Are you vigilant?
Are you quick to detect sin in your life?
It is lack of vigilance that allows the enemy to be re-arranging problems in the lives of many people.
Many Christians do not realize that they are fighting very terrible and clever spirits. Jeremiah 6:14 says, “They have healed also the hurt of the daughter of my people slightly, saying, Peace, peace; when there is no peace.” They were patching it up when there was no peace.
What do we mean by re-arranging problems?
When you go to a herbalist, he will only re-arrange the problem.
He would remove one problem and replace it with another clever one.
When you go to an occultist, he would use your soul to form a covenant and give you temporary relief.
Sometime ago, a boy who had epilepsy was brought for prayer. Before then he had been taken somewhere and somebody did something after which he gave him a cross to hang over his neck. The boy thought that the problem was over only for it to get worse a few months later. When he was brought to the church, the minister of God asked him to remove the cross from his neck and break it. He did so and found in it a paper on which was scribbled the phrase, “donated to satan.” That boy thought he had been healed not knowing that all the so-called healer did for him was to re-arrange the problem.
Somebody shared the testimony of a sister with me. The sister was preaching the gospel in a street and a certain man invited her to share the gospel with him. She entered the man’s house not knowing what the man had in mind. Suddenly, instead of the man to sit on the chair and listen to her, he slapped her on the chest and started chanting incantations. But everything he chanted to happen to the sister happened to him. He fell down and began to scream and beg the sister. The sister was surprised at what was happening. She did not understand why the man had to slap her on the chest when he was the one who invited her to preach to him. Meanwhile she could notice that life was going out of the man as he continued to beg her to rescue him. So, she prayed for him and he recovered. He asked the sister, “What kind of power do you have?” He told her that for the past 21 years, he had sacrificed a virgin every year to his idol. He would simply call them into his house, slap them and they would fall down and he would cut off any part of their body that he needed for his rituals.

The man could recognize a virgin if he saw one, but when he tried this sister, he met with failure. Why? It was because the sister knew her God and was obedient to Him. Unfortunately, many sisters are ashamed of preaching the gospel. Some men too, are ashamed of sharing the gospel. They fail to realise that the more you witness, the more power flows into your life.
Be vigilant for the devil, your adversary, walketh about seeking whom he may devour. If you notice that the time you spend in praying is reducing, or that your Bible reading no longer makes sense, or you find that fasting is becoming problematic and that going to church is not enjoyable to you anymore, you better shake yourself loose and start praying because the devil, your adversary, walketh about seeking whom he may devour.
“Christians, seek not yet repose, hear your guardian angel say, thou art in the midst of foes, watch and pray.”

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Spiritual Warfare
Listen Sister. All of these post you put up make no sense. Obviously people are not wanting to post on your threads. Please don't flood the forum with a whole page of threads. 2 or 3 is fine, but you need to be more considerate.
It's my business what I do. You're not a moderator on this site. I do these posts to prepare for the radio program that I was asked to do, not to read your lame cooments. What i write makes sense. I have enough people, who listen and respond to me, not nessiserily through comments right here. You are out of order. So be considerate and don't comment on my posts, since your spiritual level is so low.
Wow. Is that any way for a Christian to act? I thought you were suppose to love one another. Is that love in your post? I think not. I was only asking you to be considerate of others with all of the threads you started. As you can see, nobody has found interests in your threads. If they did, don't you think you would have more posts. Also, I don't believe that you have the true knowledge of God. Let me ask you question since you claim to know about spirituality. Do you celebrate Easter, and Good Friday?
You have no love in your post either and you are out of order. This is called a rebuke what i did, because that's what you asked for. i don't want to communicate with a person like you. So, please, stop harassing me or I'll report you to the moderateor.


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