I was in a discussion with someone and the subject of should a church tithe to another church or the spiritual parents of the pastors.
Is this something we were taught or is their a scripture base behind it?
Malachi 3:10 says we are to bring it in God's house to take care of the needs of church and the people in need as the early church in acts.
I would love the views and the opinions of other Pastors.

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It is not required, although some people do participate in this parent church tithing thingy. There is no scriptural basis for it. I personally believe it is an invention manufactured by those who are not trying to fulfill a need but to fill a greed;a greed for mammon and financial gain. Have our bellies become our gods? Do we feed the sheep, or feed on the sheep? Think about it.
Amen! You are right there is no scripture basis for it, but I believe it should be the choice of that church or Pastor to tithe into another church.



Pastor King I thank you for your imput, but I am a little surprise I didnot get more feed back. My wife and I came to the same conclusion. Pastor Michael McClendon
Hello Everyone, I am in Buffalo, NY and I tottaly agree with the comments stated above has well. I am a member of a VERY SMALL church and our Pastor decided to join the C.O.G.I.C. assembly this year and I asked him why and his response was that if we needed any type of help that the C.O.G.I.C. would help us out. I found that to be very upsetting because we travelled back and forth to Syracuse, NY for the convocation and not once did anyone offer him gas money or a TOKEN OF LOVE. Why is it that with C.O.G.I.C. you have to PAY these dues, $12.00 for each member in your church, office dues( Positions ) for each person, church dues for the name, and more? I told my Pastor I wasn't in agreement with that because we are very small and we definately need help with renovations we are trying to get done. I was tithing like I was suppose to, but when I was doing work in the church and we didn't have the money to get the supplies I needed to get the job done, I took my tithes and pocket money to get the supplies I needed to get the job done with.
I also grew up in COGIC I would also tell him also not to join COGIC looking for help.But as a fellowship it is the best but as help it is not the best.He should ask the question and he can quote me on this"what happened to the Mcoy Convention center why is there 2 jurisdictions in Western NY".If the answer is that we are not part of that jurisdiction,then ask" aren't we all together".COGIC does not help with money woes.I wouldn't give another dime if none isn't given to me.
Right on point!!
Listen to what you just said C.O.G.I. C = Congregation Of God Is Cashflow. I was born under cogic and left cogic. No offense to no one but their just about money. They charged my uncle $1200 and year just to put cogic behind his name and he doesn't have full benifits. To answer the topic at hand no I don't believe in all of that church tithing to another church. Yes the bible says we're to be HELPERS of one another, but not ot be fools

Because just about all of these religious institutions are under a harlot system that was established by Satan.

Possibly. But, where are the individuals and families in this equation? We always say that "WE" are the church…each person. So, how about churches tithing to families and individuals for the growth of their Godly homes, businesses, etc. from time to time?
AMEN, AMEN, AND AMEN AGAIN! Bring the tithe into the storehouse so there will be meat in my house (Mal. 3 forever). Question: WHEN DOES THE STOREHOUSE OPEN FOR THE PEOPLE IN NEED?


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