"How can greedy men stoop so low, as to exploit the name of Jesus,"? This what so many TV
Evangelist and leaders are doing today...Read what the word of God warns about these evil men
in (Matt 7:22-23 and 2 Peter 2:1-3)..."If you have not recieved your miracle,breakthroughs,blessing,
season, and, harvest, continue reading"...
In Matt 7:22-23; These false Prophets did all that they did, in "Jesus Name" yet they went to hell,
because, "they did not Know the will of God concerning Salvation"(Ye Must Be Born Again)...
All, we hear from greedy televangelist today, and non-televangelist is the promise of health, wealth,
prosperity if we will just send in a donation("seed or offering") plant a financial seed in their ministry,
or buy something(gimmicks)from them, and these very same gimmicks angered the Lord in John 2:14-16...Christianity began as a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ, and that still stands
today!!...When it went to Greece, it became a "Philosopy"...When Christianity went to Rome, it became an "Organization"...When it spread throughout Europe, it became a "Culture"....And when
christianity came to America, it became a "Business"...Help us Jesus!!
These people ought to be ashame of themselves for exploiting the name of our Lord and Savior to
make money...No objects such as; hankerchiefs, can bring blessings into your life or home,"God
blesses those who obey His Word,(Deut chp. 8)...But let's not, forget this scripture either (Matt 4:8-10)"huh," think about that for a moment!!
2Peter 1:4 say's; whereby are given unto us, exceeding great and precious promises; that by these
"ye might be partakers of the "divine nature," having escaped the corruption that is in the world through lust"..."The power of God resides in the promise's of God."
"Most people today are seeking a shortcut, they are willing to send their money to a false prophet
in hopes of bettering their lives; but are not obeying the word, it doesn't work that way church"...
Some people have made christianity into a game, where you can purchase the power, and the
blessings of God...These are minister's of unrighteousness, as we are warned about in (2Cor 11:13-14) "satan has many evil worker's (sinister minister's)...
"If any Preacher, preaches about money more than any other subject in the word, he is a false
teacher." Money and tithing are not fundamental doctrine, and listening to most of these preachers
today, you would think the Bible was a Money Manual...All we hear today is success stories about
people who struck-it-big financially after sending a donation or planting a seed..."Don't be fooled, you
need to reasearch these people"...What about the "holy-hanky and the Bible verse", these people use
to support their practices? "It is true that," hankerchiefs and apron's which touched Paul, healed the
sick(Acts 19:11-12)but, this is only mentioned once!! we never read that this was a practice by any
one, nor was it passed down to others to use as a practice in ministry...Jesus healed a man by
spitting on the ground and putting the mud in his eyes(John 9:6)so, why aren't they using spit mud
pies?..."Paul never asked money from, or, promised money to anyone who recieved a hankerchief."
"You cant find one New Testament example of Paul promising money, or, a financial miracle!! But,
you will find plenty of warnings about the worship of money, which these false teachers, "so conveniently ignore, along with the word of God itself"...These gimmicks, and objects, are not our point
of contact."We have direct access, to the Father, through the Son"... You have been hoodwinked!!!
I could keep on going on about, the deception in the church, because it's so much "deeper" than some(black folks)know about so, let me encourage you, "Do your research"...
Be Blessed!!

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Truly, these men already have their reward.



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