Since answering my calling, I've almost lost it all. Am I the only one? How do I get through this? Please Help.

I finally decide to remove self, and let GOD direct my path in life. No sooner than I had expected, I lost my home, losing my car, and I just can't seem to work enough to keep the bills paid. I pray about it everyday, so don't get me wrong, I am not questioning GOD'S method. I am simply wondering if there is anyone else out there has dealt with something similar. If so, how in fact did you get through. I am sure most answers are going to be prayer. But that is expected. What happened before you got yourself together and prayed over your life. I am not looking for a way out, only for some comfort while traveling along this bumpy road. All reply post are appreciated and taking in good spirits. Please feel free to post your feeling and concerns as well. Hopefully this discussion will be a blessing to someone out there who may bo going through the same thing. Thanks in advance for taking time to read and reply. May GOD bless each and every one of you.

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Dont start nothing preacher LOL
Rev. Luckett, I find myself more and more In LOVE with the Father, since my transition to Georgia. I have began to pray again, to worship, to praise Him. I still need work and transportation, but I weep tears of Joy even now, because of God's goodness and mercy. I may stay here or He may lead me back to Houston, but that is okay too. He will be with me no matter where I am. I Love Him.

Ivory Jewell
I thank God everytime true men and women of God admit that there are failing times in their lives. For so long we have pretended that everything was just perfect because we claimed Jesus as our personal savior, but when you can talk about the hardaches and pain, the failing moments, and short comings you bring encouragement to others. My brother there were times in my walk that I was afraid to even speak God's name for fear that something terrible would happen in my family. I remember the time I was praying for my son and his wife, their relationship, and the more I prayed the more the devil fought them. I told my son I was praying and he told me to stop because I was making it worse.

Now I know that I can't stop praying I have to pray no matter what, but it doesn't change the outcome that satan will fight. We have to stand, stand on the word knowing that it's not over til God says it's over. Weeping endure for the night but joy come in the morning.
So true
Wow..............I never thought that so many people would read, let alone post replies to this discussion. You all have no idea how much this simple discussion has blessed me, and how much it may have blessed someone else. I knew that if I was going through it, that it had to have happened before to someone, and now I see. Sometimes we comfort ourselves in knowing that we are not the only ones going through something. And to know that those whom GOD has called by name, are not immune to trials and tribulation, and are willing to share, is a blessing in itself. Thank you all who have been part of this discussion thus far, and thank GOD for those who have yet to become a part of this blessing. Continue to share your feelings on this particular topic. Peace and May GOD Bless each and every one of you.
it's amazing how the lord provides,,dont try to add it up with a pen or pencil,because it wont make sense only Miracles..we all need to take a praise break,,the devil has hit us all and it brought us closer to JESUS and each other,,he took his beat shot and we're still here to talk about it,,and guess what it dont hurt NO MORE,,if he knew this type of unity was going to come he never would have attack us,,what he meant for evil God meant it for good,and as far as your desease sister EARTH HAS NO SORROW THAT HEAVEN CANNOT HEAL
Minister I needed to hear this posting from you as well. God Bless Your Life!!!!
praise GOD
I pray for you that God will provide your daily bread. Its a road that will truly teach you to trust God. I have experienced it so i do understand. I have been called to full time ministry since the age of 21, i am now 34 years old, last year god spoke to my husband and told him to leave his job, he was a sergeant in the Jamaica Fire Brigade.

I must tell you it been one of the most difficult period we've been through for a very long time, with mortgage and three kids in school. I became so hurt and broken, but the experience is ore necessary than you know. There is so much knowledge to gain from the experience.

God will send the raven with your bread, he will not allow you to die. You might also notice in these times often it those who are seen as base that extends to you the most care and understanding. I remember maybe 4 years ago my son was admitted to the hospital for a congenital lobar disease, it was such a draining experience physically for our family.

I was attending university at the time and my husband was working, we took turns as at no point we felt comfortable to leave him alone, so i would leave from the hospital to class then home when my husband relieved me. Just when we felt we were falling over, as sister from the church we were attending, someone we had no close relations with came and offered to spend a day with him so we could say home. Amazing.

Yo will be surprised to see where you blessing comes from. Just trust God, when you feel low and like not continuing in the path of obedience just find someone to pay your strength. This will help you to understand and have more care for others who are also making the sacrifice to walk in their call. I spent so much time this year listening to Donnie Mc Klurkin's song " will you trust Him" We are just now seeing a little light and we continue to pray, i will be praying for you.
I love your spirit,,
God Bless you my Brother. All I want to say iis that the Bible says All things work together for the Good of them that LOVE THE LORD, AND THAT IS CALLED ACCORDING TO HIS PURPOSE TO THEM THAT LOVE HIM. My brother this is only a test and when you get a chance read the story about Joseph in the 37th chapter in Genesis, Also read about Job. When all said and done You will receive double for your trouble. Get ready your season is about to change.


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