The Black Church must protect the sanctity of the family. We as the people of God through our local churches must stop supporting those societal vehicles that are destroying the family.

For example:

(1). We must NEVER support unbiblical divorces (The Bible is clear, God HATES Divorce). The ONLY divorce that the church supports are those that the Bible declares as justifiable (i.e., Abandonment, Adultery)

(2). We must stop being silent about child sexual and spousal abuse.

(3). We must stop being silent on homo, bi (ie., down low) and trans-sexuality.

(4). We must stop being silent on teen pregnancy.

(5). We must stop being silent on "Shacking Up" and every other sexual immorality warring against the family.

(6). We must stop being silent about abortion (An excellent website dealing with abortion and Urban people is While we are on the subject of Abortion, please watch the following video called The180 movie, it will impact your heart on this crucial issue destroying our families.

The only true way that we are going to have "real" impact on our community is through the clear, systematic, exposition of Scripture.

Rev. Todd

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It's not the black church, it's the Church itself. We have to stop looking at color, origin or race. God doesn't see color when it comes to the issues of life. He sees His son Jesus.

I do agree about standing up and taking a stance for what is wrong. We have to love the things God loves and hate the things God hates.

The only way we can do this, is to seek His face, read His word, pray, fast and most of all, APPLY.

We can't apply if we have no knowledge. And ignorance is the greatest tool the devil uses against the church.

Revelation is revealed knowledge and the only way we will get revelations is to stay in the presence of God.

Thank you for your post. It just gives me more to pray about.

Cynthia, God does see color, in fact wouldn't you agree, He created color (Gen 10).  There is no such thing as a clear church.  God's church is chocolate, vanilla, Neapolitan, Banana. Matthew 28:16-20 states that we should "make disciples" of all nations....  The word "Nations" is the Greek word "Ethnic".  God's wants disciples from ALL Ethnicities.  This means that we all bring a special flavor to the outworking of the Christian faith. There is NOTHING sinful about a local church existing among a particular ethnicity, that's the whole basis of foreign missions. In the book of Revelation John writes that there will be a people from every nation gathered around the throne.  God Does see color.

Rev. Todd


I am new to this site.  I am not a bible scholar, teacher or anointed like a prophet.  I don't have a right to say what a topic should include, so I hope I don't offend no one with my imput.  This topic seem to be long overdue to be discussed.  

It seem like we black christians have a special place on here to talk about how the U.s. is changing for worse about stuff like all these abortions and people wanting mens and womens to marry each other?   Does it seem like some one telling us what is wrong and we are being pulled along with things  we know God don't like.  It seems so many our preachers and big name groups like naacp is telling us its o.k. or we NOW SUPPOSED TO GO ALONE with what they say our party is for.  Why are we letting race of people, and republicians with their white prejudice and voting for a party politics be more important than God?  Since they are racist against us, why are they marching and praying to tell us how many black unborns is being killed by this planned parents group?  A woman's choice seemed like a civil right issue last 30 years ago, but now its starting to look like the kkk murdering black people wihout they robes and horses.  Can someone explain why this isn't Genocid and killing six milion Jews is a genocid.  I know republicans don't look out for or help poor like christians should, but why is democrats who are white calling us 'niggers' at prayers rallies when black christians show up against killing too many babies?   I heard about that last day or two.  Is having a black president moving us away from doing right and from God because he is making sure for us to have food stamps and health insurance. 

Is the name of rep. and dem. shift us to vote against God when the church should follow Jesus and the bible first.  When do we have some big confernce to look at this instead of things as usual such as gospel plays, musicals and stuff to sell.   Who is going to bring up this or do we should ignore the wrong and evil stuff they pushing and hope it won't turn everything upside down after reelection?  Can somebody do that here and tell us what to do.  I stood in line four hours to vote for Obama, I love him, but now he is going with things im shamed to agree with.  I prayed and prayed and all I hear is just 'stand' in my spirit, but stand for what?

When Tranvonne Martan got killed I was mad and other people was mad, Rev. AL and Jackson lead us and we marched cause it was wrong.  But I read that over 15 milion black babies is aborted and we seem to be believing and supporting some government leaders say its o.kay.  Im not college educated so can someone tell me why that is not considered like lynching black people to now a days?   Why are they killing us so much, ain't someone in the Obama office should look into this?

Rev. Todd, can you and some others put this problem out for others.  No one likes Jakes or others is saying nothning.  Im glad he came make movies, but we blacks are dying from the womb to the streets.  It ain't right and won't nobody say nothing.  Who are they scared of?  I will try to work on my spelling and sentences better.  I hope someone can help me and us blacks before we all dead.

