I am being faced with an unthinkable situation. A close friend of mine, is a parent of a teenage prostitute, who he has only seen twice in his life, but wanted to be in the child's life, but the mother refused to allow access during a period of 16 years. He wants to help, but dont know what to do. The child has is a website for an escort service posing somewhat nude. He is heart broken because the child's mother is sickly and hates his present wife and children. I have suggested prayer and contacting the proper authorities. Needless to say, she is 17 now, and of legal age to be a prostitute according to her state law. Her first name is Melissa. Will you pray for her?

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This young women is searching for the love of a father, (man) in prostitution, of course we know she will not find it. She has been told lies about her father's love for her, because of her mother's hate. That father has an obligation to rescue that child and tell her he loves her, wether the mother likes it or not.

My prayer is that he finds the strength united with his present wife and seek out this daughter and let her know that she is loved and welcomed in their home.

That the biological mother will look to the hills where cometh her help, and forgiveness will fill her heart. In the Name of Yeshua
I agree with you 100%. I told him to pray and do whatever he has to save her life. It is very unfortunate, when children seek love outside their homes because of a lost relationship with their fathers. Her biological mother, needs much prayer because she kept the child's birth a secret for 2 years, before revealing the truth to the father. I will be in prayer daily for this family until, I see a move of God. Thanks for comments.
I sure will add her to my prayers.
Thank you. Prayerfully I hope to meet with the family in the future.


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