I was in a discussion with someone and the subject of should a church tithe to another church or the spiritual parents of the pastors.
Is this something we were taught or is their a scripture base behind it?
Malachi 3:10 says we are to bring it in God's house to take care of the needs of church and the people in need as the early church in acts.
I would love the views and the opinions of other Pastors.

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Iknow you ain't sloww my man lol, lol, i'am talking about what you are trying to eloquate too the brother....
you might be slow {LOL} i was agreeing with you, learned about it from an old man, a few years ago. plus the A.M.E.C. Church I used to attend, the preacher never used Malachai, as a basis for giving money...........

Heck my man, I even listen to a few of your teachings...Never personnal, but personnal......

Keep it in the road, you won't crash...

stay real brother..........
I don't agree with the brother who is telling you not to tithe. Malachi says bring all your tithes and offerings. A tithe is 10% off of all increase. If it's money then you give 10%. If it's food, it's 10% also. What do you eat at church? The bread of life. Then who serves it? The preacher which is the storehouse. Always remember...so in the natural; so it is in the spirit. And also, the letter killeth, but the spirit giveth life, 2 Corinthians 3:6. Some people don't tithe, but I can't afford not to tithe. God loves a what? A cheerful giver. Get in your Word, pray and ask God, and let Him reveal to you the right way to do. He is a God of order, and remembering that Jesus Christ himself, said that He did not come to do away with the law, but came to fulfill the law. The Old Testament foreshadows the New Testament which fulfills it.
Hey whats up Felicia,

Israel was commanded to tithe for a purpose, and that purpose was to take care of the Levite Priests. The church today misunderstands tithing. Since there are no Levite Priests today, you can be a cheerful giver, and freely give as you please, but tithing within the OT was given to the Priests, because they were not given land.
I feel that the people should tithe to where they are being fed, which is their church; but the leaders, pastors and spouses, should walk by example. If the people are to tithe to the church and their leaders, then where should they tithe too? I feel that if that person has a covering, a bishop or someone who is over them, then yes they should tithe to them and give their offerings to the church. Malachi does say to bring all your tithes and offering to the storehouse so that there will be meat in mine house. Who or where is the Pastor's store house? Who is feeding them? That's my personal opinion. In some instances the church may be small with not many tithers to take care of the needs of the church. I feel that the leaders should still tithe to their overseer, but if he or she is a true man and woman of God, they will hear from God and sow that seed back. How does that sound?
Thank you for agreeing. I could not get a post up to reply back to the post I had gotten for Shalom, but I guess it just was not meant to be. Again I say, the letter killeth, but the spirit giveth life. You can not argue the Word but can only pray that God will bring the revelation to both and/or all, to reveal His way of doing things, and not what we think. To God be the glory because He will have all the glory when His Truth is revealed. Can I get an Amen? smilw
exactly. Better words than I chose.
And I think even participating on this bulletin board is thithing, of our time in this case. Unless it becomes too much fun, and then it might be harder to still consider tithing...but hey, I can't help it if I "like my job". One thing I have learned, that those who go to work in the vineyard of the Lord, that the Lord pays some AWESOME wages. Anyone who "goes to work for the Lord" will be amazed at how well God pays, even for just participating on this forum. Because a lot of time there are posters, who are like pastors and teachers. And there are pew-sitters who read what we wrote but are a bit too bashful to post something themselves, but they sit in the "pews" and read what we are writing. Anyway, the Lord pays by far the best wages in town if we will help Him with His work in the vineyard of the Lord. love, arthur
tihting is not an act of worship or sacrifice if taken as written it is a command "bring......said the LORD" Too many preachers use act of sacrifice as a way to make their congregations feel guilty for not giving or to fleece them into giving money they don;t have. Any giving should be given to the local church to help support ministries, not to build buildings that don't need building, not so the passah can wear a new suit every week and not for television productions. Everyone has forgotten the work of the church is ministry and not ministers. Therefore it is not sound teaching to tell people to tithe anywhere, you can't take the money from your household expenses and give them to another house for theirs.
Sure, why not, anywhere that a Christian or a Christitian church thinks there is a useful need to further the gospel can be tithed to. love, arthur h.
I agree that way too many Christians in church are "stuck on pastor" and that's about all they know about God and the Word, when they should be studying and praying and interceding for themselves with God IN ADDITION TO pastor. Too many are just "stuck-on-pastor", and sometimes that is not good for the pastor because it can cause him or her to "ego-trip" behind "all these people thinking I'm all that". When in fact pastor must say with Peter:

Acts 10:26
But Peter took him up, saying, Stand up; I myself am also a man.

There are still a lot of carnal Christians, still drinking the milk of the Word when they should be eating meat by now and be teachers:

Hebrews 5:12
For when by now you ought to be teachers, you still have need that someone teach you again which are the first principles of the oracles of God; and you are become such as have need of milk, and not of strong meat.

But I found an interesting verse about that recently:

Isaiah 28:9
Whom shall He teach knowledge? And whom shall He make to understand doctrine? Them who are weaned from the milk, and are drawn from the breasts.

Do you see that? Those who drink milk do not receive knowledge from God, only those who are "weaned from the milk" He teaches knowledge! And there are so many "milk" Christians still, now as then. love, arthur


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