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Praise God Saints,


      Well I have Spoken overtop a few people in my lifetime and my first time Ministering after I got my papers was a Homegoing Service. There is nothing like it and if you have never preached a Funeral...Make sure you take a friend with you when you do because you might just need some confiming eyes when you...I feel like I'm setting someone up to succeed with that there word.


     OK, I'm at the Homegoing for a Preacher who is also happens to be my Brother. Anointed fellow but a bridge over troubled water too. When reflecting on his passing I found myself coding the fact that he made some mistakes along the way and a few lew-lew's too boot but his heart was in the right place. Where am I going huh...The Eulogist whom was his Father in the Gospel got up to minister and began reading the story of the prodigal son and I nearly fainted dead away into the floor and I was sitting in the pulpit so everyone could see me and I looked up at the Eulogist and thought to myself is he going to throw this boy under the bus at his homegoing to make a point? He did and he didn't but here is my question. The simple reading of the prodigal son spoke volumes I'm sure you will agree. So I ask those have Preached a Homegoing and those that will someday...DO YOU THINK WE SHOULD WHEN A SAINT HAS FALLEN MAKE AN EXAMPLE OF THEM AT THEIR HOMEGOING?



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