Another reason why we are to continue to Break the Silence. Violence comes to us all, let us keep BeBe Winans in prayer as well as his exwife and family. This is another avenue the enemy would love to use against the church. Not condoning his behavior at all. But the violence has to stop, you don't have to demonstrate your love for me by hitting me. Abuse is never to be tolerated by anyone. Jesus died for those hits long time ago. He took the beating so you don't have to. If you have someone in your life hitting or hurting you, be it spouse, child, or significant other. I am once again sounding the alarm: YOU DON'T HAVE TO TAKE THAT! Let's stand together against domestic violence. If the people of God don't stand for what's right, we will always fall for what's wrong.

Court filing: "Irate" singer BeBe Winans pushed ex-wife to ground
MARCH 12--Gospel singer BeBe Winans was booked yesterday on a domestic assault rap for allegedly pushing his ex-wife to the ground during an argument last month. According to a court filing, a copy of which you'll find below, Winans, 46, and his former spouse got into a "verbal altercation" on February 13 about "custody issues dealing with their children." At the time, Winans was at his ex-wife Debra's Nashville home, where he had driven to pick up his children. "The victim was telling the defendant of issues with the children when he became irate. The defendant then pushed the victim to the ground." Winans, pictured in the mug shot at right, was arrested yesterday on a misdemeanor domestic assault charge. He was briefly held at the Davidson County jail before posting $1000 bond. Winans, best known for albums recorded with his sister CeCe, has won four Grammy awards.

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This is a very interesting blog. Now this is "my opinion"... My husband, whom I love dearly, is a calling man of God. But a man, none the less, with anger issues. I am a very loving submissive person. What I am learning is, I have to show my "Fruit" during the times when we do not agree. This means instead of me challenging him, I shut my mouth. My husband also knows he has a anger proplem and he is constantly in prayer about it, as well as my praying for him. He has never been physically abusive, but he has said some harsh words. BUT...we have been married for 6 months now, and it is amazing to see how God is changing him. Just an example, he was angry with me Saturday, and I responded to him as if everything was alrigh (long-suffering)t. Did the same thing Sunday, and this morning, he called just to say hello and "I'm sorry", which he NEVER says. I guess my point is, when it comes to two believers in Christ, if both people are truly seeking God's deliverance, He will give it. Sometimes people get to a point where they don't think they need God's help anymore.

I pray for people who are in abusive relationships. Because it takes "Faith" to see it through.

I pray that one day, we will hear more teaching, to men, about the Biblical meaning of loving his wife. The reflection of marriage is, in my opinion the highest "visual" of Christ and the Church, which is why it is distorded and confused. The enemy knows more of the importance of husbands loving their wives and wives respecting their husbands than the couples do. And the enemy is using our ignorance to grow his kingdom. And trying to destroy the image of Christ and the church. When will men step up, to the pulpit, and teach our men the truth behind the lie? It really is ok to love your wife. And that is what gives God the glory. Marriage is a powerful tool for KINGDOM work.'s working for the enemy.

I often pray for a shift in what is being "fed" to Christians, and I pray that truth is fed so we can use the power and dominion we have, but are too weak to use.
first Lady, it is almost as if you were in Duncanville, TX last night at the conference I was ministering in and at the Denney's restaurant afterwards. We are praying that the men of God will step up and that women will recognize the men as they take their rightful place in the instances of marriage and let the man be the man, we are praying that the men of God who is truly loving their wife, and it is evident upon "her" countenace by the way she glows when he ministers, rather than rolling her eyes, it is those men in leadership, we are praying that God will elevate to "teach" the others, what it means to truly love his wife, not his exwife, his wife, not the wife he think he want, the WIFE he has.. when a man love his wife, he will cherish her as if she is him, but we await that day, and for the perfecting of the man as God raise them up to the level of understanding the value of real love. Most if they would take a deeper look, all their wife really, really want is his love.


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