found this very passionate post on another web site about what role should the black church play with this increasing epidemic and deadly plaque that is affecting so many of us African Americans called HIV/AIDS. What should be the biblical response to how to handle this disease or is it a curse? Should the church start handing out condoms? What's the TRUTH?


This past Saturday(October 13), I co-hosted an HIV/AIDS Awareness Event, at my Church. I personally sent out over 2 dozen e-mails to Churches, so- called Black Churches, and NOT ONE Pastor attended, or NOT ONE man attended, total attendance including myself and 12 year old daughter, 12. 12 concerned, African-American women.

How do you explain that? Perhaps, since, most Pastors are men, well, that explains that, but, most congregations, are women, therefore, women we must take back control of our lives, health, and futures.

I still ask, why is the Church, Black Church sleeping on the issue of HIV/AIDS?????


My message is AIDS IS A HUMAN THING.


HIV is a Human virus, therefore, AIDS is a Human disease, yes. Perhaps, the Church, Black Church, has adopted the secular philosophy, that AIDS is the "bad" disease, vs. cancer the "good" disease. hmmmm

I still ask the question, why is the Church, Black Church, sleeping on the issue of HIV/AIDS??

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No One Really Cares,as Long as it's Not in their Back Yard,Home,or Area of Being. In the Bible it Speaks of Disease and Sicknesses,so I Guess that HIV/AIDS is just One of those Diseases out there.

I Think that the Church Should take Part in the HIV/AIDS Protection Awareness Issue,but Not to Distribute Condoms because that Might Show Support towards One's Choice of Sexual Activity,be it Male & Female,or Gay Relationships in Today's Time and Place,that Are Not Married Unto the Lord.

Awareness Discussion Classes and Sessions,Could be Held to better Inform People about HIV/AIDS,that are Un Aware about the Disease Fully,and the Precautions Necessary to Prevent the Spreading of the Disease.

Here the Church could Go out into the Streets from Door to Door,doing their Missionary Work to Better Inform their Neighbors of the Disease,so that They,One Day,Might Do the Domino Effect,by Spreading the Knowledge that they have Gained with Others that Don't Know About the Disease.
Ok brother paydae, so your for educating those about the disease and how best to "protect" those who engage in risky sexual sexcapades, just don't hand out condoms in church, but maybe like add a "ministry" to go out in the street to better explain the precautions necessary to prevent the disease? And how do we "prevent" this disease? What is the biblical answer to this dilemma we as African Americans face since it is us mainly who suffer needlessly from HIV?


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