I was in a discussion with someone and the subject of should a church tithe to another church or the spiritual parents of the pastors.
Is this something we were taught or is their a scripture base behind it?
Malachi 3:10 says we are to bring it in God's house to take care of the needs of church and the people in need as the early church in acts.
I would love the views and the opinions of other Pastors.

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The key words were "the man of God".She sacrificed because he was a man of God.I am a PK my father worked for a living and pastored a church.He bought what he wanted and did not draw a salary from the church.He went to the hospitals 3 times a week after he got off his job and 2 hours on Sunday before 11:00 worship.Not a man of the people but a man of God.There is a difference God told Elijah to go,he wasn't invited,he didn't need a per diem,hotel accomodations,a rental donkey,his secretary didn't get in touch with the widow before he came to make sure she was still hungry and about to die,God said Go,We tag man of God on any joker that we feel can speak or sounds like he knows what he's talking about.We never study their life.The Bible states that we should know them that labor among us.God will bless you if you bless his good servants his men and women,but make sure they are men and women of God first.
I did not think I had to describe what I thought a man of God was after using the example of Elijah, which is exactly why I used him. He was a man of God, who was living by the principle of God, and being obedient to God...not just anyone who carries a bible. You can tell the tree by the fruit that it bears, for ex., your father. My definition of a man of God and not just tagging the "title". A lot of people live by the title and let it make them, but man should never let the title make them, but they are supposed to make the title. In other words, with or without, they are still who they are which is men and women of God.
Your response is not laden with true doctrine, those who were in the upper room in the book of Acts where not there because of repentance, they were there because of the Word and Promise of Jesus. It was He who told them the Spirit was coming in John 14, this coming had nothing to do with the people being in the room, the Holy Spirit was coming because Jesus told us He would not leave us as orphans but HE would pray the Father to send a Comforter, not that the people would pray.
In Acts it was not speaking in tongues that saved the people it was the preaching of Peter(not Paul) that added to the Church. So if you are going to endeavor in the scripture you must grasp it fully. The Holy Spirit is a wonderful part of the Godhead, but until we except our Savior Jesus Christ, we cannot be Holy Spirit filled. We are not entitled to the Holy Spirit until we are first Saved.
I almost responded on your behalf, but I scrolled down, and saw that you did a wonderful job. When you say the Holy Ghost, some people think you are talking about speaking in tongues which is only a manifestation, but it's not the Holy Ghost. I too thought you were already speaking to saved people. You handled yourself quite well.
Well said bro. This is the main issue. There is a lot of debating without the Holy Ghost. Jesus said, that He was going away and He was going to send back the comforter which will lead men into all truth. That's why people can understand the principles of God. I love to sow, and I have sown into some people when God spoke to me and directed me to, and those people, took that seed and done the wrong thing. Did I let that stop me? No, why? Because God still blessed me from being obedient to Him, those people who did the wrong thing are the ones who are going to be held accountable, God told me not to worry about them. Eventually I saw some fall, and some go through some unnecessary trials. It is not for us to worry about what others do, but it's about us doing what God tells us to do. But being clear...I said, in doing what God tells us to do. We have to know when, what, how, and to whom to give, because the ground need to be fertile in order to expect a harvest.
I concur with most of the answers I read. We need to get back to the Bible, and do what the bible says. We need to tithe to our own house, then if God lead you to give to another then do so. I'm not saying to faten other pockets or to buy a name, God has already given us a name.
There are so many leaders out there that are takers, we should be about winning souls into the kingdom of God. Tell me this, why do we have these churches that are struggling, and what went wrong??? Take the old path and walk therein.
Bless you
The Bible never says our house It says storehouse.It never says church it says store house the Temple was not the church read it.Every building that says it is Gods house is not his house.Storehouse means it was supposed to be for God to use to use not the Priest.There weren't any pastors at this time.We are trying to change the Bible to fit us today We can't.the definition of storehouse is 1. A place or building in which goods are stored; a warehouse.
2. An abundant source or supply.It doesn't say church it says storehouse.I give tithes to the storehouse not the church there is a difference.Pastors should preach the difference Some can and some can't because this is how they finance their ministries,notice I said their ministries.Read the Bible Hebrew for the Old testament and Greek for the new testament
I feel people should tithe in ther own church first and if they are lead to give another tithe to another church, then who are we to judge. If it is not GOD it will come to nought.

