Showing My Age: Does Your Choir March/Process Into Service? USHERING IN THE SPIRIT

Some are thinking what?...Well I am trying to see what has changed in our Ministry today that we don't process and do the modern day leaders understand the symbolism of the processional and it's place. Music was and is vital in ministry but it's slowly and subtly losing grown in ministry because those in Pastorship don't want the message in the music to supercede the message and yes there are shallow saints that feel that their praise and worship should come through the music ministry and that the preached word is more food for thought.


Because we have praise teams which in my Day we had Devotional Leaders who Did Testimony Service and Praise and Worship at the same time. I am hard pressed to hear a testimony in a church of any denomination today which is sad because there is a need sometime for a testimony.


Back to my question...I was told that the Choir Marched because they set the tone for the service and they represented the spiritual army that made up the kingdom. Have we become so charismatic that we are no longer soldier in God's army? Has the focus shifted from Marching to Zion to We have arrived?


I was a baptist Church a few weeks ago and the choir marched and I thought to myself...Yes the processional still matters and the symbolism

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We have a youth choir that handles the ministry of music once a month. They prefer to march in a processional, and the person making the call to worship instructs the congregation to stand to receive them.


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