Tele Devotional : The Revolutionary Technology to Guide Your Flock : Attached is full spec for the uninitiated.

Hey Brothers and Sisters,

This forum is open for discussions, improvements, and reviews of the TDS (Tele Devotional System).

For those who don't know what it is, it is simply an easy-to-use tool that allows you to conduct devotionals everyday with your flock via telephone. You just call a number, record your prayer/devotional daily, and bingo. Every subscriber gets a phone call (at a time of THEIR) choosing to get the message.

It also GENERATES, YES FOLKS I SAID GENERATES significant revenue for the church, as well as yourselves as individuals.

Anyone interested in a free demo, pls drop a line on this forum, and we'd gladly set up a no-obligation free demo.

For those that have tried it already, please post your feedback here for all to see.


Olabode Oshodi.

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This is an excerpt about Pastors and making money or being paid I wrote in response to another thread :

As you can see, the TDS does provide an income for both ministers and Churches, while costing nothing.

Summary of My Views
I agree that a pastor should be paid. i won't bore everybody with reasons, as the discussion (Argument? Not really) has gone on long enough, and both sides have their Bible-Backed-Points.

I however agree with those who say a pastor should be paid for his work. The truth is that even a man of God is just that. a man of God. No more. He must eat, and drink water, and have shelter and protection from the elements.Unless he has a huge store of inherited wealth, he must meet those needs of his somehow. That would be either (for completeness) getting paid, begging, borrowing or stealing for his labour. Now the last two are obviously out. I for one don't believe that a pastor should beg because he preaches the word of God.

The Real Question.
The real question is who should pay him, and how should he be paid.

Other Means
There are other ways for a man of God to be prosperous, while still fulfilling his God given calling. A common example is writing books, and the proceeds for them being shared by the publisher, church and pastor.

Pastoring and Technology (Diversion)
Pastors who have embraced technological innovation now have abundant means at their disposal to make an income, for the Church and themselves without a conflict. An example is a paid webcast, or advertiser supported webcasts. Because of the cheap distribution costs inherent in a technologically based evangellical system, congregation members only contribute small amounts each which can add up.

My Personal Contribution to Revenue
From this point, I will drop any pretense of neutrality. I think pastors work just as hard, or harder than anybody and deserve to be paid for that. I also believe that the financial commitment from the congregation should be light and spread out amongst them.

The essence of the strategy is to provide a service. Provide guidance to your congregation in a way they can understand, that costs little, and benefits them immeasurably. Many successful (My definition, and I hope yours, is how many souls are saved ) ministries today are that way because they understand this.

Another Thread : My practical solutions to providing a service, and making an income for every pastor out there

The link below is to a thread about the Tele Devotional System. I must first point out, that I am far from a neutral observer, because I helped develop the system. However if you are interested in finding out how you can

a. Provide a natural, intuitive, non-invasive and constant guidance to a World-Wide Audience of Christian Brothers/Sisters.

b. Generate an honest, reliable income stream for both the Church, and yourself.

c. Expand your congregation geometrically.

None of these things cost the pastors or Church anything. In fact the TDS generates revenue, with no investment whatsoever.

This must be sounding too good to be true already. If you are interested in the points I mentioned above, pls feel free to click on the link below to learn more about it from my forum topic. please also feel free to post your experiences (good and Bad).

You can download the ten page slide that explains everything from the forum here : It works all over the World in every country and language.

The first 20 Pastors that request it (click the forum link below, and request a no-obligation demo) will receive the TDS system for a free test with their congregations.

For those of you that read this far, thanks for doing so, and remain blessed in Jesus Name.


Calvary greetings to you in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, first I want to appreciate your effort at furthering the course of the kingdom and also for providing the platform to make the work of pastors easier. Thanks and God bless you.

Please I am interested in the Teledevotional system though it was introduced to our main church sometime ago but have not been up due to improper handling on the part of the guy providing the service to our church. I would want to adopt the system for a series of project in different departments in our church and would need you to furnish me with a detailed proposal stating the various categories if any and the cost implication per thousand.

While I await your prompt response, I remain you brother in the Lord, Jude Osayamwen.

Thanks and God Bless you Richly Sir.


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