Renewal is a vital process that must continue in the life of every Christian, regardless of calling or position.  Renewal keeps us focused on the things of God that we learn daily and reminds us of the things that we have heard for some time.  Renewal causes transformation or change from what we were to what God wants us to become.  Renewal brings us back to our calling and positions in Christ that are challenged regularly during each day as we interact with temptations, testings, trials, and corruption.  We often venture out of holy ground and onto the common and unclean ground, only to try to return to the calling and positions as before.  However, we bring back with us our old nature, the influences of others, and the dark spiritual distractions that keep us struggling.  But all is not lost.  WE ARE STILL IN THE PROCESS!  The following are areas in our lives where the process is hindered and if we allow them to proceed, these areas can cause us to miss heaven - or can they?  This is the challenge, what do you believe?

          UNFORGIVENESS / vengeance / hatred

          LYING /deceit/ distrust

          PEACE BREAKERS /gossip /unkindness

          STUBBORNESS / pride / arrogance

          DISOBEDIENCE / control / witchcraft / rebellion

          MURDER / violence / wrath

          SEXUAL IMMORALITY / seductions / perversion


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