Why is that if someone see a single man who is saved and living for God with no children not to exclude married he get looked at differently?  What is wrong with waiting until you find the or God bring the right lady to complement the ministry gift he has placed in you?  If we were a whore and having sex with every female along with getting them pregnant, we would be getting all kinds of praise!!!

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Maybe we just don't celebrate purity in men like we should. Look how much razzing a committed Christian single like Tim Tebow gets, despite being a top-flight athlete in the manliest of sports.

What are your suggestions for doing so? We are always taught as guys to go and get ours. The females are taught to wait.  I think we should celebrate purity in men more because it will set the stage for society.

Cheer up men of God. God’s got your interests at heart. So continue to walk by the book and by Godly principles. In due season you shall reap the desires of your heart if you faint not.

Everything is HYPER-sexualized in America.  This nation is going to hell in a handbasket.


You know the bible says - Man loveth Strange Flesh.

It is what it is.  Men want whats different or a challenge.

There is so much 'behind' being thrown around by women out in the world and church - its no big deal to find it.

So whats strange about it.

I think that some men go so far into sexual addiction that they - step through the looking glass and get into other kinds of things that are sexual.

So - if one comes across a guy and he aint sleep around with some loose whore (she could be nice woman but a whore neverless) then everybody starts to look at this young man all side-eyed.

And it just maybe that he is so inlove with the Lord that he aint worried about fleshy things and only think about spiritual matters.

I feel sorry for these young men that are truly trying to serve God and have to deal with people thinking they are into some perverted horrible things. 

Teach my sons not to follow the world. 

It would take the might powers of heaven to fight agains the mind games of the world. The world has such a pull and only the power of God will cut it down.



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