The church was born and released by apostolic fire. The impact of the early church on the entire world of that time was highly indebted to apostolic fire. Apostles aren't religious "fat cats" bearing the title of Apostle, but pioneers of the move of God in every generation of the church age. What is the mark of an apostolic leader?

Apostolic leaders are carriers of apostolic fire, which is the zeal of the Lord's will for the earth as it is in heaven for every given dispensation in all areas. The apostolic fire can't be frozen by difficulties or opposition, but is strengthened by the above. The apostolic fire can engulf an entire city or nation, transforming it into a territory of the kingdom of God and of his Christ.

The apostolic fire carries with it the faith to transform heathen cultures and the passion for kingdom conquest. Wherever it blazes, real transformation is evident and not just the proliferation of religious activities and ceremonies. As gross darkness descends on this generation, heaven is getting ready to release apostolic leaders the church and the world had ever witnessed. They are coming! They are bringing with them a dimension of vision and light, which will pierce through the greatest darkness in all areas and spheres of strategic importance.

We will soon see the transformation of communities, cities and even whole societies and nations. The earth will tremble before this generation of apostolic leaders; their impact will cause the "sun" and "moon" to withdraw their “shining.” We are about witnessing a move of God like nothing we have ever read or seen before, but the question is, how many professing Christians and ministers are even yearning for it?

We have a Christianity today which has become rottenness to the bones. It seems God has become a tool people use to achieve their aims and once they are done, they set him aside for another day's use. Many professing believers and ministers care-less about what burden's the heart of God. Some can't even remember the last time they felt the burden of God for this generation, while “playing church” has become the order in several quarters of Christendom.

It seems God's only option is to spew out this Laodicean thing called "Pentecostalism, Protestantism, Catholicism" out of his mouth. We'll either experience a spiritual revolution or a funeral depending on our decision and choices. May God help us as individuals, churches and ministries to go for a spiritual revolution, instead of a funeral! This is the greatest hour of the church on earth, don't miss out! It is no longer time for baseless and senseless pursuit of God; it's time to know the truth and to have a firm grip on God. Have a blessed week! DrBenard Etta​


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