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Where do you get this stuff? You must spend hrs and hrs and hrs studying to know all this stuff. You and Zealot X both must never go out and kick it or anything. I love it, don't get me wrong. I just can't believe all this stuff you guys know. This has to be all you do is read and research. Is there any fun in your lives? Not saying that learning is not fun, but what do you do for fun?
I play pool. I drink beer from time to time. I am just an extreme partisan when it comes to the commandments of God. I am human.. lol.. This is funny because another Brother said that I act like a robot because I push those commandments. I can't sit here and say that I have not sinned since I have been baptized in the name of Jesus, but I try my best not to.. I slip up and lie sometimes... I don't mean to hurt anyone, but it is a sin non the less. I repent, and ask the Lord to forgive me, and I keep trying and practicing keeping the commandments... I am human, I just do what the book says....
Hezekiah, I am so glad to see that you are human after all . . .(lol)

This is funny because another Brother said that I act like a robot because I push those commandments.

You are right, we are all sinners which is why the gift of God's grace and mercy affords us the opportunity to ask God to forgive our sins and repent from them, while we continue to do our best to live in obedience according to His commandments.
Thanks Sister Harris.
Good information. I've seen these video clips.
I just brought it back for a refresher course because I was debating it in another Thread.
I shall continue to bump certain threads as well.

We have got to take our heads out of the sand and be aware of our surroundings as we continue to live in obedience to God's commandments. People don't want to face the fact that we are in a spiritual warfare that is manifesting itself in the natural. This is why it is so important that we strive to come together in unity - there is power in numbers as well as the power of the Holy Spirit that dwells within us.

The NWO probably would have not gotten this far with their master plan if God's people had been on one accord.
Amen!!! Here Here!!!
Brother Luckett. I hope you go to take a look at these videos for some edification.


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