Thank you Lord. Thank you for your love....your grace....and your mercy. Thank you for your peace and your power. Father today we establish your word in our lives. We speak what you speak. Today Father we decide, declare, and decree who we are in you. Today ..... "I am who God says that I am. I can do all that God said I could do. Today I will be taught His word. I will learn more of who He is. I will not be led by the world .... I will follow God's word. God's word says that I am healed. I speak and establish that word in me today. God's word says that He knows what I need and that He is faithful and just to provide it to me. I establish that word in my life today. God's word says that my strength is found in the joy of who He is. I am joyful in Him today. I am a vessel of honor. I am righteous and holy. God's love flows through me today. When people see me .... they will see the God in me. When people hear me. They hear God. The love of God dwells on the inside of me. So when people come in contact with me, they shall encounter the Holy Spirit that resides on the inside of me. All that I am .... I am in Him. All that I do ... I do in Him. God is King of my life. I no longer try to rule my life. I submit to the authority of my King. I come under the subjection of His rule in my life. Everything that I have need of in my life is met by the provision of my King. He loves me and He provides for me. Nothing in my life shall go lacking because my God has already said that He will provide all my needs. Amen."

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