Now I have read and read and read and read some more and i just want to chime in just a bit.
First I see people attacking what others are doing because they are not in agreement with what the other is doing wheter it is tithing in to a (parent) larger church.

Though one can not physically see a scripture as to why one would tithe up, my question is why not tithe up? Are we not supposed to be allowing the spirit of God to Bring us into one accord. Was not the ground we as preachers pastors came from not good ground? Yes our first example as pastors should be to tithe intot the ground which God has given us to work while it is day and we need so this without question or reservation. But I remember grandma also said dont store all your eggs in one Basket. Thats not being stingy or holding back from God but if we give to God our first fruits via tithing into the soil which he has given us then we will see the return and be able to tithe higher up the ladder. Like the 12 tribes, each family brought their sacrafice to the priest who in turn brought it to the High priest; so so we bring our tithes into the storehouse and let the Pastor Divide it as he sees fit. So I guess it is biblical in principal and practice.

But remember just because you may not agree or have had the revelation that someone else has had doesnt meant that it is not right. For those who believe that they have not gotten return on their investment of tithing up remember every repayment is not monetary. It could come thru a song, a sermon or even just a note from the recieving party. Just pray on it and Let God direct your path.
Give scripture on what you are saying not history but scripture as far as tithing goes not sowing up but tithing up.If you can't then you are off base.This discusion is on tithing don't get it twisted. Stay with the Bible KJV or any other translations of the Bible
Perhaps I misunderstood the original intent of this post - I believe that you were asking about the local church tithing to another ministry as a part of its budget, am I correct?

Here is my understanding - I can not possibly expect you to follow a doctrine that I do not mirror before you. I tell you to bring your tithe into the storehouse and tell you that the Lord is expecting "a dime out of every dollar" but then expect that 10% of the church's budget ought to not be held to the same standard.

So whereas my church does not tithe to a parent body, we do make a 10% investment in a different local ministry each month. In doing so we are able to show our church the value of investing in the work of the Lord. Furthermore we actively support the students in our church family financially by sending them a monthly stipend, which becomes a large part of our mission budget...

Ultimately, I believe that you should see at least 10% of your church's budget AT LEAST going outside of your door. The mission of the church is not to keep the lights on, but to shine a light in the world... I believe when I look at successful ministries it is because their outreach and their mission budget shows them to be more than interested only in themselves.

The intent of the tithe - that there might be meat in mine house - was that there would be a supply to those who have need - remember that the first instance and mention of the tithe was not a financial offering but a food offering. The firstfruit of the field, the firstfruit of the vine...

I think after reading some of the post that we have made the concept of tithing as a debt we owe not a seed we sow... Tithing is supposed to be our response to the blessings of the Lord, not something we do with heaviness.
I agree w/Lady Brunswick. Even Abraham after coming out of battle to deliver his nephew Lot (Gen 14) had a lot of goods God sent Melchizedek to bless Abraham and Abraham gave him - Melchezidek a tithe of all that he had at that time. It's amazing that this topic should be here b/c it is a topic of discussion among some preachers I know here in Corpus Christi, TX. The local church ought to tithe - that is, a part of their budget should be 10% to either a ministry their apart of or as Lady B said a local ministry or better still a missionary group or individual somewhere. The Philippians did it w/Paul...(Phil 4). This of course should not trouble the true believer who understands that in giving, you receive. We do much better individually & collectively on the 90% than on the 100%. Anyone who doesn't believe that has been kidding themselves and have not been tithing according to scripture.


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