Dear Sis Carmen, Thanks for your feedback.  The key institution for the well being of black folk is NOT the NAACP or the Urban league, it's the CHURCH.  Unfortunately the black church has drunk of the cistern of the dominant culture and has been infected with the disease of pragmatic mysticism.  In other words our churches have forsaken the truth of God's word for worldly shortcuts to success and prosperity. We dare not talk about sensitive subjects like genocide (i.e. abortion) and same sex marriage in a negative light for fear we lose some of our constituents along with their money.  Because so many of our pastors have been promoted to "Bishop/Prophets/Apostles they now hear directly from God and it is clear He has told them to be politically correct so that they can continue to grow.  if anyone confronts these modern shepherds, they are told NOT to "touch God's anointed" or suffer the WRATH of God.  The Black church must get back to sound biblical theology, it's our only hope as a people.

Rev. Todd

Rev. Todd:

I hope I have not put you on the spot.  Reading your posts, you clearly have an Elijah mantel in a time of Ahab, Jezebel and these 400 baal prophets now dressed up as reprobate leaders in the pulpits and civil rights popularity.  I believe you may be of Gideon's Army of 300.  You and others like Min. Sister Johnson, and another truth teller like Min. Sis Denise Jones.  You all have a 'fire called down out of heaven', I can read your all posts and it testifies of you. How can you all and people like you step forward and lead us to he truth.  It might be scary. but God would be with you.  12 disciPles once changed the world.  Will you help us cause I can't believe God is not burning in all of you with a word from glory.  Do you all have or would you make a blog .site where all of you and like powered 'truth-tellers' can cry out like John the Baptist in matthews 3:1-3 and reach us before we perish.

Brother Min Todd, someone in evil powers somewhere or got seducing  powers in high places in U.S.  They are dragging us to hell with them.  Its time for 'Elijah spirits' to rise up for a nation before we fall under God's judgement.  What if what ALL OF YOU ALL GOT TO SAY IS ONE OF THE LAST CHANCES WE ALL WILL HAVE?

Sis Carmen, appreciate the kind words. I agree with you, "the fields are white for harvest..." BUT the laborers are FEW.  I suggest as Scripture declares, we Pray for God to thrust forth workers into the ever ready harvest.  I'm a big believer in the local church.  We can accomplish nothing of any worthwhile effort outside of the Local Church.

I have a blog that you can check out, it's called RTUC ministries, which stands for Reaching.the.Urban,Community. The blog address is    

In His Grip

Rev. Todd

Rev. McCauley:

Having read your discussion and the various responses, I think you have "missed the forest as you contemplated the trees."

It appears Sis. Greene's local church, along with way too many others, are NOT addressing this issue.  She is asking you, in her own simplicity and with a heart-felt desire, for help. 

Amos 8

11 Behold, the days come, saith the Lord GOD, that I will send a famin...

You've already began this post under the direction of the Holy Ghost, why not expound on it daily, weekly, etc; you surely see the sheep's need for instruction.  Preach, preacher, .  . preach.  Teach, teacher, . . teach. 

Its will no longer suffice for one to say something's un-Godly, immoral, un-scriptual, unethical, etc; people like Carmen, and others who come here but won't speak out as openly, or as vunerably as she did; they need to be taught why, when, how, who and what is the Word from the Lord in this hour.  These times are perilous and the heritage and legacy of the Church and the Body of Christ world-wide could hinge on an election in America.  Talk about an opp. for 'hands on' church reform, well here it is for REAL.

There is a void and someone must fix it by filling it.    More simply, as in Matthew 14:16  "Jesus replied, “They do not need to go away. You give them something to eat.”   Ohhhhhhh, now Bro Todd,  I do believe I hear the Lord saying, "Go on, 'bruh' - YOU GOT THIS!!!!

Sis Simms, thanks for your feedback, I appreciate it very much.  I indeed read Sis Carmen's  impassioned admonition.  The Best help that I can offer besides my simple efforts through my blog is again, to commend the Local Church.  I REALLY do believe that the local church is God's preferred strategy for change.  According to EPH 4:11 Paul states that God gave Pastor/Teachers for the equipping of the saints...

As a pastor, my effectiveness is limited to those who come within reach. I"M NOT SAYIN (smile) that God can't encourage from a distance through blogs, books, tapes, CD's etc, BUT His preferred method is the Local Church.

This is where part of my passion lies, to see reform come to the Local black church, Which will in turn affect the black community.  Granted I believe that there is a place for Blogs, forums, Twitter, facebook, Youtube etc., But none of these can replace the Local Church. Honestly sis Simms, We don't need more Social media sites, We don't need more books, We don't need more forums, We don't need more Internet access, WE NEED better churches with better leadership.

Jesus made it clear where His energies would be spent until He comes, "I will build my CHURCH....."

If Sis Carmen or any of us wants to see "real" change, we must follow God's program for this age, the Local Church.  Attempting to replace this ordained strategy will result in further disaster.

God's way is the BEST way

Rev. Todd

P.S.  One election will not thwart the sovereign plan of God (Rom 8)


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