this money thing has been used in a bad way... Musicans/singers oh I didn't get paid well i'm not going to show up or better than that I'm not going to play today I just going to sit ..... God is not please with that at all.........
Evangelist Lyles. This is a great great response and I agree so much. We should teach the people . I serve two Pastors for over 25 years worked in every department of the MInistry, never took a dime and was very poor at the time.. Today myself and my entire Family have been blessed with good health and so many blessings money can not buy.
I am glad that you are bringing this discussion up. Most churches would be considered small in that the national average church membership is between 150 and 200 persons. Scripture encourages us to always promote the welfare of the laborer and shepherd. Having a musician is not a necessity but a luxury. A church is obligated to supporting the pastor. Any musician demanding more than what a church is providing the pastor needs two things: first humility, because they may be in demand, but the church can function without them, and secondly faith to believe that God would send increase to empower the church to be able to support both a pastor and a musician. Then again, I happen to be slightly biased because I've been a church musician and am now a pastor but always placed the pastor's needs above my own.
Great .A Pastor should be taken care of properly before you take care of others. Pastors have a great work as the Senior Pastor.
Great comments from every one, lets continue to discuss this subject.
I dont see why musicians are ever paid...

I mean ushers dont get paid. They perform a service as well.
If it werent for ushers - I would sit far away from everybody in the back when I walk in the sanctuary but the ushers always direct me to sit closer to the front.
And they bring around the offering plates so that I dont have to go to the front...these folk are awesome!!!

Seriously - I think its UNGODLY that a musician is LOOKING to be paid to play for the Lord.
And the elders are going to get their just rewards for allowing it.
Because God is going to clean HIS house or leave that church the way it is - which is more scarier because that means He left that church along time ago.

Newview, Great great points and truth.
I played and sang at my church for years and never got paid. They gave me a special love day once a year and this lasted about 2 years. I played sang taught the choir, and went on all engagements that the pastor had to preach. I carried instruments, and did the whole nine yards without pay.
I had a love for ministry, and I cared more for the pastor being cared for than me.
Your comments are great. Its great to see someone love and care for there Pastor and love there Ministry. May the Lord Bless you.


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