Christmas - 2011 !
Thought you might be interested in this information. The White House will not do Christmas this year!

This isn't a rumor; this is a fact. A very talented artist for several years has painted ornaments to be hung on the various White House Christmas trees. The WH sends out an invitation to send an ornament and informs the artists of the theme for the year.

She got her letter from the WH recently. It said that they would not be called 'Christmas Trees' this year. They will be called 'Holiday Trees'. And to please not send any ornaments painted with a religious theme. She was very upset at this development and sent back a reply telling them that she painted the ornaments for Christmas trees and would not be sending any for display that left Christ out of Christmas.

Just thought you should know what the new residents in the WH plan for the future of America . If you missed his statement that
"we do not consider ourselves a Christian Nation", this should confirm that he plans to take us away from our religious foundation as quickly as possible. Just another step toward turning America away from Christianity! We should shout to the highest hills that the White House is ours - not the Obama's, and 85% of Americans believe in Christ (Christmas).

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Rev. Watson, It was not about the tree. It is about the omaments that she paint of Jesus ! It is all about Jesus !  I understand what happen to our President Obama. He is in a fix and what he believe doesn`t count. He must answer to other.  Religious was alway a problem for him. When he ruin for office the first time it was about Religious. He must decide whom side he wants to be on. Deny Christ Jesus and he will deny you. So sad !

Hi Sister Boone,


I truly believe that President Obama's intent is to unify the nation- not to divide it. While I personally stand firm in my Christian upbringing, I am also tolerant to the beliefs of others- knowing that I cannot account for them.


While President Obama has already more than confirmed that he is Christian, he is working diligently to separate church and state in an attempt to effectively represent (and protect) the United States in a volatile global community that is not necessarily Christian (or tolerant of Christian doctrine).  Just as there is a fine line between pride and arrogance, there is also a fine line between national identity and nationalism- cultural heritage and racism, and freedom of religious expression and intolerance. Balance is a burden of communicating to the masses- especially when the audience is not always in one accord.  Sometimes small changes are required to save our mere existence.  We unfortunately live in an age where brothers and sisters demonstrate and shout profanities at funerals in the name of Christianity and when it is unsafe to conveniently maintain mailboxes on U.S. street corners, due to threats of terrorism.  Consequently, I'm not sure I blame the first family for not wanting all the additional trees, packages, and strangers surrounding the White House (and their kids) at this time.  


As President Obama continues to exercise a leadership style that emphasizes a consistent effort to remain impartial, I have never seen, heard, or read of him ever denying Christ- even when his own church leader was his Judas.   Such an experience had to be traumatizing for him.


While I am saddened to read that the traditional White House Christmas celebration we have grown to love and expect is now up for modification,  it will not change the fact that my [our] Christ was born on Christmas Day, and he lives.


I remember not putting up a Christmas tree at home one year, nor purchasing presents when I noticed how materialistic my kid had become one year (at an early age due to my own effort as a parent always striving to ensure that he always "had more than I ever had.")  I also remember purchasing Bibles from the dollar store one year and purchasing beautiful cheap fabric remnants and glue to decoratively cover the Bibles and give them away as Christmas presents when I began to notice how materialistic my close relatives had become.  I noticed they had even grown accustomed to sending me long lists of expensive toys and designer clothing to purchase their children.  They began doing this long before I ever had a child, and they never reciprocated their materialistic expectations!  I remember no one understanding my decision to do what I did that year, until they received their beautiful Bibles- then they seemed to understand.  We gave them the prettiest Bibles they had ever seen in their lives, and they were all from the dollar store.  I remember thinking that whether my people appreciated the Bibles or not, my message, or the time we invested in decorating and wrapping the Bibles- carefully selecting fabric designs we thought matched each personality, my heart was content.

Please stay encouraged.


The Christmas tree decoration ritual at the White House is a very expensive annual venture.  The tree itself (I believe 2) are often larger than the size of the typical American home.  Lord knows how much the decorations cost.  Then, there are all the trees planted on the White House lawn (I believe to represent different countries).  In the face of the current recession, I'd rather see our taxes spent on one modest, well lit, public ornamental recognition of the holiday and more food, care packages, or heat utility subsidies to the needy or the U.S. troops. However, if a lavish celebration is continued, minus our traditional symbols of Christian identification, I'd rather see universal images of peace, good-will, and unity as the White House's holiday greeting.  These ideals are also Christian.


Apologies, if I'm almost rambling now.  My intent is only to encourage you.  

No, we will not permit the body of Christ to be divided and conquered by the media.  Some folks just like to keep us busy.  Instead, we will seek solutions that will permit us to sustain ourselves and to live in harmony or I'm afraid we will fail to exist at all.  In the absence of Christmas trees, I'm imagining a silent prayer vigil at the White House with thousands of American families holding single candles in their hands to represent Jesus- the light of the world.


 Please share with me how your heart speaks to you to respond.






Oh, I also failed to mention that I once had a coworker (years ago) who celebrated Christmas by hanging little skeletons on her Christmas tree.  I remember wondering why she bothered to put up a Christmas tree at all, since she considered herself an atheist.

I can't imagine what kinds of holiday decorations the President has received with demands to represent all religions at Christmas under the premise of freedom of religion.  Removing all religious content from the decorations may have been his King-Solomon-like compromise to save the right to publicly celebrate the holiday season at all.  




Regina, The White House will have a Christmas Tree this year.  They will be light it in 2 weeks.  This is not about a tree. It about the ornaments of Jesus and regilious things painted on the ornament. It`s just the little foxes that spoil the vine. I understand President Obama have No control over this.  Our country is changing. We need to be Watchful and pray for him.



I just posted an addendum to my original response- not knowing that you had already replied.  

Apologies my first response read as though I had missed the issue.  My mind was spinning at what felt like 100 miles per second.  My thoughts were all over the place, and i was trying to capture all of them.


In this- my 3rd response- LOL- I am glad to see that you and I are in agreement that our President needs our support and we need to keep ourselves, our president, and our entire nation covered in prayer.  Change is often very difficult to deal with, but sometimes it is necessary for the greater good.  


This may sound VERY odd, but I even remember feeling a little saddened when one of the large department stores I use to service as a freelance makeup artist (previously owned by a prominent Jewish family) discontinued Hanukkah decorations- even though I am not Jewish and the decorations were replaced with Christmas decorations.  I would have preferred to see the organization continue to highlight both Hanukkah and Christmas in respect for both the Old and New Testaments instead of causing feuds between the Christian and Jewish staff..  In some odd way- I felt that the company's public recognition of both holidays may have also more accurately symbolized the life of Jesus without denouncing any aspect of his life (or his primary training).



What is the source of your information?


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