Should your church funeralize your relatives if you are a tithing member? Or a wedding??

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Thank you my brother in the gospel. I pastor a congregation, just noticing this is occuring at many churches, so I want to hear the churches respnse. Recently my co worker lost her brother and her church home of 18 years and a tither denied her because her brother wasn't a member in good standing? What kind of message are we sending? What about Gods house being a house for all people? Perhaps its not? I married a couple last year who's church would not, & they agreed to 5 months of counsel? Just want to hear the view of my co-laborers. Thanks
I am sorry to her of this kind of action - it is the first time for me. However, from what you have shared I would have to say it sounds like the church in question is just another country club, not a house of prayer.

I wondered if this were you, as I've seen the chaos you've been in on television. NO Sir God, does not hate homosexuals, God hates sin, thus God hates the behavior, not the person and hatred is not part of God, but forgiveness, and redemption. Seems that you might want to amen, go back and read in the Bible about that behavior when the Apostle Paul said as such "were" some of you, which means if one lives a certain lifestyle and REPENTS, then God has forgiven them. Not only does God hate fags, He hates the sin of haters, liars, decievers, fornicators, adulterers. I find it uncanny how we can focus on one area of ungodliness, and tolerate others......God bless you Sir!
Amen, I agree totally!


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