a very very great show /// very powerful thing to sing in prasie to the most high ///

my personal fav was rance allen group but can easily say keelly price and lattice blew them all out the water

what did you think of the gospel celebration ??
Post a youtube of your fav gospel Music a powerful thing

this this is a follow up to sista harris "reflections" not for debate but to lift up and encourage

2theNcrease of Knowledge&Truth BruthaPharoah

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I hope you enjoy this song by Tamela Mann entitled "Speak Lord" from her live DVD & CD, The Live Experience.

yes yes yes sista i love sista tamela---this was the perfect song to start this morning thank you
Tamela Mann "You Deserve My Praise"

tye tribbett and Gods annointed---no way///// this is my ring tone very powwerful
This is an excellent post Brutha . . .I hope to keep it going.

Byron Cage - I Can't Hold It

Byron Cage - Simple Yes

a simple"yes" lord //// very good song i never heard of him before thank you sista harris i,ve been doing mandtory overtime this was very refreshing to sit down to
@ Rev. Anthony Luckett
yes steve ,i think the tribute allowed him to lay alot down " it was very refreshing to see us encourage us on a (BET) size scope i loved it
fa sho-- Rev.Luckett i totally agree,
"my life has changed" wow this this is beautiful,praise the most high,add this to my favorites

Thanks for sharing this video Sis. Tricia . . .these young brothers are truly gifted. I hope they stay together ministering in song. I would sure like to add this video to my collection.


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