Greeting Men and Women of GOD of the most high.

This is the season of the prophetic showdown of God's Glory where God is going to manifest more of HIS GLORY and what has been birth from the prophetic canal, every one will not be able to partake in the prophetic Glory.
Where GOD is declaring that HE is seeking for those that will worship HIM in Spirit and in Truth.
To those that has suffer for a while God said I am going to establish you, though it seems that all hell is breaking loose around you, Trust me my Sons and Daughters it is not as tough as it may appear unto you.
Just know that the Glory CLoud is hoovering over you and that the enemies and his flunkies sees the Glory Cloud hoovering over you. they are just trying to cause confusion and havoc all around you.
Stand still and see the salvation of GOD;S hands go to work, and see beyond your ciricumstances knowing that it is working all out for your good.
Be of good cheer and be encourage and wait on the LORD for HE will strengthen you, for this is your season you have passed over your Jordan river.
Receive your promise, for GOD'S word is truth, It is time now to know that your promise inside of you is going to take you from GLory to Glory in this season, because the promise inside of you is the greater one that is going to show HIS GLory through you for HIS GLory, amen.

In the mean time may GOD bless you in your endeavors in HIM as those that are seeking to go from GLORY to GLORY with our "HEAVENLY ABBA FATHER"
in Jesus name I speak blessing of GOD's Glory Cloud to chase you.
Rest in HIM, and believe and have the spirit of expectation for that is all we need to do.

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