Praise the lord everybody! I have a pet peeve that has been bothering me since I've join this network. There are many profiles and groups that are not active. As I continue to network on this site I notice that there are groups and profiles that has not been active as far as 2009. We must realize that we are leaders: we should be examples. As a steward, you should maintain your profile and your group. Don't allow it to go dormant. How can you preach and teach accoutability and you cannot maintain something as simple as a web page? The Devil is a liar and a deceiver to. If you are not going to maintain your pages, close your account up. Don't have me joining your group and emailing you and your phone is disconnected, email account closed or you just don't check it or your website has been closed. This is poor stewardship and my God is not pleased with this crappiness.If I join your group or email you or even look your website up, there must be something interesting about your or your site that I would like to invest myself in. It is a waste of my time to attempt communication and fellowship and you are not adhereing to your own objectives for your web page. I thank God Almighty for the visionaire of this network, it truly has been a blessing to me and my congregation. I think he should shut down every group or profile that is not active at least once a month.

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